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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update To 'Seeming Harassment At Showcase Laundromat' Post. Latin Mafia Active In Area It Seems

An Asian Oriental woman who manages or owns Beacon St laundromat, Somerville (near Porter Square, Cambridge) who was so neurotic that she didn't want us to dry our backpacks in her dryers as they were wet and wet things might damage her dryers. She also charged me money to utilize her sink to pre wash my Osprey pack which only needed scrubbing on the back.

The blonde that works there who was there before her was a bit suspect anyway. Why is Porter Square, Cambridge such a gang stalking hot spot for all these years? I of course have little access to information, even the simplest things are kept from me, so it might be obvious to others but to me its a mystery still. Ive been kept in ignorance for years and its like being kept prisoner in a dark tower.

We lugged our wet stuff over to the laundromat where that creepy kid works, even though I was afraid to go back there due to the severity of the harassment. Only when I was alone never when my male companion was with me.

There were nice people working on this particular day. I told them about the creepy, stalking kid and other people who seemed to be his friends or worked there too on that shift.
Much to my delight I found that I am correct in my assesemnt of that place, with that kid and his friends being completely corrupt and shady.

Its been mentioned to the other employees on several occassions about the young male's behavior, especially towards females. Its also been mentioned that the place is a zoo when he is on, that a certain environment is created there with certain shady types part of it.

Someone mentioned that they had experienced these people actually pulling up in thier cars when they thought that Latino kid was going to be working and when they saw he was not there on his usual shift, they got right back in thier cars and left.

I guess laundry isnt that important to large Latino families in the area and its only attractive to get it done in a large group that takes over the place, only when this kid is working.

The theory is its gang activity or that 'something' is being sold there during the time that those particular people fill up that laundromat on that kid's shift.

Its also obvious that whatever gang they are in, that harassment of Targeted Individuals is part of the gang's roster of services, which most informed TIs already know.

Allston, MA has also turned into a largely Latino area and there is some harassment there from locals at the laundry on Commonwealth Ave but only occasionally and the owners seem nice-family type people. Not that the gang that comes to showcase doesnt have kids but their behavior isnt reflective of family or peaceful Latinos- its gang behavior.

Its so disheartening becuz I get on well with Latinos. Its sad really. Im Italian, a bit Spanish from Ireland and they are Native American and I am Arctic Native from eastern Europe near Russia. These are the genetic similarities I can sense we bond over. All it takes is a knowing smile, Latin to Latin and we understand each other.

I also know that, like African Americans, they were enslaved or in this case taken off thier land and are basically forced to live this was as house slaves to the military and other American powers to survive. Im always a little more sympathetic to Natives as its thier land ultimately, not really Europeans. Supremacists would argue that with me but its my belief.
One must look around and question why Native Americans are the ones driving the buses, doing security in businesses or other typical jobs African Americans do. Becuz they wouldn't have it thats why. The issue of land ownership was too close for them and they are less likely to be brainwashed or conned into the idea that house slavery is the route to freedom, which I have heard outright from African Americans.

As a blue eyed Indian said to me some years ago-"You know why they had to destroy us? Becuz we wont play sports, we wont sing or dance- we dont entertain people." and mentioned alot of things that blacks do to make it in a white world in America.

Mexicans have been bred to the point where they are viscous to thier own ancestors, the Natives, in thier own land. The overlords have got them and I suppose intend to utilize them for the NWO, just like every other ethnic gang they have now thats replaced the old Italian and Irish mafias..(what happened to the Jewish mafia? No one ever makes mention of that now but its in books, records and even movies. They have such a great system. Its been working for thousands of years and will work for thousands more.)

It seems any area that cant afford to defend itself from the rot brought on by the NWO has to turn to this kind of activity. And no one cares becuz only someone Targeted whos a threat to thier perfect reality is going to suffer anyway.

YUPpies dont care and dont want to know. They want to live in a world where all the corruption that goes on, has gone on to built places like Boston and NYC and will continue to go on has nothing to do with them and doesnt touch thier lives- even though every day they benefit from it.

Now do you understand why people dislike or even hate the modern YUPpy (and in some places Hipsters)?
(What is up with every single Hipster in Austin, TX being a major gang stalking pain in the ass???)

I was told it would be mentioned to the owners who are very hands off and too nice. Interestingly, some of the employees have complained about strange, crazy people who give them a hard time yet, even with erratic behaviors- drive vehicles like..a Lexus.
When they mention these odd people to that Latino kid who harassed me, he will simply say the person seems nice and has never given him a problem.

Gang stalking to get rid of anyone who isnt complying with everything the NWO and its corrupt authorities want done, seems to be the norm.

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