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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Putin Truly NWO Resistor or more polarizing Religions To Force Us To Choose

It looks so good from afar. I wish i could trust this assessment but would anyone truly against the NWO actually be allowed in any position of power?

Its very suspect considering omce again polarizing religious beliefs are involved.

If its just simply a case of the Abrahamic god vs high level 'satanists' then where does a powwrful force like Blackwater fit in with a leader like Erik Prince and his insane vision of a Christian world order..misguidedly based on stealing Templar heritage and legacy?

This isn't freedom or freedom fighting its more theatrics in the world theatre.


Anonymous said...

And his allowing Snowden into his country could be more of a cold war chess move against the US than an actually believing in stopping the NWO move. All nations want to have an advantage in the NWO. It seems Putin does hate the US, but the reason is still in doubt.

Anonymous said...

See article "Is Putin False Opposition" at Henry Makow's site.