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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lady Gaga Stole Her Teen Collaborater's Persona/Organized Crime Infiltrated And Run By Government

Becuz nothing can be real or genuine. In order for these powers to control your daily reality every icon or pillar idolized must be a fabrication.

Also a priveledged Italian girl from Manhattan is going to alot more controllable in the long term than a person tough enough to immigrate from Russia.

Females with truly dark tragic pasts are also a high risk for wanting to change the status quo and improve social conditions when they are older.

The secret socities behind all this are a bunch of scared little boys who fear ultimate female power from Nature. They have banded together for millenia to prevent sliding back into a matriarchal society. Every system they have and structure they build is to prevent this.
Which is why there are so many targeted older women.

Their system may be all about worshipping goddesses but ultimately this is to control the female force.

The people behind creating twisted unnatural reflections of female force like GaGa and Monroe seem to be even more lowly and hateful than the classical loving groups historically.

This parody of womanhood and beauty is purely American and very much a Hollywood style of destroying or denying everything great and mighty ever evolved over thousands of years in other foriegn cultures like Europe etc.

If u do a comparison between younger teen Gaga and her later incarnation, do the same with Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe-you will see how truly normal natural beauties get turned into twisted trash by the creators of these personas.
Morgana though unpolished in her act was a naturally beautiful girl. There are much better photos of her.

However Nature's health strength and beauty wont sell the sickness of drug use or the fashion industry or any other business a celebrity could be used to represent or market for.

Besides a big ugly black male connected to this modern joke known as 'illuminati' (really just a special collection of the most successful house slaves) is pictured with Gaga, who helped her get where she is today and one of his sentiments concerning the video made by Gaga which depicts Morganas suicide is that 'pretty dead girls dont put out' or something that basically speaks to the idea that Morgana was a young lady who didn't want any part of doing anything with anyone (or animal) to make it in today's disgusting (CIA created) gang ridden music business.

Remember around the Bush/Reagan administration the authorities baaically got rid of the mob families (who didn't escape into legitimacy) and notice around the same time you have the Iran Contra scandal and the use of black gangs to put crack into ghettos. (Considered conspiracy theory now documented, accepted fact).
This is all AFTER the COINTELPRO era.

So they must have infiltrated tje black community via COINTELPRO and then engineered things from there and street gangs or less powerful ethnocities more loyal to America than Italians, Irish etc (African American, Mexican, South American) who are easier to control who don't care if women, children or their neighborhoods get destroyed were put in place to conduct organized crime. All tightly controlled pawns of various factions of govt (military, FBI, CIA etc).

Black magick and Satanic practice were always in the music industry but now technology makes ritual practice and abuse much easier.
As well as the use of occult practice-as-brainwashing or as cult mind control.

The constant use of color patterns like black and red etc as well as symbols and gestures is simply a non stop brainwash campaign on the public.

Only fabrications can be allowed to create our modern reality. A sort of virtual magickal world to rival the Natural one, which through video games and movies, they convince people doesnt exist anyway.

Remember this is an age of Technomancers taking over the world and are very threatened by anyone truly powerful magickally by nature or dna if u will. Under the correct conditions I guess.

I believe her mother is correct about using Morganas life energy. Its been done to me or attempted-to give a president the personal dynamicism he needed to take the country when taking office and to put countless people ahead in life while i get left behind to live on the streets.

This is why suicide is a bad ending. If Morgana were alive though probably targeted she could still leave behind a first person claim from the living about what Gaga and her handlers did to steal from her and become what she is today.

As long as you stay alive you have a chance for revenge, to gain back what was stolen from you or to create new energies-this time understanding you generate so much power that people are going to take from you.

Gang stalking is to ensure ritual abuse victims continue to be able to be stolen from or never are able to recover or rebuild themselves or to ensure you regrow in a way that makes sure your natural occult powers are no longer present.

What they want is naturally powerful people they can control (Bush) or to co opt naturally powerful people's energy onto people who they construct as puppets-like Obama and Michelle, Gaga etc.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that I have a lot of psychic, premonition type dreams, and you've written about having them, too. Like driving down a road in a dream, and then you find yourself some time later experiencing what's in your dream.

I'm still wondering if this is natural ability, or if they are having something to do with this... I'm sure it's natural. I have a lot of them, though. And one I had back in like 1977-1978 came true only recently.

So premonitions can come in the near and distant future varieties. I tell my close relatives about this, and they're like, yeah right, you're just imagining things like this.

A lot of sheep will hate a target for having such abilities or claiming to, or we're just attention whores who think we're so great.

That's one trait of the common sheep if you are a target: that the target is really an attention seeker, the TI just thinks she or he is so great or whatever. They don't have these powers, or aren't aware that they exist. Or they believe modern brainwashing via the media that anyone experiencing these things is making their experiences up. The jealous mob believes in superficial stuff, and they swallow everything modern scientists throw out there, that deja vu isn't the result of innate psychic talents but it's just the product of narcissism or whatever.

Brainwashing prevents people from realizing they have otherworldly talents, like psychic abilities or the ability to "see" things that are unseen to the eye (the third eye). That's why they work so hard, IMO, on brainwashing us via discreditation. Nobody is allowed to have psychic abilities. Anyone claiming to (except their own "designated" psychics like Jeanne Dixon) have these abilities must be a narcissist or mentally ill.

The reason mass mind control works so well is there are so many outlets that work. Even television alone, movies, advertisements, are a good way of getting people under control.

yuppies obviously don't care about these talents. They only thing they care about is what's in front of them, i.e., the money they are rolling in.

And I agree, Norma Jean had such intense natural beauty, that "Marilyn Monroe" was a horrid caricature of her own self meant to appeal to the men they are trying to control. That's how they control the population these days: by using caricatures of real people to manipulate the sheep's perception of them (to control them).

And it's true, I worked for Raytheon, and they were such assholes and power-happy bullies that I couldn't wait to get laid off.