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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Street Gang Crime Networks Perpetrate 'Organized Stalking And Harassment' Psy Ops For The Powers That Be

Also see the 2011 FBI Gang Threat Assessment which isnt in PDF form.
What seasoned Targets know by now is the FBI helps cover up for alot of covert activity in the USA so these assessments dont telll the public nearly how bad this has gotten or that these gangs are now serving as the house slaves for the elite and national if not international interests.
How many years did they cover for Whitey Bulger and only bust him afrer alot of messy business concerning murders was done with due to people dying of old age or statutes eunning out? 
What about what witnesses have told many others about first hand experience with the FBI concerning 9-11?
If you look at the pics of these gangs flashing signs etc they obviously exist in hell.

They exude an evil reminiscent of Anton Lavey, Michael Aquino and every element involved in engineering the horrible reality we now live in from thw days of MK Ultra through the Church Of Satan's heydey in the 60s which interestingly only years afterwards came about COINTELPROs infiltration of African American activist groups-an FBI operation.
Jim Jones's People's Temple, a predominantly black cult had CIA connections and fBI tapes show the level of mind control these people lived under.
Much of the gang signing resembles Neuro linguistic Programming and the use of colors to intimidate is psych warfare and also mind controlling.

Ive seen these gang members infiltrating normal civilized society, now involved in day to day operations of businesses etc. The Boston and Cambridge area are prime examples. Right under white Liberals noses African Americans slyly flash signs when signing on to work in a restaurant in Harvard Sq around the university.
Ive come to understand that there's not many blacks in major cities who are not part of some outfit.
They are so obviously living under mind control via these gangs.
It seems many non blacks are also part of these cult gangs.
According to the pics red and black and red are Bloods. These people have been on my asa for years and they really hate me. They have been the most viscous ignorant brainwashed evil obnoxious little shits in all my experience of being targeted.

Their pride in displaying a red outfit to a TI for the purpose of intimidation is beyond pathetic.

Most of these people under the color were total loser trash.

Them stealing a victimized Target's energy through the feeling of fear and being trapped experienced by a TI is nothing short of a ritual akin to magickal human sacrifice.

The sign for Bloods in the pics is basically the sign of the horns used by Satanists.

Its laughably obvious these gangs are mind control cults engineered by the intel services in collaboration with who knows-the CIA, military psy ops, even secret societies.

Actually ut shud be quite worrisome, the now large membership in the supposed illuminati and other secret societies by gang members or former members-generally people coming out of that environment.

Some older guy told me Cent Central Sq Cambridge MA is mostly folk nation but does that explain why its been one of the worst gang stalking areas? What are gangs like bloods and gang conglomerates like folk nation doing in an area righr between Harvard University and Massachusetts institute Of Technology (both now rated the best schools in the USA.?

These two institutions have also taken part in mind control going back to their documented involvement in MK Ultra.

This is growing into a worldwide problem and has basically ruined the United States.
For anyone without the money to not have to be effected by these people.

African American involvement in the gangs and Satanic cults as well as military all cintersect with my experience as a human experimentee being involved in MILABs which involved very real people not little green men. Military abductions not alien and the humans involved in many operations were predominantly black, of which some seemed very mind controlled and almost backwards and others had highly specialized, sophisticated training and powers.

They were by far the most obnoxious participants.

Whereas whites lacked conscience the black's involved exhibited a high level of sadistic pleasure from their actions and behaved more like wild animals on a frenzy as a group as opposed to trained agents or military personnel. Does CIA act that way? They did when they murdered the cult members of Jonestown from the People's Temple it's said.

They also exuded a much darker, stronger very rotten evil as opposed to the other people involved.

They perpetrated more harassment on Greyhound and involvement in key positions during MILABs than anyone else.

Ita no surprise they now are used to populate such mind c control cults as well as be used to deal the higher ups drugs and then fill their corporate prisons.

And the public have been brainwashed to become more oblivious to organized crime and non terrorist covert activity.

They are so terrorized by design by terrorism threats they probably think ganga being everywhere is desirable becuz they mind and watch areas are known to authorities and acr aa a sort of ..say-civilian security force?
And if they appear in legit jobs the PC insanity like diversity will protect them.


Anonymous said...

And the standard of living has fallen considerably. Everything has gotten considerably better because of advances in building technologies and electronics, but the standard of living isn't nearly as good as it once was. It's like you have to get a degree and then start working in high-priced sectors like information technologies, but most people seem to be working short-term contract jobs. There is no more long-term security.

There are a lot of older people who are retirement age that come out of retirement because of bills. But 50-60 years ago, the average person could retire and have a good secure pension. Now for some reason, everything is just so expensive, nobody can afford to live comfortably.

But there is plenty of money floating around the military industrial complex, though. That's where all the money is at. No wonder there are so many perps... I've heard a lot of them get paid well, and the economy isn't good enough for the average citizen to make a decent living. So everyone goes where the money IS: organized crime, nonconsensual human experimentation, gangstalking, etc. Gangs and organized crime and high-level criminals in the FBI and CIA keep the money flowing out of the reach of the ordinary law-abiding citizen.

And then I saw another article stating that people are getting "smarter" because people are scoring higher on IQ tests.

Just my opinion: I believe IQ tests are valuable to some extent, but you have to be wary of them. After all, they are created by humans to measure other humans' abilities. So that's why they aren't perfect, and can be subject to manipulation. I think our society is way too test-happy, as though standardized tests are a fool-proof way to make sure everyone is "smart". But those tests only measure like a small fraction of overall intellect. And probably it's yuppies who are scoring high a lot of times... they probably are only smart when they're in their "hot zone" and the tests don't tell how intellectual ability fares over a span of time. Like what if someone scores low but is capable of learning so much that he or she scores high in 5 years? They don't test that. And they don't represent other kinds of high intelligence, like the kind artists have, or psychic abilities.

My opinion is: be wary of a society that relies heavily on man-made "tests". That's probably one reason for the targeting: it's a way to measure intellect that's way better than an IQ or other paper test. The perps can see over time how the target fares in certain situations and how he or she is going to make decisions.

I think IQ tests are used by the "complex" as valueable data. I believe other tests, like anything ETS comes up with are used to weed people out and for statistical purposes. It's valuable data for corporations who want to be able to tailor psy-ops to segments of the population.

Universities shouldn't be relying on standardized tests. People going to universities are "smart" on paper, but maybe they are just highly-trained monkeys that are useful for keep the wheels of the big machine oiled and the money flowing into the pockets of rich CEO's. Everyone else can suffer.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a lot of people today can barely afford to keep their houses. Property taxes are killing them, and the homes are just so much more expensive than they once were. I think the best time to buy homes were probably in the 1950's to the 1970's. Now, you have to be a yuppie drone to afford a home and everything else. It's really hard to exist in today's society and economy without selling out. That's why so many people are selling out and stalking us: because society is geared towards serving those types (that conform and sell out). People may be scoring higher on IQ tests, but I think that's just because they are artificially intelligent, that is, pushing themselves way past their true intellectual capacity. They aren't naturally intelligent, but have a "manufactured" intelligence. That's what the system wants: people who are very 1-dimensionally intelligent who score high but otherwise can't think creatively or out of the box. So they aren't naturally intelligent. It's more like yuppie intelligence.