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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Murder Of White Power Activist Ian Stuart Sheds Light On Gang Stalking Activity

"On 24 January 1990 at Ilkeston
Police Station in Derbyshire, DC
1111 Frank Bailey told seriously
injured activist Simon Smith that
Ian Stuart had “to be stopped by
any means necessary.”

DC Bailey hated Ian Stuart with a
passion and he was the number
one target to be eliminated by
Derbyshire Police Special Branch.
Blood & Honour and the British
National Party was exploded on to
the scene and the corrupt status
quo was terrified of it.

It should be noted that at the time
Class War was penetrated by
undercover agents of the Special
Demonstration Squad [Special
Branch] and MI5. They have
always known who murdered Ian
Stuart and Stephen Flint and have
no interest in investigating the
murders of two nationalists.

To mark the occasion, we are
publishing an extract from Simon
Tomlin’s book THE FANATICS first
published in 2004 to
commemorate the murder of two
political activists engaged in a
dirty, secret war.

The Special Branch motto is “by
any means necessary” and this is
what “by any means necessary”
leads to…"

Recall that "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is what my ex boyfriend J. Hamilton and his Hollywood connected partner in movie making titled their first low budget horror film, the artwork that got his foot in the industry door as well as showered with a ridiculous amount of awards at the time of its release. A time when I was becoming heavily targeted, learning about gang stalking from activists and generally having my life and identity thoroughly destroyed.

It is also the same motto or saying that appeared on a Shepard Fairey poster that was put right putside Pine Street Inn women's shelter where I had been staying at that time, featured a heavyset male musician who strongly resembled my ex Jake, playing a bass guitar which was his instrument also in his local Boston band THERE. The musician in the poster was also eerily made to appear possibly African American like the strongly romanticized image in the USA of the classic blues musician of the American south. One of Shepards specialities is skewing race in his artwork as in the infamous Obama "HOPE" campaign posters.

Fairey is also local to Boston, I actually recall being an art model at RISD in 1989 when his now famous images on stickers of André The Giant appeared around Providence, RI at gas station pumps and the like. Seeing a very zine looking image of Andre The Giant Has A Possee was funny back then. Obviously as an artist he got frozen and stuck on his good idea and original success and stopped evolving and simply evolved that one image into his success-the OBEY clothing and art line.
Why would an artist get stuck like that? Its very unatural. Most likely his talent was picked up by the intelligence services or other powers that be and his original idea served a long term purpose in the propaganda dept and for mass mind control.
You cant get any better than the American public walking around with shirts that say OBEY on them, no matter what the artist's clams are to the real meaning.
And the fact he is soo embraced by Lberal elitist society is also a tip off. Harvard Square near the university has a restaurant named Tory Row (after the original British loyalists during the American Revolution) thats walls are covered with his artworks.
That in itself is telling in relation to this post about British intelligence being involved in gang stalking in the USA.

An African American woman who works at On The Rise (womens homeless drop in/TI holding area really) named Tina once commented about having to call her male friend who was in MI5. Which I simply took as just another mind f*ck from the people who work in that place but now it might have had some significance. It wouldnt be the first time a civil rights era black woman warned me about what was really going on-while still working for the enemy. It could have just been part of the psy ops however.

Also Ive noted that in my experience and traveling all these years the American rivalry between Anarchists and Patriots is very much acted out and scripted by covert agents who've infiltrated those groups.
Just as the article linked above says of the leftist political party involved in Stuart's death or in the backround of it.

JFK said something about secret societies being the largest threat to America's future. No one believes the Masons or a more hidden entity is reaponsible for such activities perhaps other parties acting through them using them as puppets. The Masons recruiting large numbers of people in communities in recent years is part of the problem and seems to be based more in the experiment using Jim Jones, Jonestown and other cults: cult mind control will control society effectively.

Notice how everyone now has to be in some sort of group or gang. Masons, Bloods, Crips, Illuminati, corporate conglomerates, religous affiliations-even identities built around ethnic groups or shared psychiatric disorders.

The loner or free thinker,rebel etc has been slowly villified and associated with mental illness and possible terrorist activity.

This is why its so important to get a Survivor of RA and programming like myself to choose a group base affiliation-they dont care what it is just so long as internal progamming is blocked. The person can't act alone or from internal conscience against what the article linked referred to as "corrupt status quo".
The gang stalking system has pushed everything from Satanism to Christianity to Judaism to White Supremacy in order to get me as a Target to finally succumb to a group as identity or in reality-to finally be kept under cult mind control.

Anyone operating independently against the NWO can be killed off, discredited or eventually comprimised or nuetralized. Anyone who forms a group that group will be infiltrated and either destroyed or used for the infiltrators purposes or as social experiment to further refine their methods of controllng human society.

Either those original phrases used in my psych warfare campaign were indicative of who is truly reaponsible or the purpose is to divert attention away from other responsble parties.

Mossad was mentioned which seems logical but no TI really knows enough about intelligence ops to know what truly falls under the range of each faction's operations.

This is how its so easy to keep Targets confused.

Obviously as a TI whos situation arises from MK Ultra through my mother being a documented US military radiation experimentee from the 50s I can keep coming back to that point of reference so I dont get lost and led astray but how much involvement would British intelligence have in MK Ultra? Theres never any reference Ive seen to the project outside the USA other than Canada's cooperation with Dr Cameron.

By Any Means Necessary.

F*ck You.

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