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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update To 'Market On The Square' Post. Amusing.

Update on this.

An African American male who panhandles there also told me she is very friendly with him always. And alot of other facts too:

-The woman isnt Russian she's Norwegian. Remind me never to visit Norway. I now fully understand why those black metal bands I love came into existence. Imagine having to deal with snobby, aggressive little trolls like her daily if you are different or stand out.

This is a country that unlike Sweden, has been relatively poor historically. Whereas the Swedes will refer to themselves in third person, Norwegians are seen as hicks-in part.(Though hard working, with alot of energy and very active outdoors. I think its a much healthier culture.) Much of thier towns and cities are separated by land structures that keep them isolated.
They came upon oil money in recent history and are taught in school nowadays about their past of poverty. (Which if they keep allowing sh*tty, violent, disrespectful immigrants in from the worst countries possible, is a financial state they will return to in the near future.)

(As always when mentioning Scandinavia I want people to know that much of the population derives from being interbred with the Asiatic, indigenous Arctic tribes known as Saami people.
Many of us with Slavic or Russian DNA can clearly tell that we also have the DNA of some Arctic indigenous tribe.
As far as I am concerned this is known to the powers that are behind oppressing humanity. They must know what ancestries possess what powers and abilities. Stone age DNA is powerful and I believe they know that too.)   This refers to them as being from the far north but I find it hard to believe that when people arrived from perhaps the Middle East or India on our long journey across the globe that they didn't populate most of the land and simply got integrated with and pushed north. Unlike in the USA it seems very hushed up in Scandinavia to admit you are 'part native' but its a joke denying it as some of these people look like outright Indians here in the USA especially when older, as with whites in the US. Strangely, people with Jewish DNA and whites with Native DNA who appear very European or blonde types exhibit clear signs of possessing the aforementioned genes when they get into old age. Hollywood has been using this to thier advantage for years.
There was a story in the news a few years back about some Natives in the American south west possessing a gene that is only carried by Jews. What this could be is the Jews trying to avoid admitting that due to thier heavy presence in eastern Europe and Russia, they've picked up a lot of indigenous Arctic DNA, as all the Israelis Ive ever met live in a childlike reality of bible stories, creationism and denying that any of them possess DNA from mixing with local European populations. They are worse than Christians except they allow you to hate god or ask a lot of questions. What good does that do when ultimately you have to obey the male-centric, vengeful, angry sky god anyway?)

So this woman's nouveau riche, snobbery-no-class attitude is probably what annoyed me. New money sucks a lot of times, its destroyed Harvard Square's old money, insular culture and my ancestors having come to the US as house servants in old money homes, gives me a particularly low threshold for this sort of person. Many are nice but in social situations under pressure or when it comes to issues of thier financial security they balk, become frightened and often revert to acting like animals becuz they have no intergenerational cultural guidelines on how to behave in such situations. They've relied on thier new found wealth to bring them along but when its time to show character- its a fail.
They are draining to deal with really. YUPpies who are upper-middle who have taken over Harvard and every American city really are just as exhausting. Boston for some reason has a population of truly horrid, militant YUppies, almost like a core or YUPpie Nazis who act as if the culture and style of dress they have taken on that defines them is a militant one.
No one is going to stop them from getting a job or succeeding in this economy or decline of civilization- not even reality or human decency. Nope.
Old money people might be nastier to deal with but somehow, less annoying. I like to respect the people out to destroy me, you know?

-this Norwegian woman is married to the fatty big, light skinned black male with glasses who sat next to the antagonist George on the bench after his wife tried to think she was smarter than I and also after my male companion arrived.

It's so typical of newly rich people to rely on snobbery and not real power. ' MY store' is such a typical sentiment from someone like that. A bit insecure about ownership are we?
-Thats becuz she's lying anyway: the building belongs to her and a group of other investors. Thus her being full of sh*t.
That kind of weakness in wealth reminds me of crap my mother used to pull in her pathetic attempts at being upper middle. She would move into the nicest part of a crappy town bordering on a wealther town or part of a city and act as if she lived in the nice area. She would also brag about small sh*t as if the world revolved around that fact. Think of  anything going on in the world, then end it with ..."because I recently purchased a house!"  Everything revolved around this woman's mediocre accomplishments.
 This convenience store owner from my mother's hometown of Waltham who used to mess with me all the time in my youth when I worked there, when he bought a Jaguar he bragged endlessly about it and showed us the brochure on it before he bought it. BORING.
I imagined myself in his position and swore if I was making such a purchase I would quietly buy the vehicle, simply appear one day with a new car and perhaps the extent of my bragging would consist of loudly dropping keys on the counter but now I am bragging myself.
This is the crooked cop connected guy who had Joe Malone come in there and ask for free cigars once and when I didnt know who he was, he said his name as if Ceasar had been insulted.
Hmm, Malone got screwed over by a bunch of his fellow Italians doing a lottery ticket scam didnt he? And in Watertown this sucker is revered for "keeping his mouth shut about those lottery tickets."  Typical low class crime b*llshit thats just so embarrassing. I learned early in life that people have knives in thier hands behind thier backs waiting for you. Humans are animals. Civilization is fake. We arent civilized.  We just agree that we are depending on the culture.
Waltham is where the military industrial complex's Route 128 is, which includes the lovely company known as Raytheon- which is unbelievably evil to the core. And all the bastards in that city work for the scumbag corporations there.

I wouldnt trade anything in the world for the experience I got in my twenties being around people from serious money, no matter what they've done to screw me over. To never have to live with the ignorance of this woman or my mother or that ghetto ass Italian convenience store owner, to understand even vaguely what true wealth is about and brush with the culture of the high WASP is one of the greatest gifts I've received in this life.

This awful Norwegian woman will now be mercilessly referred to as "annoying little racist troll woman" in her native language.

"irriterende lille rasistisk troll kvinne"
My hoodie with all the badass patches I have to sew on it, including my nationalities which I am proud to display is going nicely, thanks. Its being restored and maintained with my always artful hand and its obvious still that I am and always will be- multitalented. No matter what pathetic, corrupt, jealous, hateful America does to prove otherwise.

America has always won its battles by tonnage. Alot of really stupid or average people or firepower to out man or out gun/bomb the enemy. That is all they can do. Superiority is something America and the NWO wants to destroy in every country around the world.

Why do we hate the peoples of the desert out in the Middle East so much? Well firstly Zionists want everything destroyed but thier preserved culture so that eventually the fallacy that they are the root of the world (via Abrahamic religion) will become true. In reality, Judaism is simply a religion of borrowed ideas and rituals from the ancient cultures surrounding them.

Secondly, people who live simply off nature cannot be turned into good little NWO citizen-consumers. They must be modernized.

Thirdly, Muslims dont drink, live on psych meds, listen to stupid modern music meant to enslave or depress or take recreational drugs. They avoid certain unhealthy foods.
You are then dealing with a people who see reality clearly for what it is and are more connected to Nature.
This is the true threat to western culture they represent. They arent all whacked out on sugar, drugs, liquor or high fashion which is basically a bunch of woman-hating gay males out to turn everyone into anorexic, drug addled walking dead bodies...who look fabulous. If you are into nothing but sex and death I suppose. And if you are out of your 20s you should pretty much be done with those obsessions or experimenting to test your meddle with those things.
Anyone seeing reality clearly or able to point out how unhealthy, insane and enslaving western culture is must be neutralized in the NWO. 

Everything this system does including wars etc is for profit and too keep humans away from Nature, our own inner power and force as granted by our ancestors or DNA and as slaves. Its that simple.

And throughout this ordeal Ive met human after human who is weak, frightened and will side with the enslavers at any cost. And they must continue to be fought against until a Target's last breath.

And that includes all thier tiny little trolls. 

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