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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Seeming Harassment At SHOWCASE LAUNDROMAT in Porter Sq Cambridge

HRun and frequented by Latinos, its unfortunate but Latinos are a large demographic in on gang stalking, usually not as frequently as whites or African Americans and usually far less evil and annoying than the last two aforementioned demographics involved.

This laundry has always been a gs hot spot in the sense that pro p perps wud show up there in years past and take up a large chunk of my time as well as engage in heavier than usual mind gaming conversation. Usually stuff about perps claiming to have had been US military and having been told not to do their jobs during Bush. Always with a creepy pedophile vibe to them..just like every other perp in existence...well alot of them.

Theres a creepy goofy skinny kid here that runs the place at night that usually psychologically harassea me from the moment I arrive to the second I leave.

He makes sure he begins stalking me when i arrive by staring ans looking over my back pack and then as i take my things out say to wash my pack he will stalk me and draw attwntion to my possessio s in the cart, he is always watching me being very obaessive and controlling.

Telling me i can't use the sink to wash things id i wont use a machine becuz the excuse is the sink mite break and it's brand new(all metal big and strong.

If i go outside to ring some things out he has said i cant be outside and tonite he kept watching me outside from acroas the store.

He constantly circles around me ams if my clothes in the dryer just finish and i am five seconds not noticing he comes by and focuses on cleaning the dryer doors that my clothes are in while staring back at me as if to intimidatw me to take action right then and there.

He is real creepy young and completely obsesses with me the entire time I'm here.

If this isn't gang stalking its anti homeless tactics which ive seen alot of lately in Cambridge and i believe some group or law enforcement ia giving businesses these harassment tactics to handle homeless people.

A few times ive mentioned gang stalking and security guards who are stalking my friend and i as homeless people will back off with surprised looks leading me to deduce tactics and campaigns similar to gang stalking individuals are being used in cities against homeless people to eradicate them (us) and discourage the lifestyle.

All of what this little shit does at this laundry can be seen on camera clearly.

Also these antics and theatrics are whats been used over the years to cause me to act or react in public to make me appear crazy and lately racist against blacks (or cause actual real racism in a Target-a form of modification )
for the purpose of discreditation and of course to keep me feeling isolated and cornered so i cant reach out to lawyers or any authorities in an appropriate manner.

The harassment would only cause me to reach out to authorities in a manner akin to confessing under extreme torture or say becoming useful to them in some capacity as part of trying to make the harassment stop (compliance under torture).

Why Porter Sq Cambridge in fact all of north Cambridge been a very rough area for gang stalking and always consistent i wish i knew. Its been that way for years.

Im ignoring the little f*ck becuz its all stuff i can bring to the owner.
Unless hes in on this sort of sexist, harassing behavior also which i doubt hed be as careless as this kid.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You will have family members going along with this. I've seen a lot of TI's blog that family members, like cousins, etc., were in on what the system was doing to the target. I think they try really hard to get to family members, because they know they can influence the target with people closely associated to the target. Strangers and random assholes are one thing, but it seems more effective when they get family members involved.

Or is it just that family members are a subset of the population, and since practically all of the population is going along with this, so it looks like they are specifically getting family to go along? They've been doing things, that I'm not sure is perp directed. Like seeing my cousin come in to the Chick Fil A when I am eating there, and again I saw here, this time at a different time. And this time, she had this demeanor as though she were reluctant to go in there (i.e. she was told to be there). And this time, she blew me off. I guess her blowing me off is to show me that family members don't care. First off, I don't give a shit if my own family rejects me in favor of the asshole control freak perps. I am not them, and I don't care if family goes along with perping me. I've got a mind of my own, and if they want to join the perps in their little world domination, then it's their business.

Can you believe the nerve of the perps who get to family? They underestimated my ability to see through their BS. No wonder I get stalked so damned hard: the more you see through their BS, the more they try to soften you by sending in more assholes.

Well, I don't think my cuz is an asshole, but I understand that she has been coerced into playing mind games. I can understand that. I just don't want to the perps to feel bad because I don't give a shit about what they do. I've been stalked hard for over a decade. Surely, I am not going to grovel at their feet all of sudden just because they're up to new tricks and sending in more assholes (the stranger random perps)..