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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vice President Biden In Cambridge Explains Two Days Of Relief And Reduced Gang Stalking Activity

Was wondering why the area Im in seemed so NOT targeted yesterday but especially today. Feels like the 90s least before 2003.

I saw a helicopter fly by low. Unusual very much like on a battlefield or in urban warfare.

Then i saw the Cambridge police-the ones dressed all in black who all basically look the same physically as well.
Bomb sniffing dogs etc.

Strangely these guys seem more hardcore and way less annoying, crooked and petty than local cops. Probably becuz their job doesnt entail 'managing' crime in the local population..thus being prone to being full of shit.

Their function seems to rely on them doing a straight forward task. Payoffs, crime rings and working with local organized crime/local business doesn't really fit the description of what they do.

I learned that the vice president is in town. This wud explain the area not being psychomanaged as it has been so heavily during Obama's second term.

Earlier today, myself and a female acquaintence who is part time houseless in Harvard Square were talking very productively about taking first steps towards real and practical activism concerning oppression of the homeless in Harvard Sq, women's issues involved in that and our being harassed by police.
THIS IS NEVER ABLE TO BE ACCOMPLISHED USUALLY in this area. Not in any meaningful way. The place is so psychomanaged by technologies, chemtrails and psychological operations that none of us are able to organize effectively.
Most of us seem targeted at different times to cause the appearance of mental illness and many times its been observed by me that an entire area is targeted TO CAUSE CHAOS AND UNREST by this summer before i left for Canada to attempt to flea the country by ship.

Not only did the unsavory undesirables like myself react and fall into that trap but YUPpies and tourists also seemed targeted. Alot of tickets were written and when i saw that around me I fled to another area-RI as i recall then ME.

Its very revealing to me that our minds were so clear and focused and our Wills present that we could communicate and organize so effectively. It was so simple. No fear, forgetfulness, brain fog, lack of Willpower or sinking into apathy or complacency after discussing good ideas.

It is now completely clear to me that the population of this country is being constantly psychomanaged in order to prevent any organizing against oppression from authorities and forces working in the interest of the NWO.

Its AMAZING the clarity. No interface, no Truman Show effect, no insanity or doubt. Depression or feeling angered or aggressive is unknown during this kind of clarity.
It's a return to reality. A natural, undisturbed environment.

It has never been more clear that our environment is being altered daily. That we are not being allowed to exist normally as nature would intend. The external natural world and our internal design-DNA.

However i did find myself despising the Biden/Obama fanbase that came to Harvard to view the spectacle. I am surprised at myself for favoring the more military like, straightforward bombsquad cops...and thinking of those photos of Bush captioned "Miss Me Yet?".

Id rather be tortured to death and see my enemy clearly than be social engineered and modified out of existence.

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Anonymous said...

And so you have to wonder about the sphere of electric radiation that is always around targets. It's like being in an electric fog. Their weapons create a sphere of electromagnetic radiation around targets, and I wonder about the Gauss reading? I had a dream that it was 1500 Gauss. And you have to wonder if non-TI's and perps have this much radiation exposure. I'm sure we're tougher than normal folk, though, and that we can take it. Sure they fuck with our cognitive abilities.

But here's some tips to help you: remember that after all they've gone through to get to us as TI's, they still haven't succeeded. They haven't broken us, and we sure aren't any worse off than the average unhealthy slobs that chase after us 24/7. That's one thing. second of all, they really honestly are self-deluded and self-brainwashed, and perceive themselves to be Gods. This is wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Gods I've read about were never afraid of exposure from mere mortals. If they are gods, and we are mere insignificant mortals, than they certainly would not be afraid of exposure, nor would they have to change their plans in the event we plan on exposing them.

This is their biggest fear. If exposed, they can be brought down. The sheep are just brainwashed and don't realize they are sad schucks making fools of themselves.

Any true gods would realize that the truth doesn't change because certain people believe it and certain others don't. And also, what feeds the perps' god complexes is the fact that they are able to control so many sheep. That gets them pumped. They forget so conveniently that we as TI's can see through all of their strongarm tactics and will never back down, ever. So they think based on their success rate of breaking down others and converting them to their side that they are superior to us, but they are not. The stalkers are just pieces of trash. They are not gods. They are wimpy little losers who are easily controlled who give in to the enemy. But there are huge numbers of them, and they are persistent, so them being weak as individuals is very deceiving. Collectively, they still do a lot of damage to TI's.

The perps doing cyberstalking and harassing and following us are still weak little cowards who are afraid of us breaking programming. If we break programming, the cowards should surely start to be scared of what would happen to them without their idols (the high level perps themselves) protecting them. What will they do if the system weren't around them to nurture their sickness and weakness? Maybe they'd be forced into petty crime, and this time they'd be prosecuted instead of TI's. Or maybe they'd read a book. So many of them are just retards, and weaklings. You have to find a way of overcoming their huge numbers by doing self-healing techniques.