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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CBS Atlanta Publishes Gang Stalking Denial Article

Another totally illogical and irresponsible article from a major news source.

whats disturbing is the way this seems to be feeding into society's paranoias about loners, mentally ill people or anyone who is anti government etc-the kinds of people who might snap or go postal.

Its amazing what a hatchet job is done with the 1% disinfo tactic.

Its so...cut and paste. Just write the first half accurately in all truth and simply discredit it in the second half.

Its probably frighteningly effective is whats sad. It shouldnt be that easy.

The activities mentioned are so obviously MK Ultra related if you read the declassified documents as well as the article itself mentions historical sources of such activity from other countries especially Germany.

If youve ever been through Atlanta, GA as a traveling TI you know even just the Greyhound station is a harassment hot spot.
Whites and African Americans are involved and its very overt.


Anonymous said...

I see a school security guard got fired for helping protect students and others during a stabbing spree:

Probably because he dared help others instead of stand by and let it happen, like the brainwashed cowards do. That's one part of brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Suppose about half of those lone shootings, stabbings, other attacks have been "designed" to happen in order to cause enough planned chaos to further laws designed to protect the elite. In this one case, the school security guard was given no explanation as to why he was fired. Just that he was to be terminated immediately. Why that is, you have to wonder. I have had the experience a lot as a TI: been terminated from jobs unexpected without explanation. I suppose when you're on the wrong side of "them", you aren't given the luxury of an explanation. And TI's have to work many times harder and put themselves at risk in order to protect others (at the expense of lazy brainwashed perps). See, this cult of losers They have created out there is so brainwashed and fucked up mentally, that they think they are entitled to having their asses propped up. They really are brainwashed. If one of them stood by and allowed the attack to happen, he probably would think he was a hero. These people in society now are so fucked up, their sense of good and bad is completely borked.

I know the system wants to get rid of heros like this guy and protectors. They want non-threatening, useful types, like the sheep we see who think they are royalty because they aren't working a legit job but get paid dirty money for doing the work of the slimey criminals who run the show.

OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity said...

Organized Gang Stalking, Chennai, India.
I am a Targeted Individual for the past 6 years. I see plenty of news articles probably scripted by the perps. We TIs need to counter these by writing more in the NON-TI/NON-Gangstalking websites/blogs