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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sign of Horns In AP Photo From Recent Florida Shooting

Man in yellow shirt, hand with watch on viewer's right (his left hand), hanging out of pocket. Looks random but too many of these shootings have had people purposely wearing black and red, making the 'Satanic' sign-of-the-horns or other 'Satanic' scare tactic gestures.

Remember, this is ALL BRAINWASHING of victims and bystanders as well as cult mind control-recruitment and indoctrination of gullible people.

ITS ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS. From personal experience and other Target's stories it seems these people dont care what religion is used as long as the person, group or people targeted (everyone from an individual to the general public) ends up being influenced by the propaganda and psy ops content.

The gang or group/hive mentality is very important to the New World Order. This was seen in connections to Jim Jones's The People's Temple cult that had CIA connections and many Survivors like myself believe was part of the experimentation to control society- using cult mind control, so key to the NWO's success.

In other words: take note of it, realize its a mindf*ck, know its just more psy ops and then get over it. The one result desired is that these events and actions influence victims or targets to 'influence hearts and minds, and in lone shootings we are all victims as its to terrorize viewers, readers, American citizens and humanity at large.

Remember that warfare is what this is all about and the people doing this are ruthless and connected to military, power and intel agencies/private black ops companies etc- and human casualties in civilian society are now as common as battlefield deaths or casualties. This is the way these people think. You now live in an ongoing war or battle zone. They just dont want you to realize it. 


Anonymous said...

I'm finding out something interesting. It seems like owners or part-owners of businesses who have filed for bankruptcy recently are doing what the main perps in the system ask them to do. Look up that McDonald's owner's name, for example, and see if there are claims filed in bankruptcy court. I've gotten really bad psy-ops at all Subways this one guy owns, and I see he has a pending case in bankruptcy court.

I guess that explains it. Since I have eaten there every day without fail, it seems like the masters who are in charge of my campaign want me to "stay out of there", as they put it. And if I go into a Subway, there are perps there doing things to scare me off. It seems they are studying my Subway habit by trying to isolate me from it.

These older ladies were saying slanderous stuff in there, as well as saying they should protest something, like they are trying to make it seem like they are protesting me coming there. Just because the Nazis want to study the effects of isolating me from my long-time eating place. I've been eating at Subways since late 1995, and now the assholes want to see what breaks down when they isolate me from those restaurants. I believe Subway may be heavy on black-ops. I feel very unwelcome at any Subway. It's interesting, because I feel OK until I've been in there for a while, then I believe they (the main perps) may be hitting me with something to get that "you are unwelcome here" feeling. I never get that feeling at any other fast-food place I go to, such as McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A or Wendys. At Wendy's and Arby's, they are downright nasty to me or I get nasty gangstalking perps there, too.

It seems like the system wants to be our nannys and control where we eat and shop. Possibly they want me to eat at a different place, like Chick-Fil-A, for a while, so they can study the effects the food has on me. No doubt these places may be putting some substance in their food to help their "research.

Anonymous said...

Noticed the guy in the blue shirt eying up the young girl.