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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GS Now Consists Of Hand And Other Gesturing-Consistently Daily/The Plot To Destroy Revolution In The Streets For Good In The USA

Since being put on probation the gang stalking approach has been different. A friend mentioned when one is on probation you feel like you're walking on eggshells.

This is the psychological state they wanted me in as it renders me more docile and makes me less of a risk taker and probably renders me more suseptible to behavioral conditioning.

I have a friend with me now alot of the time and since they cant make me flip out as much or react or arent able to do as much overt activity as when im alone its been all hand gesturing since i got back. That and a few stare downs which my companion actually witnesssed and since they havent tried that again.

The people walkinhg by doing hand gestures has been near constant on a daily basis.

The wallet/back pocket with nothing in it tapping is still popular but now there are variations like tapping their sides/ hip area or front pockets.

Overtly smiling widely and staying smiling for abnormally long periods when theres no obvious stimuli or motive (such as one would do while talking on the phone or spotting a friend coming in the other direction) while driving by in a vehicle, while passing me in the street or simply standing very still in one spot so as to get noticed is another one used in the past occassionally and is now being used frequently, usually with a front pocket or backside/wallet pocket tap if its in passing on the street.

Head hanging when is in use just as much as it was before but is more effective now becuz the tactics they are utililizing are all gesturing and this is physical gesturing.

A new one is making the 666 hand sign while passing in the street. This is commonly sighted in the media by activists usually done by celebs and politicians. Its a variation of the American 'A-okay' hand gesture which consists of thumb meeting forefinger creating a circle leaving all other remaining three fingers up in the air.
Perps have been flashing a variation of this where the three fingers usually extended up are more compacted.

They are also now flashing gestures including the afore mentioned 666 sign in a manner where its obvious they are trying to hide what they are doing from cameras or other passer bys. This was not the case in Maine and has never been the case in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Pointing is being used again also but is being done so it almost resembles a gun being pointed at me by the perp, usually male and the stay hidden from detection way of doing as mentioned is being used.

Ever since i began spending time with this male companion mostly males, even uniformed policemen in vehicles (Brookline, older, grey haired officer in marked car) have been performing a tactic where a forefinger is put up to temple of head and rubbed up and down once.
The meaning is taken as I am stupid or not thinking by being with my companion.

Lastly, My recent companion has a red beard. I and others often pull on the goat-t part of his beard.
Male perps have exclusively been doing a gesture that imitates a male stroking the tip of his beard, except all the males performing this gesturing tactic DONT HAVE BEARDS!
Often the 'beard pull' is followed by the finger to the head.
I take these to mean that the GS system of mostly male perps is 'my daddy' or has hold of me, not my companion.
This gesture or combo of the two makes me feel like they rule my life and are interfering in our relationship or that they are going to find a way to take him from me. Also since alot of black males and police or males generally are doing this it also makes me feel raped by them or the system as if they are interfering and replacing him sexually.

I believe they had a blow delivered to thier side when my companion got the charge on his record that put him in jail EXPUNGED recently and his attorney is fighting the guilty plea thats led to his predicament which shouldnt have been put forth to begin with which is why the judge has expunged it.
All they can do is work off of what people still see on his record as I dont think it being expunged is visible to the public-more useful idiot Cause Stalkers or Community Watch types.
If his case goes thru it will set a precedent in MA for such cases and i have sensed their small defeat on this front since I've returned.

The basic jist however is that this man is not good enuf for me and as usual I'm supposed to find some rich guy and get involved in politics.

Do these people ever give up trying to milk as much slave like service out of a mind controlled slave or Survivor of programming in the victim's lifetime?

We never get to be left alone or make our own decisions putting forth our own Will.

Hes a kind, gentle man and a calming influence on me which they hate. He also seems to dissolve alot of my racial anger that black groups or gangs involved in harassment have incurred over the years.

Theres more anti homeless sentiment in Cambridge and surrounding areas lately which also adds pressure. Why cant homelessness be managed more efficiently instead of the too tolerant then zero tolerance? The authorities are probably told to let things go so that it gets disgusting and then people want zero tolerance. I as well as alot of other people dont want dirty, drunk homebums taking up all the bench spaces in Cambridge or other obviously stupid bullshit that shouldnt be tolerated. It would be so easy just to lay down the law with the homeless and create standards like if you are aggressive or harassing people or disgustingly messy or blocking public phones (like in Kenmore Sq) or other nonsense you cant panhandle or whatever. I believe that the most slovenly homeless people are allowed to blow up spaces in every city nowadays so that there can be a nationwide campaign to eradicate The Homeless or houseless people (including Travlers) from American culture altogether. They know damn well after OCCUPY that theres a percentage of people in the Homeless population that are high to medium functioning and can actually contribute meaningfully to an organic or grass roots type movement if space and organization is provided. Thats why they would sent the worst homeless drunks to disrupt OCCUPY camps. And its probably why Reagan let out all the crazies out of the state hospitals to begin with then his buddy Bush through Iran Contra etc created their little organized crime rings of black house slave street gangs to create the crack cocaine market- conveniently just as the authorities were taking down big organized crime like the Mafia families etc.

How do you distrupt anything left over from the 60's and ensure no organization or revolt from the streets ever occurs again? Exactly as its being done now.

They also know damn well how many Targeted Individuals exist in the Homeless population many of whom are activists and whistleblowers.

The purpose of all of this is to make sure i cant think straight or can't get anything done especially legal research or even day to day survival activities. To break me down further and ensure i cant fight back efficiently. Especially to ensure working on my blogging or book isnt part of my daily accomplishment.

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