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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Few Counter Tactics From My Experience On Beating This System

-If you are on foot and take public transportation like I do you will be followed by the gang stalkers and the tech easily. I dont know about having a vehicle becuz I assume having one owned or rented in your own name would be just as much of a problem.
*Taking a taxi gives the TI whos usually on foot a break in being under the control of the GS system.* Even for a short distance in a city.
The security camera systems seem to be whats used to keep track of Targets in cities and towns as well as thier spies. Of course, public transport is all wired as well as public spaces with cameras. If you have a RFID chipped card for the transit system in your area, it could in theory be used in a few ways by this system. Definitely monitoring location in the transit system itself and perhaps outside of it also.

 OUTRUNNING this system consists of being in a moving vehicle and often provides relief. Anything from buses to trucks on the highway will work (provided the truck doesn't have satellite radio which I notice only makes some parts of this worse, like the burns or physical tortures TIs receive or horrid dreams/nightmares.) This might be why there's a lot of gang stalking activity on Greyhound and other bus companies and Amtrak trains becuz the rule of thumb with this system concerning geographical location is

They use human forces and tech/chemical influences to cover every single inch of this country. That has been my experience traveling as a TI since 2006. There are very few places untouched by this system in the USA- but they do exist. Dustbowl, nowhere towns in TX that consist only of a few trailers and nothing else, the side of a mountain near Albuquerque, NM. Places they dont care about, that have no consumers, no civilization and nothing thats a threat to their New World Order.

-Underground (NOT public transit systems which are wired to the hilt and usually full of perps too) usually provides relief as microwaves, on the same bandwidth as cell phones, cant go underground thus we have cell towers for mobile phones nowadays.
Hospital emergency rooms, hospital basements and some government buildings provide relief from remote influence or the tech thats used. Many older buildings Ive noticed provide relief, Ive also noted that alot of these buildings are purposely renovated or even rebuilt with new materials and afterwards, dont provide the same amount of relief or safety as when older materials were present.

This might also be due to the presence of what people would refer to as haunted or spirits in these buildings-which is nothing more than electromagnetic fields thus those ghost hunter tv shows use electromagnetic meters to hunt for paranormal activity. This is also why targeted people often think thier home is haunted then if lucky enough to find gang stalking activism and become aware, realize it was the purposeful use of technologies as outlined in the MINDWAR papers by Aquino and Valelee in the '80s (US Military) and other easily accessed documents proving the existence of these technologies.
In other words, natural electromagnetic energy or left over energy signatures from natural sources like people and animals having lived in the building etc, might be beneficial for protection which is why they seem to want to destroy such influences.

There seems to be a purposeful and consistent campaign of destruction of any sort of building or structure that gets in the way of the NWO. Old solid buildings, structures that are obvious ancient sun worship related sites especially if they are on ley lines even statues of female deities like the Catholic Mother Mary (remember this could be construed as representing Isis and she is the one that Seth feared, not Osiris.)
It seems strange the things that threaten the people and beliefs behind this system but after a while the seasoned TI realizes it makes sense somehow and fits in metaphysically and scientifically and this is definately a work of magick. Unfortunately its mostly technomancy. The point is to destroy anything truly magickal from Nature or anyONE magickal. Transhumanism is an example of how insane and hateful of Nature these people are.

(I will try to continue this later. Sorry for short list and Ive been very bad about finishing incomplete posts I claim I will do later. : (

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Anonymous said...

The NWO also doesn't seem to care much about religion, either. Religion can have positive effects on human nature. Even Judaism is positive, because the Bible was written by scholars who understood that humans are violent by nature, and the Bible contains a lot of "lessons" in taming human violence. Yeah, the Old Testament is violent, but there are still valuable lessons there.

Rather, what the NWO does care about is using religion to control people. They really don't care about it per se. There is plenty of stuff they can take out of context and use maliciously for control purposes, like a lot of imposter millionaire Holy Roller Televangelists.

When I was younger, I never really had any kind of religious beliefs, so it's not like I care about the subject either way. I just wanted to comment on how the NWO sees it: as a tool for oppression rather than something that people can choose to believe in. In other words, let people choose what they want, not force it down their throats to make them more controllable.

When I was young, I was in awe of the world in general. Back in 1969, when I was an infant, the world seemed so much more peaceful back then. Kind of hard for the NWO to control you with shows like I Dream of Jeannie. Funny, those Dallas shows, where the writers had to script the famous "who show JR?" lines simply because Hagman was holding out for contract negotiations. Who shot JR? Why, no one, of course. Hagman just wants more money, dear. :-)