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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comment from readers about Romney in 2012

"You might be delving a little too deep into this with the Satanism. To me, it's all very simple. Weed people out who are against the NWO. Do psych profiling, and aggravate the target to the point of severe aggressive behavior. Get feedback from the TI's behavior on how to further refine the conditioning/harassment methods. Once the NWO edges closer, apply the results to the masses. But they need all the data they can gather before they can do this. The people involved may or may not be Satanists. If they are, then they will simply leave their mark in some way within the harassment campaign. I believe this is what the book of Revelation talks about... about accepting the mark of the beast. Also, it talks about how the beast can work false miracles, and how one of its heads were cut off, and how it could magically heal itself. Then the masses it controlled were wowed by the fact it could heal itself, and started worshiping the "beast". Note the beast has many heads, which See more... could signify the many factions of the harassment.
By Anonymous on Why You Should Not Elect Mitt Romney in 2012 on 1/26/11
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I think yer missing the point. That post was more for me than my readers and its for people who know the whole big picture moreso.

Its also meant for Targets who are Survivors of RA or programming than Targets who are being harassed for other reasons. If you are interested in learning more you can look into my other blog written for Targets who are Survivors of RA and programming. Its a whole other area to investigate in connection to gang stalking. This is why the gang stalking that Survivors received is so much more brutal and ends up being a very heavy handed behavior modification program.

Even if there was no NWO threat at this time, Survivors would still be recieving the kind of gang stalking they do now. It seems that Survivors of programming/RA have always recieved gang stalking but in recent years more of the population have been getting this treatment thus, the higher instances of reports on the internet etc.

So its not that "simple". And you are taking the concepts of occult far to literally. There is no three headed beasts- those things are symbols for the real forces in our world. Representations if you will.

If you are a Survivor of SRA then the people involved are Satanic factions. Then it gets confusing as some of this is actually to protect what they feel is theirs from birth from some other faction. The dark forces are not always intersted in killing. Sometimes they want energy or to ensure you dont leave the cult even spiritually, they want to anchor you to them if you were trying to get away spiritually.

Its a whole different situation but there does seem to be an effort to enslave mankind worldwide and that would be favorable to certain Satanic factions. Alot of what is going on stems from Nazi human experimentation. Its spiritual warfare in a sense and for those Targets who were born into more severe circumstances there is more to consider.

That post was for people who know me or understand my situation in its entirety. Anyone that old man Bush stands by as his protege is not someone you would want in office. The Bush family has a habit of continuing thier legacy through stand ins if not relatives. Like Nixon was to Prescott Bush.

Watch old man Bush's NWO speech. THAT is the insanity we are up against and anyone involved in furthering this agenda must be looked at very carefully and with skepticism.

Its fine if the Satanic end of the Masonic brotherhood (Illuminati) wants to run the world into the ground and enslave people. But man always had the ability to escape, to think for himself or plot revolution or to speak against revolution that was done to further thier agendas. The problem now is that this faction has too much advantage with mind control technologies being able to control human beings along with progress made in chemical controls and the huge networks that seem to be present now of people in involved in psy ops on the public. There is no freedom anymore and its gone to far.

To keep humans under control becuz you run the world is expected from the most poweful factions in the world but it used to be that man had a bit of breathing room to do as he pleased as an indivudual. Its was more of a sporting battle and now people are being cornered into very small spaces and totally enslaved and intimidated. There is a big difference.
Also this faction is more bold now and unafraid to show itself. Man does not need to have this beast in thier faces as they try to live thier lives. Its gone too far and man needs some information to even up the playing field so that he can make an informed decision as to what he is dealing with. Its still going to be up to man's own Will as to wether he wants to be a slave or not but mind control tech makes this impossible.

That is my only problem with what is going on. The odds are totally unfair as well as its gone too far with how arrogant that faction is. People dont have the right to even be happy anymore like it used to be. People may not notice it but the ability of humans to produce life energy or force is being stifled. This is the ultimate enslavement of humans. This is done through pre recorded music being done in HD now like the radio stations going HD. If you notice you'll feel that there is no surge of energies left. No using one's imagination along with hearing the sounds. You cant 'feed' off music anymore or it doesnt light up the human energy field when broadcast in HD. The same with digital light and sound. When watching old VHS I get the impression I am watching something on a screen and the I feel a warmth in the playback. Digital is not only cold its empty. Perhaps our minds register that its not technically real- that its just 11001010101...

There is an enslavement of human's energy and ability to produce energy. WIFI causes more problems than just killing trees and making school children sick when they are in that building or causing autism.

There are so many kinds of pollution on the earth right now that man cannot live peacefully or as he was meant to. There is constant denial of electromagnetic pollution and this is due to this culture's denial of psychic activity and ability being 'real'.
PsychoPharma has taken hold of the culture and this is very detrimental to humans as well. The above mentioned condition of electromag pollution was actually referred to as a "disease" by one such authority denying that such a condition existed. The very fact that it is being presented as a disease shows our mentality has been brainwashed by PsychoPharma to percieve things thier way. It would not be a diseas of the human body to be adversely affected by electromag pollution, it would mean that the presence of too much electromagnetic in our environment is an unatural state induced by man made means that is hurting the environment and the humans in it. Which never seems to stop people from polluting to begin with anyway but this is more serious than other kinds of pollution.

Also this technology is not only harmful to human magnetic fields and causes interference in human mental processes and other things but the other issue is that mass mind control can be piggybacked onto the signals. This has been proven to be totally feasible from a technologial perspective.

The only thing I want to do is to vanguish my own personal enemies and those who betrayed me but also to simply put out information to the public so that they may have a fair advantage in this battle. From my perspective there is nothing more I can do. I am not a networking kind of person nor am I an activist that gets out there and protests. I am more about information, putting it together so people may recieve it and use it. And I know that the factions who want to counter our efforts are using this information as well. Good that means that they have the same information as the rebels.

All I can do is to tell what I know and have exeperienced. I have nothing else to offer as I feel this is what I am good at- this is my 'job' right now. Its something I have to do and mankind as a whole can decide for themselves. You cant change people's minds, unless of course you know how to perform mass hynosis either by means of tech or by speeches etc. and I am not interested in that really.

The very idea that people in the USA voted Republican during Bush's second term election when they were not planning to do so or people, like myself, didnt vote at all due to feeling compelled to vote Republican with no other choices in action, shows that mass mind control is used to control the American public increasingly over the decades in the USA and was a major part of the GW Bush presidency.

Its just gone too damn far. People were going to impeach Bush after they learned of how he stole the election especially that nonsense in Florida where his brother was in office there. Then something blows up and we are depending on him and from then on all of what occured formely was forgetten.

From a ritualistic perspective this is the entrance into the realm we are in now. The blowing up of the towers can be seen ritualistically as either an opening of the gates (the towers making a gateway) or the destruction of Masonic imagery which is positive in nature opposed to Illuminati brotherhood which is not the most positive expression of the ancient Sun cult. I do not usually use the term Illuminati becuz its stupid- its become so engrained in conspiracy theory that it has a negative effect on anyone hearing the term.

Look at it this way. There seems to be a faction that wants to be illuminated in an elitist fashion totally to the exclusion of others. They dont like human beings and they dont like commmon people. I would say that all factions of the ancient Sun cult are elitists even the ones here to assist man. That will not change and it shouldnt. All Luciferian factions at thier core dislike humans as a sort of stupid creature that is easily enslaved and weak of Will. But some factions are geared towards assisting humans and see right through the bs of what the other factions are pulling. Humans need structure but they dont need to be so oppressed that they cant be human anymore. There is something intrinsiclty wrong with that. And if the Illuminati type factions of the Illuminated truly cared for man's needs on earth they would not have allowed the populations to become so large to stress out the planet to begin with.

War, strife all of this are part of our world. But when humans have thier entire lives ruled by a heavy hand and thier very life force energy is at risk this faction has gone too far. It seems they are planning to travel to Mars or in space stations to survive the environment or a possible meteor hit. Its a good plan but why must man be enslaved to do so?

After being targeted for so long I have seen that there exists a faction in our world that creates chaos and induces violence. Lone shooters are made not born and there is a faction that creates such situations. That faction has become too large and too powerful. The bad things that happen in life are no longer countered by the good things or the freedoms of us taking Willful action to please ourselves.

Its become a fascist state and now we are being spoon fed by Obama and his people the idea that some sort of wacky communism ideal is part of the solution when in fact its more cult mind control. Reorganization of the govt?

All we have to do to get our independance back from these oppressors is to acknowledge that our freedoms are threatened by this cycle that was started when the towers blew up and Bush snuck under the wires during this event. The day we focused on that and not putting into action the Will of the people to impeach him is the day this whole thing started in earnest.
To acknowledge this as well as to accept that mass mind control is now possible through technologies with the assistance of psy ops is to then see things as they really are and then we can truly make accurate judgements about the direction we want to take and what the Will of the people is.

We have become captives of manipulators. This was always so but in the past we could live our own lives privately while politics continued as they always have in human cultures. For this kind of action to be taken in an attempt to capture the whole world is just a bit ridiculous- unfortunately they now have the means to do so.

And those means are being denied or hidden from the public. That is the issue with the NWO.

As far as individuals being targeted especially those who are RA or programming survivors that has always been and would still be going on had the situation written above not come into play.

Believe me, no one knows about slavery, oppression, mind control, brainwashing and being handled better than mind control Survivors. You can call people like myself paranoid all you want, most Americans DO sense a change in thier culture or thier country and many of them are not happy about it. Many people have left the USA.

If the average person acknowledged that mass mind control through tech was possible perhaps they could then make decisions about their affairs accordingly, about thier future moves or about thier personal health of they or thier families. I am not trying to say we can stop it right now but only if one is informed they can better break through being affected by such attempts at suggestion or coercion and be more Willful in thier decision making. Some people will probably not have a problem with mind control tech as they may see it as an advancement of civilization through scientific progress. And they can make that decision for themselves. Many humans simply do NOT like being messed with in this manner or find the effects very unhealthy and unsavory. For them, its important to keep trying to get this information out so they can live according to their Will and preference not according to what the overlords want them to do.

I see the public out in the world now, people are anti social and look depressed or sheepish. Its not fun, its not healthy and its not good. Most of all its deceptive and its not right. This is not the kind of deception you can figure out if yer smart and avoid like subliminals in ads or cult members trying to suck you in. This is the kind of mind control that you cant see, you can detect and even if you are aware of it often its impossible to fight mentally. THAT is not an acceptable addition to the human family, sorry but its just too heavy handed. TOTAL control over human beings that is undetectable? That is ridiculous and should not exist at all.

In the work of many of us the purpose is to make the public aware so they can choose to not be affected if they are able or to perhaps enact laws against the use of such methods to manage them as a nation.

Also is the idea that authority in this country how has weapons that we do not have which makes the right to bear arms pretty useless. A gun does nothing against a microwave weapon used for crowd control or misused for torture or misused for oppressing people. OHIO state- imagine that with microwave weapons. True those students wouldn not have been shot but the problem now is that there is mind control and operatives in large numbers in place to ensure that such a protest would never occur anyway to begin with or that if it started peacefully there would be agents there as aggitators to turn it violent,where of course microwave weapons would save the day without loss of life. What ever they do its to make more money and to oppress outcry end of story. Its THAT simple.

I am also dead ass serious about leaving if he gets in. My life was in danger during Bush so why should I trust Romney? This isnt anything to do with the NWO this goes beyond that in my case. And symbolically him being the head of this country after all I lost in large part due to him being in office here in MA would be the end of me and any remaining power as a human entity. To accept him as president I would have to accept all that I have lost and accept that I will never win trying to get back what was mine or at least get justice for what was taken from me. I will NOT tolerate that kind of final submission. Suicide would have been better and really dyigng of suicide programming would have been the most easiest way to have my life ended to begin with. The very fact that I was brought through suicide programming only to be tortured into committing suicide shows the depravity and sadism of the people involved. In programming systems the person's spirit is protected from pain and suffering and one dies from suicide programming pretty much unaffected- innocent. Pure. Intact.

I was brought out of my programming by torture and systematic virtual rape using tech as well as in person psy ops that seemed to use classical conditioning methods. I endured brain damage not only from mold exposure for 3 years but from stress as well. Why would someone do that? Why wouldnt they just kill the threat? That is the human experimentation end of things. At the time this happened to me there were many overt programs of behavior modifying suicide bombers and deprogramming them.
The fact I was gassed and my programming accessed and toyed with shows that its human experimentation based on toruture.

Whoever is doing this wants to be able to actually remake human beings in their images or ideal forms. They are playing god that is what is most acceptable. The same goes for the factions who have put forth mass mind control as well. They are playing god and now have the tech and manpower to do so.

If YOU want to live with that then go ahead, I however do not like having my intelligence, beauty and talents systematically destroyed so that I can be reformed as an average, stupid person and placed back into society as a sheep. I believe that they percieve special people as aggressive at thier core and every experiment they do seems to be to erase human aggression. They want slaves not real people.

Artists have a right to be arrogant and to create. Now do you see what their ideal of 'equality' really is? Its being an easy to handle sheep and that is NOT equality as the state or authority in charge is not also being reformed into such a creature.

You've got problems on your hands people and you better face that. In fact the younger kids today have no idea about equality or even how to get along with people in a peaceful manner. Older city workers are complaining that young cops are giving them tickets to excersise thier muscle as authority at all times when in fact negotiations should be considered with other city employees that work in the same field or on the same beat. All the younger people understand is facism and the rule of law without using your brains at all to form an alternate system.

People as robots is what they want. Even solving crimes and corruption as much as they are right now in govt. Notice how its always the FBI or other govt authority that takes care of the problem? Its never the people. This is also a form of intimidation or fascism.

I dont like living this way and I do NOT like the changes that have been made to me

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