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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Jim Carrey Markets New Age Drivel Designed to Remove All Anger Over Injustices

Here is a vid from Jim Carrey pushing some New Age drivel. I find this a very interesting stance for him to take becuz of his role in The Truman Show. Many Targeted Individuals experience alot of PTSD and running over of memories due to the way these campaigns of psychological warfare and torture are run.

If you are a victim of such activity you need true healing and closure which includes everyone knowing the whole, true story as well as the betrayers and perps being held accountable for thier actions. You do not need New Age brainwashing. You do not need to 'let go' of your anger and resentment. New Age mind control is no substitute for justice.

It has been said by a Survivor of programming who claimed to have worked for the CIA, Barbara Harwell, that much of the New Age content is CIA planted just like alot of the 60's radical movement was their invention as well, especially LSD culture. (Guess those experiments from 40's and 50's really gave them info they wanted as only a decade afterwards LSD became the basis for an entire culture. I also find it interesting that the children of many wealthy families were involved in forging that culture.)

What I want to hear are his true reasons for being in The Truman Show. No one is that stupid..unless they are programmed and just doing their bit.

And it isnt time wasted. Its simply that the person may not have access to the right therapy needed to clear that hostility. If you are targeted, you will definately be spending alot of time alone and pissed off wondering why yer life sucks and people get away with what they do. And if you are targeted especially a mind control Survivor, this New Age crap will be very useful to the perps to handle you further and brainwash you into 'letting go' and 'moving on' which of course they want both to wash thier hands of responsibility and also to make the person they f*cked over more docile.

His second time obviously assisting the agenda, my question is, consciously or not?


  1. Sounds the goal is to realize that we are being tormented daily, but then we realize, hey, we are still alive, and that realization should make us forget everything.

    Sounds like he is doing the work of the perps, either overtly or programmed (unwittingly). Who knows... people like him get targeted, too, so maybe it's his "way out". I wouldn't fault him for it. I would, however, fault the logic he is trying to push, i.e., we are still alive, and there is some deception there. The deception is that, this goes beyond trying to forget about one or two perps. It's about daily torment, how doing menial things like taking out the trash can be a major task, because you have gangstalking present while doing it. I guess the idea is that we are supposed to forgive the perps behind this, and just live on. But this is not feasible nor reasonable. Consider that the bullsh*t we encounter should be a distant memory, like from junior high, being tormented because we aren't part of a certain clique, etc. But this is actually far worse than growing up and trying to fit in with a clique full of less intelligent people... well, in a way it is, because members of perp groups are very similar.

    Also, we TI's, some of us, are on a mission to accomplish something, a mission. As an artist or other type of creative thinker, you definitely think about people of the future, about contributing and influencing future peoples. I think this is what scares the System the most... they do NOT want people like us leaving such a mark, and hence, they need to "fix things" so that we don't. That's where the whole "dangerous" notion comes in: as an instructor, I find myself influencing the students in various ways and leaving my mark. Oh, but the perps and their bullshit is just FAR more important than that. Their job is to derail our Mission in life. And of course, it's easy for them to recruit harassment goons and stalkers, as the "average" commoner does not have nor see the need for such a mission in life. They were the followers, not the leaders nor trailblazers, in the first place. So that's why they were easy to get to. And of course, they are thinking about their own safety, as well as getting entertained. And we serve as the entertainment. The average person doesn't care too much about music or art; they only care about songs they "like", that are "popular", and also they want to "fit in" and do what everyone else is doing. So that basically leaves us fucked, as we have not one barrier, but more barriers: fighting the System and public perception. We have been given a Scarlet Letter, for deeds others have done to us, and we continue to suffer for the deeds of others.

    So that is why we can't just sit in the dark, meditate, and forget about what has been done to us.

  2. TI DO NOT NEED TO "LET GO" OF ANGER AND RESSENTMENT, they need to TRANSMUTE IT. Eventually you either get over it or it eats your soul. You know this cause you're being eaten away at by your anger DAILY.

    Highly recommend meditation and DEEEEEP BREATHING FOR ALL TI's out there. The more you control your own anger the less they control YOU.

    So Rachael I know you're bitter and you have every right to be, but if you BREATHE and work with your own mind you'll be able to channel it better and get your book done. SEriously.

    Have you read the author he's talking about? Cause if you did you're realize Tolle's material actually greatly benefits a TI.

    THey can't control your mind if you control it. The only way to CONTROL your own mind is to be able to stop surface thought and start it again at will. If you can't silence your mind, they will HAVE YOU. So there IS value in meditation and some of these new age CONCEPTS of mental silence. It has nothing to do with "forgetting the perps" and what they have done. IF ANYTHING it makes you focused and strong enough to go after them EFFECTIVELY.

    OF COURSE the perps will try to abuse these themes and concepts to their advantage. Jim Carrey, for all his flaws, is just a puppet. IF ANYTHING he has been a target and for his outspoken work against the vaccines I commend him, so I can't be mad at Jim he's just IN IT, he can't see the big picture but at no time have I ever sensed he wants to oppress me.

    THEY CONTROL YOU AS LONG AS YOU HOLD THE ANGER. The only way to deal with the anger is action. Don't bitch at Jim Carrey for suggestion ways to transmute it.

    Carrey isn't telling you to forget your anger and the material he's persenting, if anything, deals with anger in a way that does not for one second let the perps off the hook.

    But you wouldn't know that since you didn't read Eckhart's book, I'm sure you won't approve this comment cause it doesn't suit your AGENDA, which is to be an eteral victim and always BITTER. Good luck with that.