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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gangstalking is about human experimentation

It seems they are taking deprogrammed mind control survivors and doing non consensual experiments on those survivors. It wouldn't surprise me if the experimentation wasn't simply an extension of the original programs the person was part of from birth- what I am saying is we are sold out from birth for this purpose, that is why those of us who seem gang stalked life long or intergenerationally never have lives. We are nothing but lab rats from the beginning.

It's also a great way to get rid of mc survivors who are starting to remembering too much. Who's psychologists turn to them and say they shouldn't get hypnotized becuz "..That would bring up much memory for you"
... uh, that's kinda what I am looking for here. The truth.

So all the experimentation that is done during intense gangstalking becomes so damaging to the body and mind that the survivor is slowly disintegrated.

I was on a major bus line 2 days ago. I noticed the typical perp group but I realize now they are just decoys. There were people trying to ask me questions and I simply would not communicate with anyone.
I was on the bus and noticed the air vents as well as lights did not work. Then mid trip, the air vents came on just as a sickly sweet smell came into the air.
(I felt as I had a few times before when I noticed my clothing made me feel burning-not like a skin issue one might have, but this is unusual. There is a change in one's mental abilities accompanied. A dumbing down, no thought at all. Vegetative, zombie-like. I believe there is an article about nuero interrupters I read and this might the cause. It seems typical of gangstalking targets and it seems delivered as an inhalant(air) or through the skin(clothing). In the movie 'Elizabeth' about enemies of the queen put some sort of poison in her clothing which a lady in waiting gets into her dresss instead and dies. so this method of delivery isnt so outlandish.)

I then came to feel more and more in a different 'state' along with being less thoughtful. Somehow, if this has happened before, this time I was awake enough to know what was going on, but I am sure I was disassociated. I am not going to get into exactly what went on but lets say its more behavior modification. As I rebelled by getting up in my half state, getting my coat out of the upper area sitting down and putting my coat over my head a voice came from the back of the bus "Wow!". (This behavior is something programmed people do becuz whilst being programmed alot of sensory deprovation goes on and things like sheets towels or blankets are put over you while lying down perhaps sitting. You are programmed also to find a 'safe place' under these materials over yer head to avoid the truama of what s happening. Later, when older you can simply call upon this state or safe place w/out any physical actions) so it must be natural for me to do this. During this time I felt everyone focusing on me but their was no or compassion. Just observation.
The air vents had gone off right after the sickly sweet smell came.

As I came too(sort of) the vents were on again.

Before the incident I had noticed definite gangstalking or perp-like behavior from some people around me as well as the driver, who of course later let us know she was jsut a floater and didnt usually do this route.
Some people looked guilty and some made comments made to make the experience worse.

Afterwards I looked around and could not believe how they all jsut blended right in again, but there were signs. If you look deeply enough into thier eyes you can break that stupid "what are you looking at" pathetic attempt at a front. They know what they did and what they are about.

(Svali had claimed to be part of a similar group..notice how she says a the activities need not be a ta stationary location. As always without documentation or actual live testimony one must take these claims as possible disinfo..it would be nice to think that someone was telling the truth.)

The most disgusting thing is that they are experimenting on programmed people and torturing us, slowly destroying our minds and bodies. Takning advantage of people who are disacossiative with no regard for our potential talents or high intel. We are treated like we have no rights at all but these experiments are in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.

One can see this plainly in the case of John Mark Karr. Now I am not saying he is not potentially dangerous at all but that is not the issue here, and i notice that in these situations there always has to be a rationale as to why the person is a bad guy so as to take focus off what is really happening. J. Mark Karr is obviolsy programmed and i am not the only one who thought so it's all over the internet. Why exactly did he just waltz right in and confess to something he did not do? For the same reason alot of people felt that same urge around that same time, including myself. I was NOT going to go down to my local police and confess to things intellectually I knew I had not done, but I could hardly fight against the compulsoin to do so. Marc Karr often has complained of gangstalking like activities around him.

I see to many people in the street everywhere I go who either look like they feel bad for me and are powerlesss to help. Then there is the sick ones who seem to have a faint smile when they see.

More frightening is the attitude that makes all the good people afraid.
I was in the local coffee shop of soulard in st. louis. A gay black man who works there was not nic eto me while waiting on me but was i noticed to the patron before me and after me. when i looked at him as he waited on me he mustered up the best hurt little boy look as a cover for his actions so i would not hold him responsilbe for his inconsistency in behavior. he and the other guy who works there often have the slight smirk together when behind counter making my order. After i sat down i kept a real good eye on him. a white man came up and said to him " you dont have to deal with anyone you dont want to" after that a chilling comment came which consisted of him basically saying "clean out the system, make room for(others)". the black guy then said as he slightly pointed my way that the one that is "going to replace that" is going to be better. the white guy walked out after a while, of course he had to engage me while I was journalling and said "note to self" I said "no, i am writing a book" he of course had to tell me he had great stories about meeting celebs and yer typical boring nonsense and it was all very belittleing to me, so i said that this was wayy bigger than just a typical story. He left saying what I do not remember becuz it wasnt important. The sexism from both of them was most disturbing. I asked another day if that worker was a woman hating gay man and they said no not at all. And stanger was how well a sexist white male hick from Missouri got along with a black gay man amazed me but thats also what soulard is going for which is nice but its not so nice to have people getting along in harmony only when they have a common victim or source of amusment.

Its obvious that I have status of a slave like in the old plantation days where people didnt think it was wrong to have slaves or abuse them, it was the way it was. Its wrong, I am not techniclly a 'slave' I am citizen of the USA and deserve a right to Life Liberty and the pursiut of Happiness but you see how difficult it is when a powerful group manages perceptions and everyone who sees the real truth is afraid.

The reason 'the perps' are so effective is becuz they possess superior psychic prowess--believe me when I tell you that. Its why they are so effective at disturbing you, the target, by just drivng by..i have had them jsut sitting behind me on a bus but i discounted this becuz there was no obvious perp activity except for the mean look of self satisfaction.

who is going to believe psychic experimentation or harassment in this country?
The USA discounts the existence of all things psychic by labeling them 'paranormal' and 'super natural' in the conspiracy forums and then at ground level its considered mental illness to believe in such things (thus the psychiatric question "do you believe you have any special powers or abilities?"Notice how childishly it worded-'powers' or 'magic'). This enviroment is the perfect cover for such covert activities even though documentation exists to prove the existence of many countries experimenting with or even utilizing psychic abilities.

I had a perp making allusions to my involuntary involvment in such activities a year or so ago. I acted as stupid as possible, perhaps I was so traumatized I simply wanted to rest, I dont know. Now it makes sense I guess. Yet I highly doubt if I'll recive amnesty anywhere- the whole thing isnt happening and I am sure the u r crazy routine would be used on me.

Labeling human experimentees and mind control survivors mentally ill is standard practice. Read the case histories, books about cults and mind control from reputable psychologists and one man who's father was a survivor of mc and was labelled for years until he as a doctor discovered the truth.

You want the links? I am too tired and not recovering from that gassing very well. I now know I am probably doomed to become a intel lowered idiot and probly get sucked into gangstalking. Notice how slot of perps seem mentally damaged somehow? Now I know probably how they got that way..torture someone enough and lower the ability to fight intellectually and they will torture others. I swear to all of humanity I will not let this happen, not after realizing i can never have a good life. Go look the stories up yourselves..i have been fighting and living this nightmare working my ass off everyday for years doing research..do it yourselves becuz the only way to really discover the truth is to see the investigation unfold.

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