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Sunday, March 16, 2008

sick of perps

I am sick of the assh*les who always seem to have that stupid look on thier faces like they know all our secrets.
i am tired of beign threatened and living under duress while everyone who screwed me over gets hard to attain grants, funding, jobs, protection from prosecution.
I am sick of no one seeming to care about me except the perps who care only continue to harass.

I have absolutely had it with persons in position of authority having the WORST stupid grins becuz they seem to think they know more than anyone about my situation. Enough with the arrogant security guards..these fucks are the biggest idiots becuz they seem to have the ability to know everything the cops do about a target /survivor but they dont have to have any professionalism whatso ever becuz they are not accountable.

Is there a reason people are programmed then tortured by assholes as they try to become fully functioning human beings when they deprogram? Is there even any reason at all that someone deprogramming should be exploited on the internet(allegedly)?

wanna know why? becuz they do not care what u know and dont know anymore about mind control. They seem to be getting sloppy but the message is basically "too bad thats the way the world is going". They dont care who sees at all anymore...they want u to see. So all the GOOD people are victimized right along with the victim and all the people who are sadistic or dont care get thier sh*t off-"if u do evil for us, go along with us, you'll inherit the whole earth".

Thier is no other explaination as to why people would treat a mc survivor so cruelly, unless of course its as i thought..they are all satanists in thier thinking and thier living. They enjoy seeing a person destroyed and here is thier chance to get in on something and feel important.

I see all these jerks, male and female before they ever get a chance to see me coming.

Yer all quite fuckin lucky i am being kept down.

I absolutley refuse to live this stupid lie anymore where i travel from place to place, getting perped. i was probably mind controlled in to traveling under some false ideal i would actually hav e alife someday just so different regoins could make money off me.
It wont be happening anymore. Save yer stupid grins-yer nothings.

I was 10 times the potential of being a talent at writing or artwork than any of my detractors..
oh, but the world doesnt need another artist or needs another dead deporogrammed mc survivors.

You can all go fuck yourselves and I hope you suffer greatly in the coming years.

Finally i've said my peace. i no longer will keep silent out of fear from my stupid mothers family who should have been destroyed years ago by some natural disaster (oh, if only there WAS a god). will not be dictated to by them anymore nor the people who support them.

If you've lied to get me into this horrible life I've had to live for years now, u will pay.

The wonderful mechanism, the intelligence known as nature has a tendency to work out payment.

Enjoy your neew trucks, your immunity , your grants, your funding, your inflated sense of self, your feeling of false superiority.

It s all gained thru the buy now pay later plan.


And as for my bitch mother who has been controlling me for years if she even dares involve herself in my affairs ever again....restraining order will be slammed on her. Also, there are some things clever accounting cant fix. Now I know why people turn on her-not becuz they are crazy but becuz she is scum.
Anyone who does not pay homage to this sick twisted fuck by fearing her will be destroyed by her.

I am done fearing her. What sickens me is all the so called responsible authority figures who are into what she's doing.. now i get the sick smiles.

An informant in CT sould not help himself but to mirror me with my own story, in it most disturbing was the way he desrcribed me "being raised very submissive".. untrue.

She sold me out as always and she has helped them put me on the run, she is not the sole cause of it.
If I was truly submissive I would've internalized that families and her repeated attempts to break me years ago. I probably also would've obeyed my suicide programming unconditionally.

It was always about Danny(my father). If I had a political point of view that was different after one sentence came out of my mouth it was "now you sound like ya faatha" (always keep it anti-intellectual). All my strength and might to fight the mind control tactics that were so an innate part of that family was blamed on bad DNA..what I've always known at gut level is my father must be very dissident as well as have some talent for remaining logical under pressure. Something they cannot stand becuz it screws up ' the keep her down' tactics.

Now the perps do it every damn day, cosigned by my asshole family of course who I never hope I have the displeasure of setting eyes on again. The perps feel its ok, as I've seen from the info from that CT informant, becuz my family co signs it..

You know. Ya never really know. I could live and keep my sanity. I could be the winner in this not group after group of weak assh*les who has to gang up on me to win.

Hedge your bets now... and for those who have already bet against me-u better hope I get real depressed and go back to enacting my suicide programming.

Your in luck, thats probly what will happen. Actually I hope thats what happens. It may be better to go out peacefully and retain the holier than thou status. What good are humans anyway?
Look at the gangstalking system...look what they do to other humans.
this whole time I've been going on the premise that this a lost world and they are simply not worthy of my anger. Why? Its obviously what has been agreed upon by most people, right? That I am a dead woman walking. You idiots have no idea what kind of dead WORLD walking you are.
]I aint mad at ya..I always try not to be. Why should I? You've made your decisions based upon wha tu thought were winning odds. Here is a vulnerable girl who has been made out to be the worlds biggest asshole by a bunch of self serving greedy f*ucks and we want to get tin on the action, right? She's got no chance, no power-lets have a free for all, she's total fair game.

Whats to be angry with- you guys SUCK!

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