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Sunday, March 16, 2008

True justice

I am weary of Targets stating that "innocent people" are being destroyed by covert war. All kinds of people are targets of covert activities/operations for varied reasons. It might be people who are far from a common perception of 'innocent' but have sensitive info about something or someone-etc, etc.

1) define "innocent".
the problem here is that innocent or guilty is supposed to be defined by a court of law through due process. This is the very reason 'gang stalking' exists. It is a way of exploiting human beings illegally or getting rid of human beings-illegally. So tampering with this judgment simply validates the persons involved in these covert activities..basically when any one poses the problem this way it sounds like they are begging for their lives, trying to claim their innocence in vain(which usually makes the public more suspect anyway) and sounds in general more fantastic and unbelievable.

All of us...out here fighting for our lives, identities and souls every f*ckin day.

Please be more responsible when you blog or at least put up a disclaimer or pose some doubt and try to show cause. In other words remain logical. If this is not your nature please at least put some 'maybe' s or 'ifs' into your point of view. Adding to the confusion is exactly part of their plan.

Without official recognition of covert activities against any target and especially without people who do know the law and possible target's rights just sitting back and letting us be destroyed by this system without stepping forward up to the plate on our behalf, the perps can continue to claim we are either mentally ill, its all conspiracy theory or simply deny what is happening.
Pertinent amusing story:
Today a perp stared at me intently in Harvard square. The place where all the cool people used to congregate was filled with rats today, the human kind. The guy had one of those faces that looked like it came off the homepage of He just kept smirking, knowingly(we know all yer secrets) and demandingly (you will give your life over to us, we own yo ass), I wanted to gouge his blue eyes out but instead I just informed him that gang stalkers sucked and so did informants. "what? gang stalking?"--- "oh, conspiracy". I then informed him it was rather 'a plot of evil design' from the Jurist Prudence and that he looked like the type that was probably well associated with the text. He said " what do you mean, I'm a Christian."As I walked away he shouts "wanna see my bible?". Only in Boston could a cop/criminal type make 'wanna see my bible' sound...dirty. Typical..saw a news story, TV, today earlier : " Masseuse Accused of Dirty Practice". In Boston, sex is still 'dirty'.. and to the perps with my former lifestyle as well as the way I look and am built I am dirty. Actually it has more to do with whole place pivoting on this cleanliness close to god which never could be achieved-and never need be. He thinks HE's dirty-that's his problem. More displacement on a target. His Catholic Irish mother prob disapproved of him, prob while secretly admiring his wild ways. Welcome to the ever confused mind control reality of Boston. The whole place is mc central and no one even knows how f*cked they are. Leave-you'll be better off. Unless u like being chained to a thousand different conditions equating limitations concerning how you belong where u were born and they'll be no upward mobility for you! What is this, f*cking England? Give it up!
There is a world beyond New England, go see it. Especially if u r poor. U will realize u have value and Boston is a very limiting city unless u have money, connections or both. Who u r doesn't matter here and potential seems to go to sh*t.

Most limitations created by other humans upon you are false. They are manufactured-do not believe them. Investigate and question them.

2) In order to exercise the justice system fully the worst, most criminal and perceived immoral targets should be mentioned always and portrayed as also wrongly targeted.
Why? The reason is that we have a supposed functioning justice system..why then do we need covert activities to punish people?
The idea or perception that this is a way to punish the guilty or wrongly accused is just another anchoring tactic by the perps to get the public to go along with it or to make targets secretly feel they deserve such treatment which over time wears down morale.

Also it would show that some of us are not innocent and thus the disbelieving/compliant public can see that there are all kinds of people targeted. The main point is that these activities warrant investigation and documentation. If you keep on saying everyone involved is innocent it makes it less believable and might actually validate it in the minds of the public becuz somebody must be lying about being 'innocent'.

If I were connected to criminal activity then I should be subpoenaed or arrested.Council provided, jury etc. Why is that not the case of Targets?
There are many layers of deception involved in these operations and u may think you are being targeted becuz of obvious reasons but there may be alot more to than you are seeing. Cases vary according to target.
Do not abandon Targets who have a sordid past becuz they are the only real proof we have of the corruption of the justice system itself.

I believe most people know about targets and gangstalking but most people are too scared to stand up and do anything or sadly people feel its a great way to get rid of other human beings:

You are trash, u r no longer of any use and u threaten people who are wealthy or influential and they are worth more to the community than you, we need experimentees to make life better for those more deserving, you lost the 'game', you were stupid or careless, in this world there are winners and losers and u r now a loser so don't try to get out of it, know yer place, u know too much, u r sickly and would require to much care so we are freeing up a burden on the system, we don't like u, u deserve it, we like to see others abused-secretly so no one has to be caught, we feel dirty secrets are a luxury in a nation where political correctness rules and we lead the world in protecting human rights, we are snobs, we need u to suffer for us becuz we are sadists, we need to feel better about ourselves......

These are just some of the attitudes I have experienced from perps and the public at large concerning gangstalking/targeting someone. Why do u think its so important to make a smear campaign work? It makes the public have permanent doubt about a target(nothing like first impressions) and people in the olden days did certainly enjoy public hangings-nothing has changed.

The public perceives and rightly so, that they get a hell of a lot more out of going along with this sh*t than they do fighting against these activities. Why should they?
If they remain silent and compliant, according to their preferences, they gain:

Security, safety, (from being targeted themselves), entertainment, promotion, financial gain, revenge against slights real or imagined, self satisfaction, a satisfying of various issues within the people themselves (displacement or projection) like woman/man hating sexists, threatened or inadequate men, jealous wo/men, control freaks, intolerant religious types, people in existing power positions feel validated, young people feel they are getting rid of something/someone old perhaps with old ideas that pose a threat to their n.w.o, extermination of someone who threatens modern patriot ideals of the USA, pest control, silenced witness, perceived safety from someone marketed as unstable or dangerous by the smear campaign, human experimentee....ETC.

People's turning away attitudes are not going to change.

The public gains too much for all their hidden desires from gang'stalking a target/covert activities and usually has nothing to gain for helping a Target of a gang stalking campaign.

I hate to say it but I believe most sick f*cks actually believe this is good for the nation. Everyone else who truly disagrees goes along with it as par for the course of life and the way a society is run. Perhaps alot of people don't know my full story..I don't know what the public knows or doesn't. I was kept totally in the dark. I've only heard possible truths from perps who feel bad or are sadists who want to make fun of how isolated I was kept from knowing what was happening.

Perhaps the public are all managed thru tech in order to react accordingly. Why not? Its how they manage targets.

My point is that, obviously, realities can be created or destroyed. Why could it not be that the public are also targeted and managed? Perhaps people are responding to events becuz they are managed to respond that way. I believe the tech involved in our targeting as victims of gangstalking/covert war is dually being used on the public at large to gain favorable behavior or responses from them.

Perhaps soon event will become so shocking and devastating that humans will need to be conditioned and controlled to ignore the outcomes. Perhaps the turning away is an attempt to see mankind survive global disaster. If that is the case who am I to argue?

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