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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well, at least I know now that others aside from people complaining about 'gangstalking' are attesting to the existence of this happening and/or are experiencing it themselves.

Thats exactly what it has done, reduced my ultimate potential.
I especially love the specific mention of using mycotoxins..I kneeewww iiiittttt.

Alas, being programmed/an mc survivor, what makes it so easy to put an entire case together in your head over years while appearing wonderously stupid to onlookers and the info being hidden from my own consous mind..the very nature of programming includes a healthy dose of denial to aid with the survival of the persons mind. This is why I did not take any of this seriously yet I knew what I was putting together was quite serious. The playful childlike side could not allow me to admit this was all happening. I was conditioned in general to be quite trusting of the world and deny much of the horror of my own life as well as the world in general. I would not have survived very long had this not been the case.

The beauty of what they have done with the typical foreshadowing method or what I have dubbed 'chicken or egg?' tactic is:
if anyone who is a detractor or prefers to be ignorant wants to denounce my version or deductions all they have to do is say I am fabricating a story out of something that has occured naturally as normal, coincidental sequences of events and lots of 'bad luck' or my own insanity or stupidity.
The largest commetary I hear from the Oliver Twist squad( the peasant population of street types, jailbirds, etc who need to take in this on the side of the enemy this game for whatever gain they recieve or I suspect alot out of sheer ignorance to the larger story) are : "she's so stupid" and the ever popular " she dun lost her mind".
uumm its amazing to me that strangers would know the state of my affairs so readily. Its all part of the program remember: "dont you want to get out of this horrible situation? then work with the system a little more-prove to people u deserve to be respected, etc"

Just the whole disgusting mind controlling bag of tricks to get someone to conform to a new behavior. With me it seems to be 'forget what happened, forget what was done to you, start all over'. How would I achieve this? By becoming as emotionally deadened(giving up) as they are making me feel like...

A ittle secret fer ya: In alot of instances going insane is a choice.
Becoming 'dead' inside is giving in to coersion.
Changing yer personality unrealistically is allowing the oppressor's newly defined version of you (by keeping you down, destroying your mind etc) to be accepted by YOU as 'real'.

The painting I had on this wall was just fine..I liked it very much. Uhh, who said you, assholes, could come in and hang your own? This is MY fucking gallery(personage) and I will not be dictated to as to what appears here and what does not.

It pays to be programmed. There are inner structures they cannot touch with thier pathectic technologies. The best they can do is turn my internal world into ruins which is what they are doing.
Whoever is diong this is veeeerry curious about exactly what is inside my structures.
They're assholes, they have destroyed a huge amount of talent but thats what it says is the purpose of it all on the rest of the pages of the above mentioned sight.

"to destroy potential"..that they certainly have done. good goin.
Unfortunatley, all you had to do was ask..perhaps its more targeted false perceptions but something tells me non of this is giong to be worth what they have done to people.

None of this should have public either. For that I want extracted greatest payment.

Did they actually think cover staories were going to work nowadays? Its not the fuckin 60's any more. Does anyone actually believe anything told to them from any source since 2000?

I notice its ultimatley easier to simply turn away. Why try to measure out truth when avoidance works much better.
Its always like this. No one is concerned about what is happening on these levels until it happens to them. Its always a secret nod to 'better them than me' on most people's part.

What is most annoying are the seemming common people I see with very faint little smiles when they pass. Not 'perp' smiles but..its just eerie. Its probably a very subtle tactic and whatever it is I need to ignore it.

Aside this article made me feel better becuz I tire of the 'gangstalking' loop which leads to no answers just a group of people talking about it and somehow still having lives. Its obvioulsly psy ops and other such warfare horrors and its interesting to investigate the shams set up to keep targets trapped.

I have not investigated the people printing this article, I will jsut to see if they really are who they say they are. Alot of targets seem to not do I like the only real target on this planet? Why is no one seemilgly capable of hardcore investigation? Being targeted does make things difficult-often. From what I have seen, genuine targets dont live very long and thier lives are miserable. If they are public, detractors-perp and the ignorant are horribly malicous to us long suffering people.

Its like we dont exist.

Well, one thing is for recent writings over the past week are a testiment to the effectiveness of sleep deprovation on a target, thats for sure.
And i am staying in shelters so i hav esuch limited time and energy. I am starting to faulter in adirection i cannot allow. I must get out of Boston as soon asa I can. This place makes complacency too easy. "goo ahead..give up thinking. give up your creative mind. just coast in the system..come oonn. Its easier that way. arent you tired Rach?". I mean this is the handling mentality that is so sickening.

As a person targeted for life I have been thru this before, now i realize thru the normal processing of hidden trauma due to programming and thru the more subtle gangstalking system I had been in until 1996 that was similar to blacklisting but i had a handler of sorts and served a purpose so i was allowed to exist i suppose... very minimally.

The whole thing is jsut sickening and I have the feeling this is never going to stop but I have hope sometimes that it will and there will be justice done.

I dont think so however. The public either knows about this already and feels powerless or doesnt care or people dont want to believe. If this system does get discovered I hope it isnt much later when we are all very most admissions of human experimentaions have been.
My biggest fear is that we will live in such a psycho 'civilized' society that no one will know any better. Its like the peoples of the world want this to come into being. I think they belive its all worth it and who cares if alot of cranks and worn out people get destroyed.

Yet i am in Boston, land of people acting like ape savages in thier dealings with a civil front so like i said i need to go asap the terrain of this enviroment is killing me.

They are reeaaalllly good at handling targets. Thats almost what makes the place more infuriating opposed to anything else. this sort of " why fight, cant you see we prevail?" crap.

Its my hometown so the natural familiarity and love is making this place especially dangerous. It provides me with familiarity of the enviroment thus minimizing my stress, but the above mentioned is becoming obviously deadly to me.. plu s, the mold exposure levels i ma experiencing is only adding to my damage....hmm, i now see why its was so important fo rsome parties to recently claim i was a hypochondriac (behind my back of course) becuz i thought i had damage or even an allergy to mold. Uhh are u medical doctors. I do have evidence you know.
Of my own bodies condition and the enviroment i was exposed to.
But i see no..the whole story once put together if not properly investigated is simply Rachael being insane or hysterical or attention seeking or excuse making etc etc.

All the guilty looks from the populus from coast to coast, especially in my beloved hometown city, tells me i am validated and my version, after yaers of struggle and investigation without many days of is reality.

Yet, i am a woman who has people supposedly key in my life who are willing to bear false witness agasnt me(you know, the a-holes in your life who betray u when they are setting the stage for the last phase of thisa nonsense, thinking you'll fall into line(labeling) if everyone importatn to you turns against you without question.....well, being programmed opposites are often true-inverse warrants investigation.
One must question the very motives of why key people in ones life would turn against one without investigation of ones said circumstances, purposely leaving out key 'evidence' (facts) and the amount of sheer nastiness i encountered would let anyone know somthing was wrong with said picture. Guilty much? And the outrageousness of the strong aremed nessof it all. Its mind blowing..but this is Boston. A place veeery used to gettting its way especially in the way of corruption.

I will have you know something my beloved little city..
the world is changing and its getting smaller as it expands
everyone is now capable of being under a microscope
and sadly your days are numbered.
The old ways of doing things are on the way out.
If the NWO
will advocate for stopping this kind of blatant corruption
and erradicate your kind
I, once an opponent
am all for it.
Certain small burroughs of this city
are out of step with time.
And like the hiding snivelling cowards they are
like thier great grandfathers before them
they will do exactly what the true authority of this country dictates
and they will sit in offices, laughing and joking with thier heavy north east accents
soon to be of antiquity
oblivious to what goes on outside this insulated little area of the world
until it smacks them right down off thier swiveling chairs
and bar stools.

While in St. Louis I experienced doses of reality that were refreshing and encouraging. Policemen getting in trouble doing something dumb in a bar. All forms of local corruption exposed and addressed. A much less serene enviroment but one smacking of reality. It was the very thing I'd always been craving to expereince but didnt quite know what was lacking about my life in Boston, ma.
Yes, St. Louis was edgy , unsettleing,sometimes maddening and outright heartwrenching.
Yet the exposure of people reacting like healthy humans to the pressures of daily life or a harsh urban enviro was reassuring and felt safer.. Boston is remenscent of a serial killr who gets all his aggression out so no one sees it. Its what goes on in this seemingly safe little city that no one sees, most people know and sheepishly accept that it that is most frightening.

There is a very old structure to this city that basically states 'this is the way it is'-so fall into your place in it and do not argue..the corrupt wealthy and its muscle have all the power.
Its so damn.. final. And its very mind controlling. You cant really see it until you leave for a long stretch of time.
Perhaps it just has always sucked for me becuz my 'place' being that of a prole from 1984 isnt quite to my liking...and I'll probly die instead of tolerating anymore lies.

I am not stupid nor am I crazy ..though some people would think it safer to take on that comaflauge to survive in this situation. Why should I ?
I am supposed to be dead anyway, so anything other than fighting for who I really am and what the truth really is registers as death.
Y die twice?

The whole expereince has been extremely damaging but I stubbornly hang onto the idea that I have value...the people I am at odds with want to make the lost cause/crank/aging female marketing bullsh*t schtick. Rmember its all always marketing.
Keeping someone down is a form of marketing ..u r marketing that person to the public as non valueable..mix it with a good cover story and the person is a shoo in for a throw away anyway. If the person is held down long enough, they will grow into your set up perception for them especially if they give up thinking and feeling. This is an example of forshadowing or 'which came first, chicken or egg? '

Destroy someones potential, especially with brain damage present and u have a zombie on your hands u can control if u push thier spirit down enough.

U know I have noticed thier is a strong resemblance in this type of targeting to the Haitian voodoo zombie phenomena. Its documented by a Harvard scientist...the possibility of it has been..thru studying the drugs involved and his talking to the voodoun themselves. I hear its especially popular over in Africa for helping to beat ones opponents in elections, which to my mind is somewhat charming becuz in Africa it would be in the cultures pure form. Its only 'natural'. Yet for it to resemble what is occuring as part of the targeting here in this country...that jsut pisses me of it really does. And who exactly thinks they are entitled to that kind of power over here? They better be African American becuz if I find out that who ever is incharge of psy ops and black ops is exposing me to some perverted, borrowed form of black magic or parelleled thru science/actions of whites by them getting the idea from there or god help us the drugs used from studies done there I am going to be thouroughly insulted. Not humiliated, insulted.

I did find a chicken foot outside the apartment in Brighton-I kicked it to St. E's and buried it at the foot of Mother Mary, the closest thing you are goung to find to a protective mother figure in this stupid John Wayne obsessed culture. Its Boston, the Celtic traditional idea of certain women having authority is something people are comfortable with here. I noticed in MO there's Jesus hangin everywhere but no attention to Mary or any other female diety. It screwed up my morale thats for sure.
The chicken foot I figured was just a psych out but other things happened that were very nasty resembling a voodoun working on stealing my soul. Will I ever get my Lady of the Lake necklace back that was my longest owned peice of jewely and had so much of my energy on it? I highly doublt it, I have for years no imagined that it is most likely on a thin rope wrapped around the lid of a jar..with my spirit contained with in..

Dose it really matter what humans do to aquire ultimate power? Through a combination of thier own imaginations and science to destroy someone? Its always been this way, and the new war is for the mind and its waged with information.

Perhaps in this enviromen tI would not be happy and it might be such and ugly and different future that I would not want to take part anyway. Perhaps ultimatley that is why i am targeted. I represent the old ways compared what is to come.

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