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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two men, a drug bust and a ticket to the whitehouse.

Mitt Romney was gov. of this state before running for president. In 2004 Boston got loaded with funds for the Democratic convention. This is where that rubber bullet gun came from, the one that killed the Red Sox fan. This is also when there was supposedly a federal investigation involving people around me. The one that everyone used to cover for the gangstalking activity until I got hip and joined the gangstalking activist groups and put my name out there..THEN and only then was I immediately 'crazy' or imagining things. And believe me, I made sure no one back here knew I knew it was gangstalking. Magically they collectively changed their tune...all by themselves.
My ex had been busted twice in one month in summer 2002. Once for alot of pot and then for alot of pills (idiot) that he told me he got off a pot client and I wont say who. He had gotten crazy w/ the using and I was going to leave him but stuck by him during the busts. He was scared of jail and I told him to go to AA becuz by the time he reached court, it would look better to the judge, first offense- all that. In AA he met a lawyer who was his sponsor. A former Marine who knew the Cambridge DA well. Rumour among all the druggies in NA was the laugh that he got everybody off of charges.

All his friends bailed (suburban wimps) and only I and a rich black friend of his stuck w/ him and ironically we hated each other becuz he thought girls should be dominated and...well you can see the conflict. Also, my exes friends were never happy with 'the fat kid' finally having a woman hotter than anything they could get.
My ex gets into NA and suddenly he's backing away from me and everyone w2ho ever disliked me during my NA days became involved with him. I went back as well just to re enforce my recovery. Then in 2003 the gang stalking became very bad. The ex just became a booty call and I couldnt deal with all the changes AND my internal changes at that time so I just went into denial about it all.
I caught him doing things like putting in his NA workbook that I "got him into cocaine" and all this insane blame game stuff. Real Rock n Roll evil woman crap. Always blame the women.

In 2003my apartment had become mysteriously water damaged and moldy. The company engaged in negligence and fixed nothing and wouldnt even test it. I had to fight for that for the next few years while suffering irreversible damage to my body and mind due to eventual mycotoxicosis.
The gangs talking was so bad I tried to find out about this mysterious harassment by authorities and civilians. I assumed it was an investigation becuz an ex associate of mine told me the shit had hit the fan on someone this person knew and I only knew 2nd hand by first name.
This person seemed to make it a priority to move out of the city and buy a house above all else.
This person told me to read a certain newspaper article concerning the matter. I was so out in left field trying to deal with being left that way by the ex as well as internal changes in me that I ignored this persons advice...the outside world did not exist for me anymore. And the mold exposure just made me too sick to care anyway.
I went to a PI who was a member of a 12 step group I knew. He said vaguely that "everyone is being investigated" and I asked if I should go to the FBI he said sort of intimidatingly " well do you know anything? " I said no. He said that was that and forget it. If I went in there they would start intimidating me and he imitated a fed taking notes and I was not into any more stress especially out of my league like that. When I asked about his part in this he said he had gotten a high priced lawyer and that someone we both knew set it up. He said that he "ratted on himself". He was the same person who's girlfriend I swear helped set me up as well as he said once cryptically about the harassment " your can take it".

I just left it alone...I figured they would end up realizing I knew nothing. That I had no money etc.
Still, I did not understand why an investigation should include harassment especially concerning my personal life or history.
They got me real good, when I was vulnerable and in transition as a person. I was so focused on my internal world that I could not possibly have dealt with something so confusing on the outside.
I sensed a change in NA. I was like this bad guy now and I loved the ex so much that I just took it. The internal changes I was experiencing led me to beleive I wouldnt live very long anyway..or death was something I was dealing with intensely so I let it go. If I did not know what poison he put out there how was I supposed to counter it? There seemed to be people in certain meetings who now I see resemble the worst kind of perps ever... and they were around him, guiding him.

At a certain stage of repeated entry and police harassment into my home I told two separate people I thought trustworthy whom I made sure did not know each other about the harassment. I was in fear of rape or murder and told my mother as well as my old NA sponsor so it wouldnt be a cop or a perps word against mine alone.

Then the kid my ex got busted with that night in the car moves in down the hall. Turns out that the lady who manages the building is his grandmother. He informs me that his grandfather used to own this building..which explains why his grandmother has an almost sociopathic sense of ownership over a low income federally funding HUD building.

Also I tried mediation before getting a lawyer. A Boston based agency was very helpful in the beginning and the worker was trying to get the management to move me to a vacant unit and test my unit for mold. I already had an allergists documentation that I was suffering form exposure now I wanted a test of the apartment. As time went on the worker helped me less and less. The most helpful thing she ever gave me was a bunch of papers that had a diagram of the cell phone repeater towers that were on top of this building and the name of the company...who of course the lawyer in Newton who represented the management had worked for in the past. She tried but I was just waaay to sick from exposure and the harassment was just too much. There was no way I could process all this in time.

Once the ex ended it with me in an inexcusable, inhumane way I went looking around and it seemed many different people were seeking my attention. A guy found his way into my life on the suggestion of a fellow NA woman who I was hanging out with.
He turned out to be somewhat violent and a stalker...BUT he had a criminal mind and was quite helpful in dealing with cops, perps, the management company and so I decided to sue them for the mold in the apartment and the way they treated me consistently pushed me to do it anyway..they asked for it.

He saw thier every move...he thought me fighting the gangstalking system was amusing and told me I was 'super smart'. He stated more than once that i was being 'kept down'. Along the way he also made remark that my ex was "stupid" and so were his little rich drug dealer buddies. I truly beleive there was an attempted frame up...for the pills he was dealing. A kid he jammed with sometimes -his girlfriend worked at CVS in Brighton MA. One day half of my Serax was not in the bottle and SHE was getting it for me. I complained and they claimed there was nothing they could do. I had known her boyfriend from a video store I worked day in the mall parking lot in Watertown I told him the ex ended it for good and the relationship was over this kid who was terrified to look me in the eye said " Just watch out for the vultures".
The vulture was obviously a set up with the new boyfriend who was an interrogator and a handler.

I got a lawyer thru some NA people. He was mean to me and intimated "you never know who's watching you" and that this company would expose me..expose what? How does that change thier guilt in not honoring the contract and abusing government funding?(HUD)
I thought it interesting that the lawyer with the biggest name on the same floor as my lawyer in the same building was my ex boyfriend's life long friend and guitarist's father also the lawyer for the club at which the ex had been busted for pills that night...along with another friend of his in the car.

The harassment during the lawsuit was taken to the worst I have ever seen it. I was forced to settle out of court. I had to travel to another state and live homeless to get the final paper work done becuz the targeting was so bad...also I studied the Law books in the libraries and made sure I wrote a letter to the lawyer to make him do what little of his job he was doing anyway.
Alot else happened, but you get the picture. As I traveled people would do things like sontinue to act strangley around me with children and a perp in Freemont CA who gave out free food at a church asked " so what are you doing in Freemont Rachael? Running from the FBI?" I ignored this as usual.

The new boyfriend I now realize was sent to see what I really did and didnt know about anything and everyone. He would abuse and torture me until I talked and the only time he would stop is if I talked non stop so I would go on for hours becuz it seemed to keep him qiuet.
I now realize that the Gangstalking system was probably collecting this inf0 to bribe or blackmail anyone left araound me. Perhaps it was used for entertainment I have no idea.

I found that the harassment and interrigation was consistent. It seemed to be a game for the perps at this point.
I returned stayed w/ family waiting settlement. One older family member cryptically stated " Dont go into Brookline or Cambridge or it will just be a war back and forth" . It was anywhere I went anyway so what was she on about? I just kept it in my files internally and moved on.
My closest bio family member was acting the most erratic. She seemed to not want to deal with the harassment and said "isnt there a place for people like you? To help w/issues you have from being harassed?" It was a total fuck off.
Then I think she was so afraid I was too smart for this she slipped and in the car tried to force the idea I was mentally ill on me. I kept quite about it and waited until we were all three together and brought up what she had said to me. Pissed she'd been busted in front of the matriarch of the family she denied it. Later she came back fighting with a long winded speech complete with crocadile tears that pleaded with the other family member that she was sooo afraid I was was hysterical to hear them in there discussing my sanity when I can out think the lot of them. I bravely walked in and stated that I did not appreciate this. She was losing control of the con and she knew it so she resorted to strong arm tactics like she always has. I just left.
By the way in the car that day before she tried to intimidate me into accepting a label she stated that when she was dealing with the syndicate(?) she always took the harassment as to mean
"know your place, bitch". I knew I had no 'place' in any crime world so I ignored this comment and told her so.

got my money from the mold settle out of court...15, 000. Spent some time w/the new boyfreind just resting in a hotel I got cheap for a while. Had trouble with Craigs list, they wouldnt allow my add on. The computer interference was very overt still. Decided to stay away from roomates, like no one wanted to deal with me.
One day I complained to a cabbie from a Waltham company about my boyfreinds abuse..he stated "dont worry that'll all be over soon. " I had become used to certain types knowing my personal business so I was sort of handled at this point. I wasnt outraged this guy knew my business. I replied something and he stated I will never forget " Oh, well, it doesnt pay to be poor". Like I was being harassed, destroyed and played with becuz I was poor.

I went to the dryest hottest place I could find on the map becuz I was experiencing an unsteady gait and other neurological problems due to mold exposure. I saw AZ was dry and winter was coming. I knew NV from before and its not a place to go. Of course the new boyfriend told me to go to Pheonix, AZ. Urged me and that that was a good decision.
I was perped at hte hotel. I found a place there , I realized my new roomate was a perp after a while-beleive me it was really overt. I was was still being harassed...people coming out of the library and saying "loser" as I walked in . Even though my health had improved, my clear thinking had returned due to herbs and dry hot weather and 20 mile a day bike rides, emotionally I couldnt take it anymore. I was looking for a suicide clinic. Suddenly I looked up 'police harassment' once more and there it was--gangstalking. Website afeter website.

I got informed and involved. The roomate seemed to react to this by becoming an overt jerk. I could not get hired as an art model if my life depended on it. I was running out of money.

After getting involved w/ the conference calls etc. the harassment got really overt. Them messing with tech when my roomate left for a job for a few days was rediculous. I should have had a camera..perps on busses were very overt asking me constantly why I came to AZ, then why not FLO or TX. I was being interrogated all the time.

Then I did some more research.
Through all this I HAD read the article my friend told me to about the federal investigation and subsequent bust.
It stated that this guy I knew only by first name, had been dealing pot and the money was being laundered through a comapny in Newton, MA. Its were the ex was from so I knew the city well.
The landlady from the moldy apartment lived in Newton. My exes lawyer/sponsor was from Newton. There were alot of people involved in what was happening to me that were from this city..a wealthy suburb of Boston. I do not know if the bust connects to them at all but I highly suspect that the people of this city stuck together during whatever was going on all around.

I looked up any articles I could find again concerning this article came up that I had not seen in the results before. It stated that the money from the drug dealing in MA had been laundered through Pheonix, AZ.
Great. Now I get it. Cover up the gangstalking by making it look like I am the focus of a legit investigation and the public is none the wiser..this is why the recent boyfriend was so gung ho about Pheonix. This would also cover for any harassment there....legitimizing it.

I tried to get help from the conference calls concerning gangstalking but I realized there were perps there becuz it only made the local tactics worse. Besides, certain people on the calls were using an anchoring tactic that the roomate had used and people continued to try to use throughout..that this was an ex boyfriend revenge service and a pissed off ex was the motive/cause for my predicament.
(sorry a-holes, in 1996 is when this all started overtly. There was no boyfriend then)

I was desperate, I traveled after being perped in AZ by some people who claimed to be targets but turned on I see they were trying to get me to spend money etc etc.
In MI I fell again I was just too tired. It was a nightmare..but I had time to rest and research.. I called my family after no contact since I left. I had never mentioned gangstalking or my research.
THe older family member spoke out of her usual character. She said " We miss you....well, not perfect but about some medication?" JUst out of nowhere. Totally out of contect of the conversation. I stated that I was not ill and it was organized crime-which I guess it is.
Sadly I hung up knowing now I was totally alone.

More research more travel more getting perped in different locations especially shelters.

I settled in St. Loius for 6 mths. I had gone there becuz I wanted to write this as sci fi and there was an imformative conference there. I was still taking Serax and Elmiron (a blood thinner for a medical condition) and this kept me fairly calm.
In St. Loius someone offered me was nice but when this person would leave perps would show up in droves. It was very hard. There was always a car parked on the next street. The situation became unhealthy and I ended up destroying all my journals and alot of video. I had to stop taking anything in a capsule for reasons I wont get into was a dangerous place.
While there some of the regulars who visited there and stayed there knew my affairs and made life difficult for me. A girl showed up who perped me in nasty ways from the get go. She was bratty and annoying but the owner said anything she did was ok.
I realized that this girl might have been someone who used to hang around my ex...becuz i know i recognize her but moreso her birthday was near his which I recall him stating at one time and he specifically mentioned that same name. She kept saying things like " You'll always have to deal with the psychological sh*t (harassment) but it would be better if you'd work a little more with the system" ..also she was from Michigan. My exes buddy was from Detroit.
A whole perp group from MI and Ill showed up while she was there and she drew attention to it beleive me. They all seemed to get along with the most obnoxious guy in residence there.
After getting out of there, I was doing some research and up came a picture of Romneys wife, Davies is the maidne name. It looked just like the girl who had harassed and latched onto me I mentioned above. The eyes were exactly the same. I became curoius about the Romneys.

I researched and realized that alot of what this girl said was not only true but similar to what the Davies family was about. The girl had given me too many clues while drunk as to who her family was.
I looked up Romney. Interestingly his father had alot of power over HUD as per his involvement with them.

It occurs to me that something very nasty went on in the days before he ran for president and now he wants to be VP on the ticket.
AZ and MA are the two states involved in the bust and now the two govenors want in as a team.
In MA anyway one can see how inconvenient people were gotten rid of and those who would make good friends to have were protected, kept from investigation, sentencing and had thier lives even improved.

I am very afraid after what I have been through and what I have seen over the last years for those two to get near the white house. My life will never be the same and I know that my situation started before 2003 but there is definelty something to this...
I can only tell what I know and let everyone else decide for themselves.

I also now understand why the attempted labeling was so important. And why that girl in St. Louis as well as many other people keep urging me to go get a diagnoses..any diagnoses so I can be put on drugs...any kinds of drugs--becuz it keeps people silent, discredits people and the guilt of what everyone did to me seems to concern them most. I am bribed with the idea that the doctors give 'fun' drugs as well. I actually had a perp dose me with antidepressants a few times. These people are sick and they will do any thing to control a Target and get whatever THEY need in life and screw you.

Selfish as usual.

The one thing I notice that is universal with all perps in the gangstalking system is that they have an amost obsessive need to keep the Target down. To make the target feel they are worthy perhaps of some sort of small life but never ever to thier full potential. I cannot tolerate this and I am sick of people playin with me and either acting like this is my lot in life or somehow I am so horrible that I deserve this.

Probably this story will be ignored like the crimes against me and all other Targets.
Humans have not changed very much and now they have tech to help them serve thier greed and corruption.

The work TI's do is not rewarding becuz the public feels that if it is experimentation it is in the best interest of all mankind you be an expendable sacrifice.
If its for some other reason then as long as its not happening to them or its only a few here and there it does not concern them.

Also, the gang stalking system often consists of people who are jealous, sick, or just want to be in on the games without really knowing what is the real motive. Alot of them are pathetic or seek whatever power they can get over a vulnerable person.
I have experienced a large number of these people as being in emotionally and mentally controlling families or relationships themselves.

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AJH said...

Methinks you are beating yourself up too much over the pot and pills that you got busted for. Harassment isn't usually applied to keep someone in line (obeying the law), it is nonconsensual human experimentation, for which they long had you lined up IMHO. Especially when you mention the intergenerational aspects to the harassment, which is likely true in my case as well.

Best Regards,