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Monday, August 11, 2008

(long entry) travelling to avoid targeting/more theories on WHY.

I have been worn from being targeted so I tend to stay in one area to get multiple tasks done. This makes it easy for a 'build up' of targeting to happen so you it becomes like a snowball effect, you just get weaker and weaker, less and less able to go outside the targeting area that is intense.
I have been treated more severely since getting a camera and making video journals daily with some insights....also I put a vid on Youtube (under ongangstalking) few days ago saying I was org stalk target and advising TI's if they are new...I have been given alot of intense suicide ideation since then.

I wanted to give up today and yesterday. I have kept thru a few channels the means in case of an emergency where death would be preferable to certain conditions to live under. You as a human being have that right, but you also have the right to live if you want to.

I am always deterred by something.

I have also used this experience to further prove to myself that my theory that the targeting takes place intensely on a target in one place and staying in one place too long is the cause of damage and suicide.

I notice that if you frequent one area for a time there will be alot of perp activity there eventually, its there waiting for you every morning. The area becomes 'blanketed':

If you stay in area A to sleep and utilize thier computers and work in this area and frequent businesses there you will be be gangstalked in area A with an eventual rise in intensity. The longer you stay the more intense the attack will become until suicide is emminent (or other desired results by perps).
If you decide to stay in area B instead and do all your business there then perp activity will start to pool and intensify there.
If after a time, you visit area A , especially out of the your usual routine, then you will experience relief..intense relief.
Like the feeling of no targeting hardly at all. Your body and mind get a rest.

This also leads me to beleive that the tech that is being used is pumped up wherever the chosen Target goes.
Whether or not it effects all persons in the vicinity or if it just affects the target in an isolated manner is unknown to me.

All places I visit nationwide seem to have some influence being pumped out into the population.
It seems that a special program is tailored to the TI making torture and influence of the individual especially intense.

I was getting batteries to make my video for Youtube. As I walked into an electronics store the entire block got a black out....I had to talk my way into geting sold the batteries of course. I do not know if this was a coincidence or not becuz Boston blackouts due to air conditioning use are common. If it was on perpose the timing and action were overdramatic to say the least, which the perps seem to like in general. (WE are God remember-you may roll yer eyes now.)
My point was that as the power went off I felt more relief and return to normalcy than I had in years...many years. No lights, no electricity and becuz its a tech store-no equipment running. Total return to my own mind and personality. As if alot had been lifted off of me-even physically. I felt free to be myself and it reminded me of the world years ago as a kid. I had access to my own will power and thier were no ideations, thoughts or anything running thru my mind or centers in my body.

I beleive that aside from being targeted that there is sooo much electro magnetic pollution throughout the enviroment that it cannot possibly be good for humans to endure.

I hope that even if TI's do not make it that humans will see that they need to take care of this problem and limit the amount of exposure they have to endure from sources of interference.
Probably it is especially damaging for 'sensitives' or persons exhibiting natural psychic qualities in abundance. If these qualities are due to tech implanted in the person somwhere then it would be especially damaging....and also explain why certain people can be so influenced by being targeted aside from population.
(its still hard for me to accept that I could have implants... What proof does anyone have? I just dont have enough knowledge or the tech to do research.)

Having to move around ensures that the TI appears to be mentally ill (and no one really gets to know them to say any different ) or has something to hide or something they are running from.
The most annoying example is that a family member of mine coined a phrase for me, that I am a 'free spirit' . This is used by Boston and surrounding area perps as a rationale for my behavior. This of course explains away the TI's behavior whilst also minimizing the persons efforts to fight being destroyed by org stalk and tech. It also portrays the Target as a weak and foolish person- an idiot. A person not part of society..can you see how labels are sooo important for the gs system? You become controllable and managed thru labels...more marketing to the public.

Interestingly if my family member came up with that phrase/idea/image and it seemed to have originated in Waltham and migrated into the city I can now see these 'ideas spread thru words' course of travel and origin. In other words these people betray themselves by trying to control the TI thru labels becuz i can trace the label/image via its travel thru communities.
What started with my family ends up in the mouth of a stanger at a 7-11 at midnight in Boston?? How is that so? It illustrates the existence of the gs system itself, the network.
Also, not only am I marketed as a free spirit, I also "go where ever the wind takes me" which is always stated in a condesending manner.
Which serves the same purpose to invalidate the TI and make them seem purposeless, weak and makes thier actions seem invalid.

Thus I am not doing research and investigating, I am a purposeless traveller.
I have also heard it intimated that I am going thru a phase of hating society..which seems to lead to a time when I will not hate society = settle down, give in, give up, forget etc. FOR A T.I., CONFORMING MAY EQUAL A DEATH SENTENCE.
You see what happens when a TI stays in one place to long...the terrorists are trying to negotiate again...just like they did in the beginning.
Its like saying: 'If you settle down and dont tell what happened we have a nice 'save face' story line for you and your actions-would you like to select this option? We can give you a life you know...if only you work with us...'

The typical height of arrogance we have all come to expect from this system, however thier actions reek of desperation. They push and punish then ask for forgiveness and your compliance. They are practically begging for christs sake. Fuck them do no give in. After a lifetime of being lied to and handled, then the INSULT of them trying to do away with me with such ease, I cannot tolerate such deals.
They hope that as they wear you down over time, you'll settle for one of thier 'deals'.
First in the beginning it was the slap in the face of 'if you claim insanity we'll give u housing' and it was a shaky prospect at that.
Then it was 'If you claim bi polar or takes anti depressants you can have a life whilst still being targeted.' What's wrong a-holes, I thought I was reaalllyyy crazy? Oh, not anymore?
Now its 'conform and be silent and we'll be willing to forget the whole thing if you do.' And its always accompanied with this attitude of 'dont you realize what happened was so many years ago? everyone has forgotten, everyone has moved on w/ thier lives, you are STILL THERE'.

Do not fall for these lifeboats...they are cons. Recall how bad the targeting is and what they do to you daily. If you really beleive that the tech torture will end if you do what they want, what guarentee do you have that they will fulfill thier end of the bargain?
These a-holes have worked very, very hard to ruin your life and get you down, they continue a campaign to murder you and incapacitate you daily.

Keep going and beleive nothing except what you see and experience. Meaningless words and deals from murderous criminals minds are just that-words.
Still it's about humiliation...the intimation that you might be that weak and stupid to take a deal.
GET REVENGE FOR EVERY INSULT. Do something against them every time they send some f*cker to give you pipe dreams and taunt you with the memory of a peaceful life you once had:
BLOG/ TELL YOUR STORY(coherently will serve us all best)/ DO ACTIVISM. These people hate hurts them....dont you want to hurt them? I am tired of them hurting me.

What they want from you especially if you are a psychic healer by nature is to keep injuring you; you will be forced to pump out vast amounts of healing energy every minute. (a perp came up to me as a fellow traveler once in NYC and out of nowhere he stated " see Rachael, I am more calm already by just being around you".) These people are evil natured, wrong doing people who torture healers into giving them energy so they may not suffer for thier deeds and reap bad karma.
YOU have become a walking human sacrifice every day you are alive.
YOU should rightly have the choice of where to put your healing energy and who you choose to heal.
THEY force you to pump out vast amounts of this energy for thier own purposes and take it for themselves. You get nothing and you will have no life energy left for yourself becuz of it.

This is why suicide is preferable...picture what we all do with dead batteries that are not the rechargeable kind. I beleive that at a ceratin phase of life they feel you are either not usable anymore or you now seek to have control over the direction of your energies and they cannot abide this. They seem especially afraid of powerful psychically charged females coming into thier 30's and 'waking up'.

Why do you think brotherhoods are so important? A cohesive group creates one mind, one will. This group's activities -the burdens of are shared by all members.
How do you cleanse the group or heal the group so they may not faulter in thier future plans by having to pay for what they have done along the way? Human sacrifices. Healing energy gained from others will pay for the groups 'crimes'....karma would only hinder thier next project. With brotherhoods such as the police, everyday they must continue to exist, so they have no time for a break in thier activity. Here and there a few cops are thrown to the dogs for good measure but I suspect spiritually they need more than that for what they are involved in and what they cover up and assist.

Whether you want to accept it or not there is a metaphysical aspect to the targeting by the gs network via footsoldiers and tech.

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