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Monday, August 11, 2008

Perps who were intimates suffer but the public gets it e-z./pep talk.(rewrite)

I was in a shelter in Waltham a few months ago which is my family's hometown. One of the women there was suspected by me to be a perp, she had crutches for a busted leg, she was blonde. As I was near the phone near the front entrance I overheard her telling the other women in the living room " Her mother is trying to get her labeled as mental.....shhhh, dont say anything." with the shhh! gesture-extended finger over lips.

One woman gave a quick shocked look and jaw agape...then she went all normal. She became cooperative immediately and this group excluded me from then on even out in public if encountered elsewhere.

If indeed the gangstalking system consists of getting rid of inconvenient persons by family members and friends probably for the purpose of covering thier asses for other things they have done either specific crimes or abuse of the target....then this is the most sense any of this has made since the beginning.
Perhaps they know or they dont that human experimentation could be involved.

Imagine--you could take inconvenient people who know to much, whistle blow or are of no use anymore to exploiters and send them off into this system. Make sure you attempt labeling to make sure the target is managable.

This must have been what my mother meant by " I am very curious about the way your mind works..."
Nooooo, you have always been super jealous of the fact I am pretty and built but not 6'1" so society rejects me.
I have two artistic pieces of DNA and like guns I aint afraid to use em where as YOU would rather be the pathetic blocked artist forever and hurt the people around you with unchecked creative energy.
And yes, I am just like my father. I am logical. Becuz I could always go hide in my world of big words and writing where you could never ever catch me, you resent me.
With you bragging about your military issued credit card I wonder how much else your willing to do, maybe covertly, for your country.

Even perps tell me "your mother is SICK" and that my family's cruelty towards me is infamous.

Now I look back and when I was living in Waltham in 1997 I realize the people refering to me as "Cinderella" who seemed strangers in the street were most likely gs perps, as I have heard and read that they like to have sick nicknames for Targets.

What disturbs me is not so much a family that hates me becuz they cant deprogram themselves, nor a bunch of old associates, friends and lovers who were criminals and needed to cover thier own enterprises at any cost-and frankly when the 'clock' (suicide programming) starts running, mc survivors can become very difficult to deal with indeed.
People were realizing this new era required cannabalism to survive. The listing of expendable people.
I can deal with family and friends selling me out. I know they will suffer forever on some personal level becuz they knew me personally.

THE PUBLIC however, is absolutley unacceptable. It's too easy for them and they dont have to pay any price emotionally for what they do.

Who in the fuck gets themselves together as a society and takes part in this sort of thing??
And it sounded at times like it was being looked at by the community like a drama- a story, something where they were going to watch and see what happens next.

THAT is unforgiveable. Why isn't anyone saying anything to Targets about thier situations?

It does seem that there are people who dont know what is going on or do not know who I am or who any other TI is.
I suspect that one of the psych outs of the Organized Stalking/Harassment system is to have so many people 'in on it' that seem like random memebers of the public that the TI becomes clinically paraniod and just accepts that THE WHOLE WORLD is in on it, persecuting him/her or watching.
This is why in the beginning especially, they need to have seemingly random members of all walks of life in the community appear to be informed or in on it. Then when you travel nationally, there are still lots of people who appear to know and the ratio seems the same..there are an amount of persons who I beleive are not faking that they have no idea who you are.

So its a fake out.
To make the TI paranoid and give up, etc.

Also, with certain TI situations there could have been a goooood cover story and internet exploitation.
Just like the reality shows being viewed the public would only know what they had been presented with and not the whole story or the root of it. And they would not percieve a TI's situation as anything different.
Captured video or audio is taking someone's life out of context, like sentences in a paragraph.

Why someone does NOT come up to the TI and inform them out of decency could be the following:
--ONLY the persons bound to the gangstalking system as perps truly know the most about what is really happening to the Target, though even they may not know all the whole story/true motive. If they talk or warn the TI there may be consequences like getting targeted if they interfere.

--The more hip members of the public who pride themselves in being 'in on' the latest thing that people without access dont know about might be privvy to the 'story' about the TI but it may still be cover story to ensure thier abusing the TI .(some people want to have sick entertainment anyway so will take whatever they are given and go along)

--The person ignorant of the situation completely will be told lies, more slander or the cover story about the TI on sight by the two above mentioned factions.

Either that or we live in the most disgusting society ever invented/ we truly are living in a time similar to the Stasi era in East Germany and humans are reacting the saaamme way all over again-w/no spines (big surprise).

It's hard for me, specifically to judge, becuz I am a tbmc survivor and thus may be of a slave class where everyone but me knew who I was all along anyway. It's hard to tell what most people really think or know. I suspect that a good cover is also that this is the same old story of corruption, powerful men, the system disregarding women, poor uneducated people get screwed all the time etc etc etc.

I doubt if most of those people know about trauma based mind control.

However, alot of the perps who are aware of some things related to the condition or being a tbmc survivor, seem to be new to the idea of mc survivors; like they think its cool but don't really understand what they are dealing with fully.
Like hanging the Mona Lisa inside the house of someone who's very new money. They got one, they like it, they see it but they will never, ever truly 'get it'.
You'd need to be born with the understanding of the internal codes for artist.

Perhaps these juicy little energy cells to use and throw away called Targets have always been.

All sorts of producing artist's rip off TI's ideas or life stories I am sure, via the GS system which is an information/intel network essentially anyway.

And who can resist the idea of owning or being in on the owning of slaves or people as pets ...right??

I notice in general the gs system works on fear, intimidation and then reward after you go along anyway...the old 'offer you cant refuse'.

GET A BACK BONE and refuse.

Also, I am convinced that there is a human sacrifice element to this. It's an ancient human behavior and it doesnt surprise me that people would find sneaky, civil ways to pull it off. You actaully get energy from the living person that is destroyed...everyone who comes into contact with them can take thier energy, especially if people know the person is already vulnerable and wounded.
After all these horrible crimes and the destruction of your life I beleive the greatest insult is that the system and the perps push for you to get some sort of life...but its not the one you were supposed to have. They act like you are behaving in a manner they absolutley do not you are acting foolishly or not doing what you are supposed to. I beleive this is an act and simply more coercion..its always about control of the persons life and coercion.

Now that they are done with you and you are no fun, they have taken it as far as they can and you have gotten hip to thier game, the TI is supposed to level off somehow and make peace with the perps and the existence of the system.
IF YOU GO FOR THIS YOU VALIDATE THEM....remember, they are in actuality scared of exposure from an experienced TI, though often they are still confident they will never be caught or punished becuz the authorities ok the gs system and even take part.

Remember that they are not living gods(thats for artists and magis, not groups of losers) and they want you to percieve of them as your new god. They govern, they rule. It resembles Russia where the State was your god. This Org. stalk. system, with all its magic tricks and rabbits out of it's arse is supposed to impress upon you that they are the true rulers of the world and they create order by intimidation....uh, I mean design.


They are only validated becuz everyone is afraid of them. Becuz they have such high numbers becuz humans are greedy and corrupt and need this system does not make it right or valid.

You were robbed of a lifetime. A future, do not let them validate it.

I've had perps so crazy that they actually intimated and stated that targeting me avoided some kind of celestial catastrophe. What get's me is how they will come up with anything they can to keep validating mind control slavery...and gs is mind control. Forget if you are a survivor of tbmc as well.

They want you to believe that thier are simply people who are slaves on this planet and that's the way it is and you are unfortunate enough to be one of them..make the best of it won't you?

It is creepy the way no one else seems to be outraged by what was done to me or any other TI...and if no one else cares, hopefully the Targe will stop caring, lose perspective and write it all off.
REMEBER THAT THE PERPS SET UP SKITS AT A CERTAIN STAGE IN YOUR TARGETING IN ORDER TO CONVINCE YOU THAT NO ONE CARES AND YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE UP AND SETTLE. Its most likely at a time when they can tell you are tired, have been thru the activism and found it useless and now you are a prime target for pushing into getting on with living while being targeted.
Please remember that they will do this actually when you have become so knowledgable about them, thier system, have documentation and the truth about yourself that YOU HAVE BECOME DANGEROUS TO THEM. You must be convinced to back down at this critical time.
PLEASE look stop, think look listen. STOP gettng targeted and reason.

They probably have been setting up alot of scenes where people seem to disapprove of you and your way of living(handling being a TI). People shaking thier heads. Someone going by quickly telling you u r foolish in some way. People slightly laughing at you like a gentle chuckle if you even react like you know you are being targeted and not like an uninformed person would.

They need you to feel hopeless and invalidated now as they did when the focus of the groups goal was different. Recall when they wanted you to be labeled and hopefully locked up, when you had no camera the perp activity was overt, intense and would have been priceless had it been captured on audio or video? You were smart and didnt fall into line so then they tried any other number of theatres to gain different they simply want you out of the way especially if you seek to document. They need to work on whatever weakness you have at this time.
Loneliness, poverty, homelessness, no legit job (ex: the idea of ' you are wasting your life on this you could be writing legit instead of a blog' or " Why dont you go back to school? I guarentee that u have a bright future if you do". Notice? If you comply...), etc.

At this time they will make sure especially that you know that it will not stop and that people still have a bad judgement of you and that no one really cares and everyone thinks you are silly for not complying. No one is outraged by your situation. ITS A JOKE AND SO ARE YOU.

The only reason they can pull this off is becuz they know you have no power, so you are not really a threat.
Remember that this is only select people in the gs system. Its all more theater more acting. There are people who would be outraged id they knew and there are those who do know who feel very bad about it.
THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BIGGEST ASSH*OLES ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Never forget the sneaky spineless losers you are dealing with.

Never forget you are dealing with crooks, child molesters (a large amount of perps I can tell and they need to cover thier asses), abusers of women, abusers of children, and women who will abuse power over anyone. And business people who put business before the value of all/any human life. Some are just plain cowards.
You are never ever dealing with people who are in the right. SO PLEASE DO NOT REACT TO THEM LIKE THEY ARE RIGHT.
They are only so arrogant and invalidate you and what you have been thru becuz they have to make sure they support the system of oppression that supports whatever wrong they do.

Also, they are in full knowledge that they will never be caught or held accountable the networks actions.
This is not your concern..Your concern is to expose what was done to you and make sure you get back what they stole that is yours.

There is nothing short of multiple murder, child molestation or purposeful destruction that you would deserve this treatment....and this country has court rooms for that.

They are hiding something. Especially if you find its intergen or life long. They are trying silence a victim.

Dont you forget it.

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AJH said...

You mention this scenario;

"As I was near the phone near the front entrance I overheard her telling the other women in the living room " Her mother is trying to get her labeled as mental.....shhhh, dont say anything." with the shhh! gesture-extended finger over lips."

These little skits are arranged of course, and that includes right down to overhearing and the finger over lips. The perps, or at least for me, manage these vignettes right down to expressions and what is to be overheard. There is something they are looking for in having the TI talked about in their presence. I have had a number of these, not to mention like activities of being stared at.

Take care,

PS. I closed my comments for a while as I was getting flamed by an Anonymous in the typical passive/aggressive style.