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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I picked up a small magazine recently in Harvard station.

It was right on the money about what was going on in this country.  It also had a great article that explained how USA won WWII.
It wasn't thru superior soldiers.  Most were just kids and had a quick training.  It stated that we won through 'tonnage'. The sheer amount of soldiers as well as guns and war machinery we had.

This is the same setup of the gs networks and system. That is what intelligent, creative TI's hate about perps. That they seem so...inferior  in alot of ways. And they cant do anything by themselves.  They are exactly the same as the soldiers I mentioned above.

The new 'tonnage' is the technology that is used in targeting individuals as well as the public.

Think of it that way and as a TI you will be less annoyed at the sheer numbers of idiots sent to 'do a mans job',  I know.

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