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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The FBI interesting comment

We have all made that phone call...some of us were informed so the results were not so devastating. FBI Michigan: "I've never had a phone call like this before." R as anonymous: " Do you deal with gang stalking ?" FBI MI: "Well, who are you being stalked by?" anon R: "Its not me I am calling for." the person gets it I am clever. There is a change of tone, more sympathetic only by a hair. There is a simple back and forth..I then ask finally "So you don't deal with organized stalking?" FBI MI: "Nope". I recall in the conversation that the nope at the end had a bit of 'listen we cant help you' in it..and some fear.

Some time ago I was watching C-span. There was a hearing or a presentation with a governing body..I cannot recall and am very ignorant when it comes to the set up of government. Anyway the head or a high up in the FBI was there talking about terrorism related issues. He said that today there are alot of people alone, having there own private wars with the government or the world. Thats right it was on internet safety becuz he also said that the FBI wanted to make sure that these people did not get together on the internet and create groups that way.

Why would people feel that way? One has to ask why. Why would someone be having his or her own private war. Sounds like people feel powerless and helpless in the face of authority with no appeals and recourse. Hmph.

Here is what I beleive is the thing I viewed. http://www.infowars.net/articles/november2007/131107terror.htm

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