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Saturday, August 30, 2008


“hsi-nao,” meaning, roughly, “cleansing of the mind.”

What is most annoying as usual about this issue..rather these issues is that with all the corruption all of us who can show cause or at least enough to doubt, we like all human experimentees throughout history are still referred to as "the nutters"..

Gee, that sounds like it was put out there by a real investigative pro.
What people don't know about they simply judge. It's illogical and unreasonable. Why then?Either they are mind controlled by classic social control methods mentioned in this article, no tech needed or they secretly enjoy siding with the classic slave owner mentality that has never gone away. 'We are with you, Massa, and like good little house slaves we will support u till the end' or worse people are caught up in the idea that they actually share abusive authorities power by supporting them in anything they do. ( **some things about Malcolm X's speech may be offensive to some people. However this is a good reference to show just how people have been treated in the past and how people are still treated.**

People get to feel better about themselves, connected to something so powerful that it could do so much illegal like enslaving human beings and ignoring human rights in THIS day and age.
All they have to do is join in antagonizing the victim and/or ignoring the victim's claims.I believe there are people in the population who are rotten enough to get a perverse sense of joy by joining in on enslaving humans.
The feeling that you also share the house on the hill becuz people are being sacrificed for you, the public, via human experimentation or enslavement is irresistible. Every time someone smiles at me to minimize how my life was ruined this is what they are expressing about themselves.

There is a tactic that is used where perps pretend that they are teaching you how to be an activist. This is the real reason for ruining your life they would like you to believe. I have heard "..before someone becomes an activist they must be made into a nice person" and from an alleged activist in St. Louis to another "..we give ____ a hard time and harss him to see how much he can take". Thinking I will buy into any of this must be 'cuz another perp from a group actually claimed I had a "slave mentality"..gee, I wonder why.

They will come up with anything to validate the abuse and minimize what they have done and will continue to do.

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