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Thursday, August 14, 2008

some validation (a cop's son)

In Kenmore a man stopped to speak with me few weeks ago. Got into why I am out panhandling but he wasnt questioning to 'scam bait' me he was just curious. Eventually it came to the fact that he was a cops son and his cousin is a cop. He joked about cops for a while...there is a joke that they tell : There are two cops in cruiser, they see two homeless guys drinking in an alleyway, one cops say " Look at those two" the other replies " Those are two retired cops".
I didnt get it and he explained that they enjoy such power while on the force that they have issues later when they have to give that up. It actually made me feel bad for them but he said that they think they are better than everyone etc.
I often encounter this typically middle class attitide towards authority and cant say I share it...I am just too damn intelligent to see people and groups as that one dimensional. I am also not that petty or want me world limited as such. Cops are good and bad like everyone else. And any human being can be appealed to, manipulated or dealt with honestly like everyone else becuz people are multi dimensional.
Do not fall into Hate Traps. Manipulators try this often, they ARE jail cells.
They have tried to get me to hate cops, men, authority, rich people, blacks, Jews...the list just goes on and on. I am far to interested IN human beings as multi faceted to ever accept this badge of ingnorance. Yes, the police as a group have defined themselves as enemy to me. I have to watch them becuz they seem to be interested in helping me right into my grave or a nut house. Have I encountered policemen who do not engage? Certainly. Have I encountered cops who are helpful..yes. Some do not even seem to know what is going on. So, it would be illogical for me to judge an entire profession.
Thus we come back to the reality of the world we live in...perps-obviously part of the organized stalking system are present in high numbers, and they have infiltrated or have always resided within every profession and 'walk of life'.

This would seem more like a secret society population, like the Masons etc.
Now is organized stalking done by The Masons? Plenty of my perps were known Masons.
Yet, I have no proof. I would have to get evidence that every cop or other person who has harassed me tactically is a Mason.

More shooting in the dark. To try to make assesments without proof makes no sense.

I dont think this guy was doing that on purpose but being a TI I would just watch out for it. Its easy to slip into bitterness and then the damage to the body would be enourmous.(stress levels).

I told him I was being harassed there was police involvement. I then told him the three groups were police, fire and union workers..his eyes got a little wider and he said "You need to leave town." I informed him that I did and its the same around the country everywhere I go.
"Really?" Then he thought for a minute and said " oh, is it that 21 meth labs get busted in one day in different parts of the country." Glad he was thinking becuz I never would have come up with that. We agreed that most likely the system that has been laid to catch terrorists and to stop legit crime has simply been used to expand the black listing system.

The greatest thing he said to me was that most people will think a person is delusional making such claims, that the public is ignorant of what goes on in law enforcement. I told him the only people who understand the 'system' I am talking about have some association with law enforcement or organized crime.

I did not use the term 'gang stalking' or any other name for the system in the conversation and no, I have no documentation of the conversation.

For me it was enough.
If we live in a world where I have to get documentation to even begin to show doubt that I am crazy, instead of people being sensible about human behavior and the opportunity for corruption in a system that is not a world that is worth my time AT ALL.

Besides, if yer targeted any documentation you have will be ignored or accidentally destroyed or...whatever.

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