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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Movie Review #2(The Excorcism of Emily Rose)

This movie has perfect timing (2005)for this older story that made the rounds 30 some odd years ago. The movie has come out during alot of people being targeted especially w/ non lethal weapons and other tech that the public really doenst know about or isnt versed in.

If you watch this movie you'll notice alot of what happens to the character resembles a person who is a TI being either experimented on or tortured.

The original true story is more classic possession...yet, studying it all made me wonder about possessions in general. Could they be targeting by tech?

Also, this woman had epilepsy.
I believe that people with these kinds of seizures might also possibly suffer from undiagnosed parasitic disease which the western medical community does not like to deal with or diagnose.

If you look at comparison photos you can see the brain damage she suffered, her face looks so different in later photos (not where she's bruised, but there is a video on Youtube that runs some photos she is young and healthy and looks attractive and then later she is smiling in a photo but she looks damaged).

What was most disturbing in the sites I looked at was that she was convinced she was atoning for the sins of wayward priests and drug addicts.

It seems in a way she was a ritual scarifice...alot of occult is present in the world and not readily admitted to. You never know what people are really up to or what generational line they come out of..
I beleive the technologies being used on humans now for torture are just modern day extentions of ritual abuse and human sacrifice.
I know it sounds unreasonable...but how many of us have been traded as Targets for favors to those around us? It seems we are the only forgiving ones and the whole of society victimizes us and shuns us. Why would people be so cruel?
The feeling alot of TI's get is that there is pure evil, hatred involved-being beemed at them or even going right thru them. Its not just the weapons or tech that the perps use...its something about the perps themselves. Alot of them are messed up or anchored by a sort of evil that is aggressive and scary. Alot of them are retarded, like brain damaged in some way.

This movie is interesting if you are targeted but reviewing this girls life brings targeting back to basics. This IS what they are doing to us. Just becuz alot of TI's commit suicide before it gets ugly or get institutionalized does not make it any less grim.

The perps think they are doing a great public service but they are so insane with self righteousness that they loose sight becuz they feel its all business.

Brain damage is brain damage....the problem is that thier are no videos of TI's being tortured and if there are they are enjoyed by sadistic jerks---plus the smear campaigns and brainwashing of the public makes everyone think we deserve this.

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