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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost Cause

Please do not be afraid of or look down on TI's or mind control survivors.
In actuality alot of tbmc survivors really feel superior to the rest of the population becuz they have more ability, talent intel and looks than average people. Targets dont need more ignorance that can be used by the perps against us as fuel.

You know the public looks down on victims and hates 'losers'. Secretly they see these people as damaged and worth less than other people. I dont buy all that 'you are a survivor' bullshit.
Nobody likes a victim. It bothers people. Really victims are seen as trash and vulnerable easy targets.

But programmed people have different parts to them and alot of them do not even acknowledge the outside world as valid. This is why people hate our independence, strength, fierce force and utilization of drive. They hate our aloofness and attention to self.
If I am self repairing machine I have an obligation to keep myself up. Its my job. Its my job to look deeply within always to be systems manager.
Yes, I see alot of mc victims or people I suspect are and people are so mean to them "she has to be perfect all the time!" Well asshole, how would you like to face a fate worse that death or anything here on earth if you DONT look perfect all the time. I stopped looking perfect(over 29 according to the system-of course mc slaves look 23 at 29 anyway) and my suicide programming kicked in!
One of the layers of mindless self suicide commands consisted of informing me it was 'time to go' becuz I didnt look model flawless anymore!
Now there is an incentive to keep one's looks up!!
SO dont bitch about people you know nothing about-outsiders!!!
Alot of the celebs and beautiful people you see who have a hard time are mind controlled and are most likely covertly terrorized so stop judging from ignorance.

Actually the human spirit wants to repair itself so there is a strong attempt to become whole and help others...this seems absolutely abhorrent to the system. They hate this and will pull you down before you know what is up.

People who are programmed are not lost causes. They are not weak victims. In fact if allowed to decompartmentalize and grow to thier proper size and intel level they would be pretty powerful and this seems to be one of the main reasons for the targeting campaign.

All TI's are not lost causes and I think this is a cowardly reaction from society. The last perp that intimated that everyone thought I was a lost cause was a former fatty who could not stop looking at my stomach and sighing jealously.
Fuck all these people. The public should feel gratitude for all we've been put through for them and what activism most recovered people do afterwards as well.
Its always the urge to help humanity that seems the constant...but they exploit us and hate us and treat us like dirt.

Intelligent people might feel that humanity or the public is a lost cause becuz of how stupid they act repetitively throughout history or how dumbed down they have become or how ineffective they are at truly making sacrifices and making thier leaders do thier will.

The lost cause is just another tactic by the perps and I bet if the average person really knew about these atrocities they would sympathize with us in a minute...that is why the enslavers have to keep a ring around us, surrounding us at all times and messing with us so we turn on ourselves.

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