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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Workplace bullying-why better descriptions?


I notice that there is a no 'you're crazy' attitude in reference to workplace bullying as opposed to gang stalking.
I notice that what we call "professional gang stalkers" they call "Serial Corporate Killers".
Yet a TI is always left with that familiar feeling, a mental one that maybe this really does not exist.

The only difference is that gang stalkers get to do more stuff that is deceptive and crazy. They do it in the outside world.

The much more detailed descriptions read as definitely more confident. It is officially recognized and no shrinks or assholes are invalidating people that this does not exist and they are crazy.

The guy in the infamous TI video, the typical skinny loser dressed in military fatigues with something to prove: that is definitely an example of "aggressive posturing".

The terminology is more streamlined and sounds more sensible..like the victim is more confident.

That's becuz they probably didn't have their house entered, the cops and half the nation in on it, and betrayed/sold out by thier friends and relatives.
They dont have to deal with sitting at the copy machine and getting gassed out of a vent.
Nor picking up thier capsules from the pharmacy and the clerk looking down as they hand them the bag like "please don't take these"(most people don't become medical hate people u know).

Are they dealing with mc tech?
Do they find themselves paralyzed as they are sitting ,stimulated and being told internally that "only men run the world" and "u r nothing...remember that." Over and over again?

Did this start out with co workers flash mobbing them?
Were they told in the caf that it was an investigation and it will all blow over once they find out who REALLY stole that stapler!..?

I am sorry but I am just a bit jealous. I wish I could end these problems when I go outside or enter my home.

They even get a term to decribe the effects: Work Trauma! It describes what Targets go thru all day long:
"The effects on victims-
Work Trauma has a devastating effect on the victims' productivity, emotional and physical health. The victims waste, according to research, between 10 and 52 per cent of their time at work defending themselves and networking for support, thinking about the situation, being demotivated and stressed, let alone absences due to stress-related illnesses.
More often than not, victims blame themselves and doubt their own self-worth. They feel shame and guilt and replay incidents over and over in their minds, wondering if they could have done anything differently. They are anxious and troubled. In the severe cases, victims suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). "

Well, I hope this is helpful becuz its all we are going to get. Just do what u usually do as a TI and just transfer it over to your situation as a gang stalking target.

Maybe show this to someone the next time they ask what its all about.

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