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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gruesome story..possibly MC related

The thing that is most sadistic about stories like this is not what the man did..humans have been bloodyminded and conducted war as far back as our history can recall-its the fact that always in these stories there is the inevitable 'fuck you' to TI's and other people who know what is going on with mind control, trauma based and other wise.
As I read this I just waited for some comment from a supposed random passenger; something that would indicate how 'unusual' the circumstances were.

Sure enough it was the good old ' he was just like a robot, no rage or anything' comment.

(And who the hell thinks some 6' guy with a shaved head, a black tee and sunglasses on in the dark is not sinister?! That is a whole other issue. Years ago that would have registered as dangerous.)

I feel I have enough experience as a TI of org stalk and tech as well as a tbmc survivor to speak on this incident. I have done what research I can and I have personal experience as well.

I can attest from my experiences that Greyhound buses at least in the USA are heavily infultrated by the organized stalking system as well as a few experiences in the midwest that were more horrible than anything I'd experienced in the northeast.

Either this guy was a programmed person who was on a mission to kill this other passenger for reasons unknown to us or he was someone who may have been targeted for deletion. He may have snapped and gone after just anyone. Worse case would be that there were perps on that very bus and he just lost it..or he had been messed with prior and had slipped into kill mode.

( in programming there is a point you cross when killing someone is now necesarry to survival of you the machine and/or the mission. This 'area' is in the heart region, it 'feels' like, and when mentally the 'line' is crossed and you go into that mode, you feel u r entering a region of the heart that is black-totally without feeling. Killing may be performed without any emotion becuz now it is simply to rid yourself of anyone who is truly in the way of 'the mission'. There is no connection to self. It is the performance of a necessary act-that's all.
This part of programming can be phased out eventually with age and self examination, self love, love of others...this is what they set you up with in the beginning when they claim u r dangerous..afterwards the network will do all it can to try to provoke u so they can get rid of you. Deprogramming females seem alot more capable of resisting and learning to depend on other parts of programming to 'take care' of any one in the way of what they are working on.
This is why people who may be programmed while they kill would seem 'robotic'.

This guy could have been fully functional and simply given the right commands.
Or he could have been provoked into kill mode by the gangstalking networks as to go after someone becuz he is obsolete or whatever else.)
This man is also the right age to be from a common generation of allegedly programmed children with similar abilities. ( Forty years old..1968).

Who knows what his motives may have been.
It may have been an assignment or he targeted this guy for his own reasons. I notice there was a call for better, airport like security after the incident.

What the perps get away with on those buses is lawless. Drivers and passengers. I think cameras would be a good idea, but it would also make it easier to harass TI's.

I have learned however that the people who work for these groups fear being caught in the act and even though security personell are invovled as well as drivers, if there are cameras and alternate security personell to the perps the gang stalkers are more careful and CAN BE THREATENED WITH THE VERY SECURITY SYSTEM THAT THEY HAVE PLANTS IN.

If you are going to catch a programmed killer before the fact is yet to be seen.
Personally Greyhound needs to have more accountability with passengers and drivers. The most harassment I have ever encountered has been on Greyhound busses. On occasion the entire bus were perps right from the bustation.

A dangerous programmer and alleged serial killer of children once tried to access me on a Greyhound and was using some music programmed into his cell phone when I woke up out of it and he got 'interrupted'. If there were cameras he might not have dared show his face or attempt that.
I now realize that in order to balance out the abuses of power right now in this country there HAS to be cameras. I know they suck, they are psychically disturbing and intrusive. They seem to provide the perps with info and god forbid entertainment if you are being harassed on sec cam or street cam and someone accesses it for that purpose.

You need a video camera and voice recorder at all times. You need to make sure they do not steal them when u doze off. Perp authority figures will encounter u to sour u on all authority figures. YOU MUST LEARN how to quickly define the next cop or security personell who could be for real and helpful from the 'bad guy' u just encountered.

The less cameras, the more infiltrated security personell will misbehave and the more dense with perps in population. The more severe the crimes will be on TI's.

Perhaps this is all to get us to be comfortable with a constant security presence and a bit of healthy daily harassment leading to a world of conformity etc.
This would explain why these gangs are not readily stopped or investigated. After dealing with them you'll gladly do whatever to minimize the harassment.

Or in this case, the Jason takes Greyhound type violence.

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Anonymous said...

Ive also encountered stalking where most of the amtrak car i was in was perps. On planes ive encountered a number of perps, seated near me, often flight attendants seemed to be perps too.