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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Police St. Mary's

Police around this country as I have traveled have been involved in repeatedly, without end, trying to set me up with ongoing harassment. Thier biggest ploy was to have men constantly stopping in front of me and opening the car door, with repeated intimations of prostitution for years on end. After a while of repeated harassment I am sure they are hoping that the TI will break and just get in the car one day..that is how bad the harassment was say, in St. Louis. I had the urge to just give in to the repeated attempts, so this sort of activity becomes intimidation and brainwashing.

Now it is the repeated cruising of me by officers in cars. As if I am such a suspicious character. I cannot even start my day without some move that is intimidation within the hour of me walking out the door.

I stopped to sit down and get something in my purse on St. Mary's street near Brookline. A cruiser went by from BPD and I got the 'officer leans over passenger side to look at what you are doing' routine. Then a Brookline cruiser came by a minute later driving the other direction. He was smiling a bit, friendly its bad cop good cop I guess.

Every time I am harassed in an obvious manner as such a client will be outed and all the sordid details of thier private lives as well. These are the wealthy men who pay your salaries...most likely they and their fat bitch madame want me harassed until I am lableled or commit suicide.

Or maybe I got it wrong. Maybe the harassment is a message...for me to go to the FBI or something much higher and less out of reach of Boston's bribing hands and tell everybodies everything. Maybe that's what the harassment is they want me to go public or just to a task force that will at least take a statement?

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