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Wow. Watching this. Never bothered with Bourne series before. Offended by them, beneath me so I felt (wheres the MK Kids' royalties? Another rip off). This IS extremely nasty, isnt it? Well, after so many years. After all this travel and the recent tasteless badly written attempted frame ups by clown(s) unknown- I realize something. Humans can try as much as they want to 'create' programming or influence of humans. Alterations. Modifications. Programming. Puppets. You arent gods. Im certain of that now. Theres a force greater than all of mankind that is the only solace that any of us have for the miserable approx 80 years we exist here. You can attempt to crack the codes of this force and the natural creation of life. Nothing is more powerful than the force that cares for this planet and it's people. I see now that the natural state of all things is like an eternal sunny day and that the clouds and storms are simply the illusions of darkness put forth by 'evil'. Oh...btw. If anyone wants to try to silence me again or block me from writing then try it. It didnt work last time. And remember this is all theorizing, amateur research and pondering. Maybe its a sci fi project...or a mind f*ck on the public-like the Beatles 'Paul Is Dead'. I do know that I wont allow anyone or anything to interfere with my writing. Ever again. Ok...just got to the motorcycle chase scene: ridiculous but funny.

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Please be advised that this written work of mine is only THEORY. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no belief in anything posted here because if I did I would have had legal action taken by now-until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ensuring memory loss-get diagnosed w/PTSD and then gangstalked

I knew the cortisol issue and the adrenal burn out for women of 30 and up. I knew that the org stalk was being intensified at just the right age to take away from me what I had left to build a life that would be wonderful in my 30's.

But I also knew for certain, after I was discouraged from seeking a hypnotist becuz "that would bring up much memory for you" by a psychologist in 2005. I was deprogramming and recovering memories all on my own. I swear it was from the mold exposure, it seemed to make compartments start leaking memories. I was putting things together.

How do you ensure that no more memories come thru...that the leaks stop? Destroy the persons mind as much as possible.

I had an idea that this was one of the main reasons for constant daily stress. And all TI's have noted a campaign to up stress levels via classical conditioning/sensitizing and noise campaigns.
It really seems like the whole process is not only a mind wipe effect but a wipe of the person completely....this is why in so many TI's video's you see people who look docile and lacking in aggression, it also serves the system for us to not be believed.
When you are repeatedly stressed from abuse and no one seems to notice or care then that's invalidation-add to that the perps constant 'be a goo little victim or you'll get labeled for telling' and especially if your family helps intimate your might be nuts.
That is ALOT of stress.
Eventually with the whole formulated system that is used TI's suffer from an almost vegetative state where compliance is now the norm. No one cares or seems to notice your cries for help so your become a compliant victim and NO human mind can keep recalling those memories everyday over and you just 'forget' and 'give in', you lose conviction and confidence .

I always had a theory that people with PTSD were especially targeted.
Becuz I know from my programming that PTSD is what serves to keep important memories or commands alive in a victim day after day year after year. I was always recalling memories but it was hidden, covered up by a pleasant faced alter on the surface. This is one reason why victims cant stay clean..the hidden memories become too much and you feel you need to reach for something to 'stop' the feelings connected to memories.
I am one of the most fortunate people on earth. I will die knowing the truth about myself and my own life. Most people find anyway they can to run from having to deal with these memories ALL THEIR LIVES. Thus they are easily controlled.
(also a doctor who had previously stood up to the gs system by telling me that "they need to know someone is advocating for you", unfortunately she had to become part of the activities and in the end of a ten year relationship wrote a letter directly diagnosing me with PTSD where prior it seemed as if she did not want to discuss it with me for years.)

Unfortunately for TI's they utilize PTSD against us. The perps work off the PTSD system as to add memories to the gallery of hell and thus they have an 'inhouse' system of perpetual gang stalking IN THE TI'S OWN MIND to assist the other parts of the formula that is used on the outside as stimuli.
Having PTSD helps the perps becuz a Target will internalize more trauma.
The Tavistock Institute uses organized stalking-like methods to 'cure' shell shock (PTSD) in soldiers.
Its inhumane becuz wiping someones mind and personality is not the way to cure them.

Cortisol from stress assists in memory loss making the prisoner/TI docile.
Its especially helpful for them to be able to get you to forget all that has happened during the activites against you.

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