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Friday, August 1, 2008

human experimentation is happening illegally-just connect to legit sources

Ad in The Weekly Dig:
Do you have ESP, telepathy or a "sixth sense", anxiety in
social situations, and difficulty
making friends? Call
857-364-5621 to participate
in the ESP Research Study.
Compensation up to $400."

I bet they get every idiot who thinks they are legit psychics...also, naive genuine ones without knowledge of what that power is really about. This society takes it so lightly that you've got massive energy stores inside so many people here. Also, no one in this country would even conceive of anyone using thier abilities to kill, to oppress or wage war on others.
The most legitimacy I can think of in common knowledge is the psychics who help the cops solve crimes- again they are helpful thus perceived as positive.

Still for the most part it is considered a curiosity outside the realm of everyday life 'super' natural. How annoying.

No wonder its easy to pump out false psychic type ability on the public or individuals thru tech or I have heard rumor of tech and enhancing drugs.

There are baaaaaddd people out there with psychic abilities..beleive me. The most simple example of psychic abilities I can give in society that people are familiar with but perhaps do not see is criminals..and cops.

There is a legit reason why being group stalked by both parties is so disturbing, moreso than everyone else. These two parties have superior energies as I have experienced anyway. Why do you think its so easy to 'spot' them so quickly in a crowd? Or why somethimes the opposite is true, as if they can 'cloak' themselves somehow. When I should have been able to spot a particular perp and then I realize he has been standing there waaayyy longer than an average person would have-unnoticed?
Criminals are dangerous for one reason only, they have superior psychic ability to the average person. Who can blame them? At a young age they probably started to 'grow' out of this worlds limitations and experienced other humans as stupider than they or incapable of sharing thier abilities. They got bored and angry with stupid people and add to that the natural human predatory instinct of al humans, especially if a human animal senses it has an advantage.

In a culture that does not acknowledge psychic ability but selfishly uses it only covertly abd often abuses the abilities as well as the psychics, being empowered can be frightening and confusing especially for young psychics without mentors.

I have found time and again that psychics are abused, enslaved and exploited instead of being used to heal or connect with others like them or other humans.

Perhaps human experimentation that looks to enhance these abilities thru a number of means is the reason for much of the organized stalking of targets. I can imagine you'd want to keep someone like that they dont get too powerful. So only you and your people can pimp the psychic for thier powers.

Also, I believe alot of psychics are suffering greatly from electromagnetic pollution. Perhaps this is the real true reason for anxiety and other problems nowadays.

If you think you might be empowered or have abilities dont go to anything awful like this advert.

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