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Friday, August 29, 2008

Vigilantism- how the obsessive are used by the cunning

Its a big problem in this country. This country is prime for vigilantes becuz it regulates crime but doesnt really stop it. Drugs should be legal and regulated or not allowed in AT ALL and no one should be able to use them. The real money in this racket is made by them remaining illegal. The same goes for other crime.

All seasoned TI's by now are aware that org stalk at its top levels is protecting the huge overlapping crime games of drugs, money and sex.At the weirder end is human experimentation. Mind control plays a role in the aforementioned crimes but serves purposes in many other areas.
Some Targets focus on the top levels of alleged crime, where things get murkier and harder to prove and some can attest to it stemming from their involvement at a local level in things the public is readily familiar with.

The thing that is so frustrating is that the vigilantes are people who are after obvious unconnected criminals are also often diverted it seems to go after people who are inconvenient for criminal organizations so if targets are marketed the right way to these obsessive driven people will go after a target as if they were a true convicted criminal but really they are re-victimizing a person who may be victimized by organized crime itself.

What is so insane about the possibility of alot of organized staking perps possibly being vigilantes is that the other times perps we encounter are obvious criminals and pervs themselves.
Its no wonder TI's live in a world of confusion and misinformation.

I highly suspect that in alot of instances the person(s) are posing as vigilante minded individuals but is secretly aware that the whole point it to psych out and confuse the target as a destructive action.
This is especially obvious when you see say a security person doing directed conversation or even inferring things to the TI directly.
A security guard's job is to guard thier little area and in the event of a real emergency get the police! They do not usually have access to investigative info and if they did the last thing ANYONE in law enforcement would do is to leak it to the suspect of the crime. THAT is why alot of gangstalking is, in my observation, a set up by devious, sneaky, malicious people to destroy the person psychologically and other wise.
This is simply not the way you'd investigate someone to nail them for a crime if you were connected to law enforcement.
In fact the lack of being stealthful by a great number of perp's should let a TI know that the action of inference IS THE ATTACK/action itself and this is NOT an investigation.

Inferring that you are guilty of something and making you feel hated and eventually paranoid IS the action taken against you.

I am sure that some fraction of perps are real vigilantes who actually believe you are guilty but how do you know? How do YOU, a person out of their loop with no intel, how do u know what they are really thinking?
It's a fine line but sometimes you can tell.

One of the milder perps said "Listen, have the FBI come to your house? Has anyone questioned you? You know the FBI aren't stupid if they really thought you were guilty then they would have approached u by now." ..and she is 100% correct. And I knew that. But over time with more inferences and less sleep I got more paranoid and forgot how to make sense of it all.

This illustrates the power of psych warfare on the TI.

So as far as these people being usual we dont know for sure.
Take it on a case by case basis and use this info to your advantage. If you meet a perp who seems to really believe the slander then deal with them on that level. You may be able to get info out of them if you can appeal to them..that YOU have been victimized not the other way round. If they are a perp who is using vigilantism as a front for known action/attack on a TI you will find that their true selfishness comes out and appeals don't work with these people. Their true motive is to destroy you and they do not care why or worse they know it's a front for action against you that is destructive...this leads you the TI to deduct that THEY are the true criminals and not mixed up misinformed vigilantes.

Vigilantes are extremely f*cked up people in that they commit crimes with criminal like actions to counter others crimes. The justice system just makes no impression on criminals. Like abusers they only abuse power for thier ends..worse than career criminals they seem unable to make an impersonal decisions about violence as action to meet an end due to it being primarily a business decision in career crime (nothing personal).
Lines are very blurred for these people which is why they are dangerous and conversely of use to people who think very clearly about what needs to get done. They r emotional reactionaries and that is very easily manipulated by true sociopathic minds.
Vigilantes either care about issues or they are violent and wish to hurt others so are seeking an outlet.
They are, by their very nature, not about business.

For instance in my case...I much more dislike the people who did me in for reasons of maliciousness and personal hatred much more so than persons who seem to have made more of an impersonal business decision. My family for instance seems to have made a practical choice but it was always done with abuse and maliciousness though they would like to see themselves as a crime family with power they simply bartered something that gave them power and protection.
It takes a true criminal mind who truly understands business to make a decision to use violence as a means to an end. People who have personal hatred or jealousy and go after someone that is really undeserving of such an act will lose. That is one reason I am still walking around. What was done to me was executed by a bunch of weak cowards with little personal power and minor connections to crime. The one person with more connections had the most businesslike attitude towards the actions being taken against me and gave me the most warning.

An all business attitude towards violence is much more tolerable....unfortunately most TI's experience perps who seem to get very personal. The ones who do are most upsetting yet the easiest to combat..why?
Becuz every time a perp seems like they are acting out on you with a personal ax to grind I want you to scan them, read them and I want you to make like kung foo and use your enemies energy against them. Find thier weaknesses and target them as if you were plunging a knife right into that weak spot.

Then the people who seem to target you impersonally dont seem so horrible to deal with. Yes, they enjoy being evil but that's what criminals do.
The more childish and stupid the attack the more you can get over it if it was an attempt at something viscous(amateurs).

Vigilantes are the hardest to deal with becuz they give the TI the psychic impression of the TI really being guilty so its very damaging. Try to see the difference--try to sort out peoples' true motives. If the psychic impression is too strong and it's damaging get rid of it right away.

Understand that alot of this is war on psychics, human experimentation, mind control slavery. They want to torture you, lessen your power, experiment on you. Yes, the end is always to destroy the TI but if you can see into your attackers more so you may be able to quickly negotiate with them on levels they aren't readily aware of.
Understand that these people are not police. They are sloppy and not trained. Alot of perps have obvious weaknesses which is why they must attack you as they do. They know they could not win any other way.

A vigilante who has a motivation to do a wrong right may be easier to handle or negotiate with than someone who knows they are doing wrong to you and that is thier inner urge from the beginning.

The abusive perps are always acting from thier own selfish motives. They should be emotionally discarded immediately. They have no weight in this world and no staying power. These people are weak to their core and should be psychically done away with upon impact. Scan them, get a weakness and go for the core. Leave no time for self defense. Size them up and knock them down.
Their only motive is to abuse and hurt you and that deserves no consideration at all. It's not like they are acting out of being mistaken.

For those of us put into behavior modification as a means of deprogramming us so no info is gotten to incriminate anyone, part of thought reform is confession. The perps tactics of making you feel guilty is a way to get you to confess..this is part of controlling a TI.
If you know you are a survivor of tbmc or cult conditioning the bh program seems to resemble the same exact system of deprogramming that was basically done away with by the psych community years ago for being to damaging to the victim. It was finally realized that it was simply RE-programming/damaging the person. There was use of sex, rape, druggings, kidnapping, isolation. This is the same idea as the Tavistock institute utilizing trauma to cure PTSD victims (trauma victims).
So its especially important that u don't let in other peoples judgments or internalize thier value systems for you.
In the end its all about keeping you from a decent therapist, destroying who you really are and finally gaining an end result that they can live with and manage so you stay slave never develop to your true potential, gain any real internal personal power of your own and you never remember or reveal memories or info.

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