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Friday, August 8, 2008

cyberstalking-how it helps gangstalking

I love how everyone will openly admit to cyber stalking but not gangstalking...its amazing what humans will do when percetion management is demanded of them.
Cyberstalking assists organized stalking in person. Also becuz a TI may be being stalked by high levels the cyber world makes it easy to enlist idiots to go along with it...

for instance, in my case perps keep dropping hints that there was some internet exposure of me and my private life....but then how do they explain the tactics in 1996? Or for years before that?
I think those of us targeted intergenerationally and/or since birth have dealt with gs that is very well hidden and appears random and 'bad luck' all your life no matter where you went you just happened to always get bullied, picked on or the short end of the stick...
is that why at summer camp as a child of about 7 or 8 years old older girls were telling me "your a whore"? Does that explain why at the age of 15 I was already having 'fantasies' of being a herion addict? When asked by a little boy in kindergarden what I wanted to do when I grew up I replied "I want to be a prostitute" and two little boys antagonized me, then one handed me a quarter as an insult to my answer....PEOPLE HAVE TREATED ME PRETTY MUCH THE SAME WAY ALL MY LIFE. (these are all examples or early indications of programming).

This however is for the hardcore career perps to know about you.... when its time to destroy a programmed person who was deemed expendable from birth who seems to have beaten thir suicide programming , the public will be included and led to beleive it's some scandal and the person is....whatever they can come up with or induce.

Then eveyone who does NOT know the whole story is included. All they see is a well crafted bad pr campaign. Its also a way of re brainwashing a person who deprograms and want to go thru the process of memory recall...they will turn up the heat and find a way to enlist the public so you will behave, and feel so awful you'll stop searching for the TRUTH and get some sort of 'normal' life and job always a marked woman in society (always under control).

I notice they do not do this truly becuz one needs to fact if a mc survivor is trying to change and is waking up then they will foul things up and insist that they be in charge of your the public has to be made to think you are a fuck up that needs fixing and they are going to be part of it.

The public have no idea about the complicated nature of programming. In fact the perps who are in the know depend on the public being a careless destructive mob to further help them break a survivor down.
They need to make sure that the public only knows as much as will make them hate the Target as much as possible this helps with the social isoloation as well.

I keep hearing things from peoples mouths that lead me to beleive that they base thier judgement of my lifes conditions now by the actions of some traitors some years ago. its all about the ex boyfreind or other totally topical conditions...either that or this country will help the perpetrators of mind control slavery unquestioned.

One perp that used to slip with info kept saying things about it being my ex criminal associates etc etc. When I couldnt take it anymore I went for it and said " I am a mind control survivor" and even stated I was a trauma based mind control survivor.
His words in return were "that doesnt work on me Rachael".
OK let me get this straight....
you will readily accept the existence of and will even be part of a plot of evil design/conspiracy to destroy a persons life thru covert and illegal(action) means including negligence (inaction). The motive of which is becuz of the person 'knowing to much from the inside' and other reasons that make even less sense but then when presented with other possible motives you reject these.
What pissed me off more was I am the victim and he is reacting like I am a person trying to make outlandish excuses for my situation...I am not the one who has to answer for anything.

Just another male perp who is looking for an excuse to control a female target and act in a scolding paternal way...they all act like the target did somehting wrong.

Cyberstalking is a great way to pull the public into god knows how many campaigns against someone where the motives are waayyy more complicated than it seems superficially.

Its like someone throwing the first stone...wdho threw it to incite violence against this person and why? What was the motive? We all know perps pose as nobodies and try to blend in and shit...I often wonder how many suicide victims of cyberstalking are not targeted for other reasons.
The problem is that the public are handed a way to get off thier aggression consequence free and it assists the perps in getting rid of people. It also serves as diversion so no one pays attention to matters of state and such.

Putting stuff on the internet as well as hacking a target or stalking/ mobbing on the net are waayyyy to easy nowadays and should be illegal. Peoples right to freedom of speech isnot going to be curbed if someone elses privacy is protected.

It should be outright illegal for any one to post anyone elses image on the internet if there is not written permission or if it is something that would ruin the persons life.

Can you believe the poop girl in Korea? OK lets start from a logical beginning--how is her university performance going to be judged by the fact she wont clean up after her dog.... she had to leave university right? She was denied the right to an education?
Clearly cruel and unusual punishment.

And what did a 16 year old girl do to anyone?

Cyberstalking is an aid to organized stalking in person.

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