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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

add on to last post

Oh dont get confused..this includes my family's dirty laundry as well. ALL of it. Both sides. ( well i know little of the Cedrone's but what I do know may serve as slightly amusing.

I said EVERYBODY's everything.

I will never forgive the fact my family KNEW what was happening and still helped the system destroy my life. My uncles guilt in his voice on the phone was enough. Wassa matta? Trying to make sure my little cousins car doenst ever blow up again? With the people he used to know, he's lucky thats all that happened.
A mere exagerated claim that I am 'crazy like Danny' from old woman and a fat dicontent like my mother is not enough to quite squelch how obnoxious the sordid details of my story are.

So go fuck yourselves. You took advantage of someone who was a good person and was a mind control victim waking all took full advantage of that. Now the whole system can rot for all I care.
How DARE you put yourselves all of you above me so I am your little sacrificial lamb and you all get to have good lives while I suffer?

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