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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another University I use frequently finds a way out of public computer use

Well not a way out but very limiting.

This is at BU and I must say that I was told that this decision was talked about for years but it just now had been taken into action.
13 or so computers for public use were either physically moved-all were made to be only accessible by BU students.
The reference lady also said that it'll be this way "for a while".

I am sure that the people at the top levels as usual know I am going over my video and blogging all day working on exposing corruption..becuz I have been targeted here a few times.

As usual all the library staff know is that "people shouldnt sit here all day"..see how perception management works if you work it in your favor? The librarian was not saying it directly to me or as a tactic. I interjected that I am one of the people that sits here all day on occasion and especially lately but I do that becuz I know the students are not here especially. She then realized it wasnt as much of an issue then.
I am working hard becuz know they will be back soon and I wont have as much time.

Lately I have been looking a bit rough due to the workload. I look ok but I dont wash what I do have for clothes but twice a week. I have brought a blanket in becuz the ac gets pretty cold in here after a few hours. (but its a little, white fluffy Nautica a Japanese girl gave me along with some tea! Its a nice blanket and I look good in it, damn it.)

This happens every place I go across the country anyway. If I spend too long in one university library they always change thier policies after a few months to make it so public access is limited.
Some places have claimed they were thinking about it for a while and some say the decision was just made. I would be curious to see if 'a while' means after they are good and sure Rach has left the area. Wanna bet?

I am just so tired I dont even know if there are outsider artist type places with resources for me to use.
We all know that this is part of the censorship, the quiet war on people who know what is going on in this country and the abuses of human rights.
What is always of interest to me time and again is that no one who knows my situation and what has been done to me that has ruined my life-comes out and says to some key staff person 'oh she's okay, she travels and she's had a hard time. Supposedly she is writng a book or something and she will be gone soon-give her a break. Besides the students arent here yet anyway'.(BU library)
That is what would have been done in the old days with someone who was a victim of unspeakable corruption. But now, people are so swayed and intimidated into the totalitarian way of thinking that they dont realize they have become part of the problem.

aside:[Everytime I get on the computer here lately I keep getting this psychic impression, alot, that someone somewhere thinks that I should be working or worring about supporting myself and my future not doing whatever I am doing everyday.
This is all part of the general sentiment towards me-forget what happened and get a job.]
The system that is in place now in the USA perhaps the world I dont know, demands that u abandon truth and replace it with what they want you to beleive that benefits the power structure.

Back to the point with the library...why dont they just limit peoples time to like two hours or so or maybe work with people who may be working on something not just surfing?
It would make more sense.

this era is like some sort of cold war with the public...thank god people still talk to each other.

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