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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

re:Last post

Uhh, someone remind me I AM human and need sleep....or not to blog when I am so tired.

I am always trying to find out many things at once and it gets all mixed you see.
There is the COINTEL-like activities that have gone on around me, there is the issue of my own programming and the events or subject matter that is hidden and not under my the post of me being gassed on the bus for instance. I did not know about MILABS and that its allegedly the military-again I have no proof. Svali (llok it up) claims to have been part of a group engaging in such activities and she gave no connection with military as responsible party.
The option that its alien activity-I am not saying 'no' to the possibility of anything , ever in this world but I would need a substantial amount of proof for that one.

I am dealing with alot of different subjects and different levles of each.

As I write this now I realize that this has all been to get me to tell what i know or reveal more info about myself. I will never forgive everyone for this. I needed my privacy to fix my programming. As many people recently who are 'in the know' have said to me: "you are not a toy, you shouldnt be being toyed with". I agree.

perhaps like every group of a-hole slave owners these f*cks theink you have to earn your freedom. I will get them for that i truly will, becuz really its jsut more using me for stuff. Its a different sort of 'fun' to play with me while i am deprogramming than it probly was to 'play' with other programming I had. Ultimatly a person like me is never seen as free by the overseers.

I am convinced (let ME be the asshole now) that certain groups who cannot get slave ownership 'out of thier blood' perhaps have a genetic defect and need modification or genetic engineering to 'sure' them of such problems or thier character. This can be arranged. Do you honestly think that only peasants are going to be going away during lowering the population? You never can tell just who is up now can you?

So i personally dont want to join a religion right now...its important to stay impartial to everyone lets say. But I respect people's own choices.

But certain groups can be pretty self righteous..actually i cannot think of one that isnt at times.
I have encountered perps from all the religoius backrounds and help from many as well.

My comments on humans prefering the devil I guess at that moment i meant that they seem to want to be mindlessly selfish and aggresive.

Aside , i do realize now that the 'perps' use what they DO know about you to get u to tell them what they DO NOT know. I am a civilian and not trained in these areas, so i fell for it. Beleive me i feel very stupid. I do not like the damage to my system that has it has taken to reveal alot of what is part of me, but i was targeted into it.

really, i beleive its minimally for info gathering purposes...its mainly for entertainment i think. Which means when all is said and done i am no more ahead than i ever was. I am still controlled, handled, watched, targeted, zapped if i dont behave and now privy to the knowledge everyting is managed....
oh, thats right. They dont seem to care who sees nowadays.
its dangerous. Like in 1984 most likely the illusion of freedom will no lonnger be perpetuated.

This is one of the reasons i do not want o write a book at all. why so the jerks who manage the whole world can use it to thier advantage? Now that i know the truth how can i ever again have a good life? If i write anything i always have to wonder if i am not being pushed in that direction anyway. That book is horrible for anyone being targeted. You read it with a completely different view. You understand the meaning of all the oppression.

Unless something is actually able to be DONE about this system of treating humans like animals to be observed, coaxed, pushed and trained/conditioned then i guess all i have left to do is learn to 'love big brother'. Give up and accept the limits of my circumstances. Who even can say if perps will leave me alon long enough to write? or anyone will publish and not rip me off or perp me around the issue?
Thats the question. How far does this go? IS there some way of fighting? a lawyer to come along in future and say i have rights and the things-the outrageuosly illegal things alot of people have partaken in to hurt me-that there is recourse?

It jsut seems like the system supports the oppression of certain individuals-persons the system chooses. THere is no door out, there is no recourse.
What i dont understand is why so many other people seem to be either in on this or all happy about seeing me or anyone oppressed.. you'd think human beings would be more..forget it. People used to bring the kids to public hangings-its over.

My very fighting for myself is probly entertainment. The system itself is set up to never allow me to be ackknowledged as a person who has to be taken seriously. All kinds of jerks can keep getting off on the fact that they know what happened behind my back and i dont. I am sick of hte sneaky looks and the jerks being self satisfied by simply gettng it over another person.

I hope everyone is happy. Personally i dont think anyone is ever going to face up to what they did. I beleive alot, a great portion of the aggreassion towards me is based on people displacing thier own problems onto me.
That is what a human sacrifice is for isnt it? Its that simple.

I was probly chosen for this before birth. I am sure the intergen perps think its jsut great that i die becuz it'llbe really healing for everybody. the whole world perhaps-this is from my reading up on what the way these sick f*cks actually think- the intergen satanic operators of mind control. I, personally think thier primitive obsession with human scrifice to better conditions for the 'tribe' is stupid in a modern tech society.

it'd be interesting to see if this practice can be done away with thru some sort of managing society thru tech instead of thru sacrificing pscyhics w/healing energy....and sucking them dry to improve your own lives as the person goes into the downward spiral.

There should be laws protecting healers and persons possessing an abundance of psychic energy-as if it were thier own money or something.

You know i keep getting puched to give up ..on all this.
I am given a few options daily.
One is very abusive, to give up and go with a man who will beat me severely and keep me down and put me into abusive sexual situations.

Another is to simply give up, 'grow up' (aka-become afraid of truth and start lying to survive, also can be considered successful reprogramming), and forget about all this, train fo some job that doesnt involve anything i wanted to do originally and jsut be numb and dead.
its as if when you fight suicide programming, you are dead anyway.

you cant fight that.

my next post will explain more on what is being done to me on that level. I am always around perps. In order for me to be reconditioned they'd need to have a constasnt presence of decievers around. its like your drowning.

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