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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Article of Interest

Yes, its claimed its only for terrorists but it seems all sorts of people are being reformatted.

A radical of even the most harmless type seems a danger nowadays....or perhaps its more about covering the tracks of old projects. Notice the comparison in the article to "cult deprogramming".

Is anyone else out there offended once again at being treated like a silly child by having the media continue to perpetuate the illusion that nobody knows just how these people get this way?

Its called mind control.

Its been around for a long time and I can only hope all that is happening is going to make the use of mind control like this both for covert reasons and overt terrorism to be obsolete very soon.

Being 'brainwashed' (childish term) is no fun but being hunted down or kept down or simply used as a human bomb is the least fun ...ever probly.

I was in MI during the summer, near Canada. A real IDIOT zealot, fanatic...a misguided patriot Org. Stalker type, or maybe just an informed org. stalker trying to anchor me (see glossary of gangstalking terms) was looking right at me and said to the people around her something about stopping a ticking time bomb.

I am sick of people who know nothing about various kinds of programming handling mc survivors. Some of these people think they are helping others seem to get off on thinking that people with sex slave programming "live to please".. or some regular people get the idea your special circumstances means you are simply easily ordered around or something.

If you are programmed you have the internal drive and intel to be amused by this sort of human vanity and like me I hope you scan these potential targets and label them harmless and of no consequence. Humans can be very careless with things they have the illusion they are in control of and they are also childishly afraid of things they really do not understand.
What sucks is that the jerks who are the real perps of trying to get rid of you or wipe you/make you docile know that these idiots are endlessly useful. Enough of them everyday will leave lyou hopeless and suicidal. Drowning in idiots daily.
Take heart in knowing that they only dare handle you becuz others have authorized it. These people do what they are told. Alot of htem seem cult mind controlled (the group mentality is essential in controlling them, much LIKE Arab terrorist children actually- I looked it up. If you seperate them from the group they start to freak out and they cant be interviewed or function)

So there is definitely activities against anyone the administration deems a terrorist but it seems that might be anyone who is inconvenient for them or their wealthy powerful friends.

Its a good time to get rid of old mc survivors.

Remember the comment of the two men in MO..about cleaning out the system and making room for the next.

There will never be an end to the use of mind control for sex drugs and profit.

I can accept that, unlike what everyone thinks of me I am more like the structure that programmed me than I would like actually. I realize the practicality of the situation. I understand the need for order.

But to use foriegn terrorism as a front and to be cruel merciless, humiliating and insulting in setting things to order is unacceptable.
Its cowardly at best.

I will not be deradicalized becuz my desire to recover memories in therapy and become a councilor for womens issues and do some art work on the side was not exactly a radical plan.

So artists are terrorists? Women who want to pioneer some projects connected to under treated womens issues is the same as blowing things up?

I think the problem is a formely programmed person would come to realize its existence and if working with a special population like sex workers..guess what I would probly find alot of in that population? You guessed it.
This is the reason prostitutes have to stay scapegoated in our society-hidden.

I had this great little idea that there should be some help for workers who feel they are ready to leave the industry but have no idea how to live outside that reality. This society needs this badly. We disgard these people like old greayhounds who cant race anymore.
There is untold potential and life in this population and they need a way to recondition themselves to regain thier birthright as human beings.

How is that terrorism?

The only thing I can think of is the cover story on me is so good anyone will belive anything...
ahhh but we are not dealing with a wise population.. there is a reason the only people who look ashamed at my predicament are some law enforcement and career criminals.
They know the game and they are wise enough to know this is 100% BS.

Its good they want to get rid of impressionable persons who want to blow stuff up and are brainwashed to hurt others...
Maybe someday soon they'll be forced to use it on all the 'gangstalking' perps they created-who seem to fit the same profile.

Whats especially interesting is that as usual you've got college psych types involved--opportunities for human experimentation abound. Always a bad sign..(ask me about my family's history with human experimentation).
i love the guy who's going potty over it all- "its very very new and its very very exciting"..
yeah except it can be misused.
Its not new either.
I wrote about the Tavistock deprogramming tactics and these have similarities.

Its always the same its all about control.

I dont care if people are programmers, deprogrammers, personal handlers or 'gangstalkers' its still about controlling the minds of human beings

and it has to stop. On all sides.

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