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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rocketown in Nashville, TN

Rocketown is a youth and other services type of center in Nashville TN. A young street kid we know has brought us there a few times.

It was fine but today there were mostly 'urban' or 'inner city' kids there and it sucked but I ignored it.   My phone was plugged in and it got stolen. 

Obviously a young kid but stupid still considering its a 10 dollar phone.. but to a traveler its invaluable.

Now you see why PC is such bullshit and the stereotypes remain..and for every kid who wants to get out of the ghetto there are too many loud, obnoxious, theiving idiots to keep him or her down.   I would expect this in Boston but here it seemed people minded there own business more...however there were NO other people here today really.

The place is expanding so that the 'inner city kids' can have there own area at the new facility..and now you know why
It reminds me of Boston in the 1970's- their culture is so damn backwards down here compared to other 'urban' kids in other cities.   You gonna steal from me?  Good luck cuz yer gonna need it.

Anyone who can trace my GPS feel free. Its set so that only 911 works for GPS.  Hackers have a field day..
I called it and some 'urban' kid was talking in the backround.

 I sleep outside doing urban camping and I am writing a book on corruption in the homeless industry. The thief will probably be in jail by 21 and dead thereafter (we can only hope)..just look at the statistics. 

That little bastard probably goes home to a multi generational house with food and a bed and is going to be spoiled by special projects to improve his life for the rest of his youth...I on the other hand have nothing and little hope for any future.

Since getting harassed in Memphis in 2007 at Greyhound, the TN 'urban' population is loathe to date anyway.  They have a bizarre habit of thinking they might be the most badass 'urban' people in the world. It's still TN people- that says enough right there. In fact I will never forget or forgive what happened with an all 'urban' cast of perps in TN years ago.
 I have seen them talking to workers here in ways that would get them a slap in Boston...or at least beaten by Irish or Italian kids.  And the workers here tolerate it, this abuse they are given.  Take a Bostonian perocial approach to the child and see how long that attitude problem lasts.  Do what they used to do to us in the 70's during bussing at Charles Sumner School with the old clinically insane old Irish b*tches who kept poor black and white children down for the elite and connected populations there..make them put their hands behind thier backs in thier chairs for an extended period just becuz they have to stay inside due to rain. Then have the crazy old Irish bitch sit there and rave insanely with as much venom as she can muster over  what they used to do to HER in the old perocial schools years ago.

Kids today have no idea how spoiled they are with tolerance towards their bullshit as well as this non violence towards child rearing.  However after what I have seen in the populations of young people from very young to older youngsters lately I would say that yes, undue violence like I just mentioned is unecessary and unproductive. But.... being PC and not kicking ass to make kids understand how to respect adults and be civil is totally inappropriate as well. I think parents want to be lazy as well as indulgent by not disiplining thier kids. They are also total tools of the system nowadays that are brainwashed into letting the system control them AND thier kids.

It sucks when big pharma (psychiatry) and tied into child services agencies can threaten parents into behaving a certain way or risk losing thier kids. 

Its a great way to raise ever compliant sheep en mass who have no real inner sense of right and wrong beyond fear and compliance with authority as well as no true moral character.  This means no one will say 'no' to corrupt authority basically, as long as its the system that is telling you how to drug and raise your children--OR ELSE you will not have any.

Tell your kids to be more intelligent about who they steal from..unless you are SO horribly backwards that 'the man' you are trying to get back at is still judged by color  AND NOT CLASS.
And teach your children to get a f*cking clue.

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  1. "Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party. On the contrary, they adored the Party and everything connected with it. The songs, the processions, the banners, the hiking, the drilling with dummy rifles, the yelling of slogans, the worship of Big Brother -- it was all a sort of glorious game to them..." - George Orwell, 1984

    Oh yeah. I have experience with this as well from my days in California. The kids grow up to be perfect perps. It is the worst, ironically, in liberal/left-wing cities because the kids are made untouchable by the threat of well-funded social services Nazis coming after the parents if the child complains - and the kids somehow know this.