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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, June 3, 2022

For those studying GS theory please be aware that there seems to be a change in the theory of tactics going on in retail stores within the Metro Boston area-I have a prior example from the suburbs

 I want to alert everyone else there who studies GS theory. I want to let you know that you should apply a new Siri to the tactics involved. It seems to be that there is something new going on in Syria of course. Security guards were really huge problems and it has been for a couple of years they've talked it down a little bit in the last year or two but especially three years within the three years after the frame up when I could still sue I was just bombarded assaulted with setups and horrible things that security did in different stores One story in particular I brought it to the attention of the store and had to take in care of in three of their stores and everything's fine now another store I didn't really deal with it but I recently learned that all of these stores are getting rid of overseas security because people that actually matter such as people of color were actually getting profiled and complaining and of course you know they don't want that I had to complain two or three times but that's not a problem as much anymore. Rastier when I was here before I went away for the winter everything was fine cover still happening people were working with each other now it seems as if everyone is a complete douchebag after getting back Sunday. Now there's a lot of loan shootings going on there's an increase I realize this now if you pay attention to the long term you realize of course that's alone shootings went up very high when Obama was an office and now it's gone up towards the end of buying when the election is coming nobody wants to face this but of course you have to look at that theory that we all don't want to look at of what exactly is causing this kind of stuff That's a whole other blog post. But one of the reasons that people might be snapping is that the pressure out here is incredible. I haven't looked at the latest slew of long shootings I don't know what the demographics are of the perpetrators or the circumstances but it doesn't really help to study them does it because they never give you a report on their findings of motive or the person's mental state where they drugged and they never will of course because we can sort of guess why correct? Believe me it's the 24th century Jeff bezos is going into space we have billionaires in space and they can code things and do genetic testing and create vaccines for pandemic that we got over in two years where's the plague in your blessed 600 so I think they can find out while alone shooters or wire of the way they are or programs if you will lol but of course that would ruin their fund. Unfortunately we have to face the realities that there might just be power military activity going on in this country as a former domestic terrorist and nobody wants to deal with that as long as nobody wants to deal with that or even 9/11 or other suspicious terrorist events we will always continue to be prisoners of the deceptions and the terrorism.

Compared to last year I'll come back from being away from the winner and all of a sudden this place is just awful I mean it feels bad it feels like constant pressure and it doesn't surprise me that it's after everyone's vaccinated they're acting like juice gags you should see the way people drive around here and this is Boston where people are known to drive crazy anyway people are complete assholes I'm glad I don't drive. And people in stores are jerks and younger people are just really privileged and they claim that there is no ages on or that they're inclusive but they're not it's total age isn't here now and it's totally empty homeless which was accomplished with covet and the events of the last two years and that's another blog post as well and it's auntie anybody funky anybody who is genuinely living in alternative lifestyle outside the corporateocracy. 

I've never felt this much pressure before ever. Now I have to say that I kind of knew damn well that coming back to the city would be a bad idea outside the city is probably much better. Also I have to add that we were careful for two years we played it safe we did not get covered the second that those masks came off we got coated and it was not the easy strain but it wasn't the worst either and luckily we made it through I still can't smell or taste properly and the entire ordeal just seems so manufactured and the entire virus just seemed unnatural or semi-natural semi-manufactured I'm not buying it this thing was definitely there's a possibility that we should investigate that it was embellished or the genes were moved around or added or taken away altered from nature feel right. And the pressure that I'm feeling from being out in society and just generally how I feel after having this I'm really glad I didn't get it for 2 years and I wish I had continued to do that essentially enough we were inside when we caught it and it just goes to proves that being an urban camper is probably safer we think somebody and one of the elevators or you touch something and the place we were saying or somebody came into the room with warrant there it didn't have a mask on. If we had stayed outside if we had been able to travel and stay outside just probably never would have happened but we can't tell because it's basically the unmasking that caused it. Actually we should be more like Japan where if anybody is sick with anything they should wear a mask I mean being in the northeast of the winter it's always been a pain in the ass because you constantly get sick and you definitely are going to get the flu when I traveling in California and other parts of the country I don't get the goddamn flu in the winter.

So that being said there's a lot of people flipping out a lot of people snapping and it feels like it's a lot of pressure coming back here to the city it feels different there's something really awful and bad about it now I'm smart enough to know that I have to look at everything involved to know what causes that it could be a change in the environment that's been cause on purpose as part of finishing off the globalist design of this city because of course that's what they accomplish during covet completing their big building boom agenda and gentrification, but I also have to consider that maybe it's covered maybe the vaccines do cause regression and maybe getting and maybe it actually damages something that helps you deal with stress or maybe it actually damages some ability to deal with battle or self-defense it would be interesting if we found that covered actually was used to take people's ability to defend themselves or their individuality or something like that away from them as part of the design of the virus which of course could send perfectly with the agenda that's coming down.

so dealing with it the best I can but it does feel very different than it has ever before and I've been under pressure in different cities and traveling and different places looking like I do funky and alternative and I have never received this much hatred just watch attention and you have to remember there's an election coming people if I come very nasty since the election and the on masking and so there's all these different factors and it's hard to tell what's causing it The fact that there's people flipping out and doing more alone shootings right now definitely tells me that the pressure I'm feeling is real and other people that can't handle it and I don't aware of the circumstances that surround them or that it's manufactured and they should just go with the flow a little more or reacting to it because people are being complete assholes out here in Boston well I have not the city proper but on the trains and in the stores and people are driving really crazy when you look at them there's all kinds of road rage so the Siri the covet causes aggression and the vaccines do also it was pretty valid actually it's not Siri it was kind of documented to side effect recently.

Also Siri that there seems to be only new well let's say a changed tactical strategy. Like I said security guards are out? Though I was framed in 2016 so if anybody wants to be dishonest and manufacture and create a false profile of me and use that for further harassment then in this environment of dishonesty and deception and agenda is being brutally followed and chased and accomplished and executed would it really be that hard to make it look like I made threats somehow assemble something about my observed behavior maybe people that are homeless or maybe there are people that are funky and urban campers and travelers are now on a watch list just for being just subculture and alternative. Maybe they have you want to list and with all the own shootings it's easy now because they buy and administration is really all about why and deception and causing chaos and causing insanity and down the rabbit hole if you've seen the video of the disinformation board lady singing I think we realized that this is like on purpose crazyness and infantileization of the public continued from the Obama administration we did nothing but infantilize the public. Everybody that's under a certain age nowadays they don't look like young adults anymore they look like 12 year old kids have you noticed this? Young people don't look like young adults they don't look like responsible self-governing self-sufficient young adults. Everybody looks like they're stuck at being 12 years old it's totally bizarre I'm not saying everybody was there's a general feel of this left-wing lip tardy feminazi type person and this subculture a lot of people look like their infantile acts and it's very frightening to experience compared to the college age kid I've seen over my 51 years of being alive and this area.

So what I'm experiencing is that there is a suburb outside of the city where I have stayed in the past and I have experienced a interesting new form of stalking and harassment in theory of course. It's a major big box store it's in the suburbs and this was a year or two ago probably two years ago that I experienced this new strategy. You go into the store you feel that the vibe is just not right you get blasted a bombarded assaulted like walking into a booby trap or a war zone you get out of there it's really severe there's a lot of damage there's a lot of anxiety induce you feel attacked you feel like somebody putting on you basically so I don't know what's closing that fiery feel. The thing that stands out is I was fortunate enough to be absent minded and all over the place which is actually an asset in this situation because remember what the coin telepho guys said in the interview from the CCTV show that the Black panther person put out in the 80s I have it on my YouTube he says that once his system finds out your routine and your target you're done for they have you so we know that from coin teleproof that they find out you're psychological profile they find out your routines and then they basically follow you according to your routines and I'm a creature of it that is unfortunate for me but it's also that I tend to be quirky and have impulsive things happen like oh I forgot something in the store so luckily for me that's what happened.

So I went back into this big box or after feeling the blitz created in there and the whole entire place the live and completely changed it was calm there was no weird suspicious creepy people around you know the types they were pretty people in trouble or people don't need or want something there was no sleaze bags around you didn't feel like you were in a war zone you didn't feel the heat then they palm the fire you didn't feel attacked so I realized something The system somehow is predicting your routine in theory this is the theory the system for routine you go in the attack occurs like a battle zone you leave with of course the effect that they want is you've been attacked The stress they wanted to kill you over time and do so hard attack memory lost and I heard quality of life everything that GS is about it's basically a slow murder plot it's a an assassination.

But when you go back in it's completely gone so I have never experienced that anywhere but that particular year and sad particular place in that particular store but at the time there was a lot of cartel gang type people going there working there and they were misbehaving and causing water trouble and after that I came back to that location two years later and the place had been completely cleaned up the district regional higher ups were there and I talked to them and they said we did a lot to clean up the store and we're going to be doing more and it was a completely different staff and it wasn't a playground for the amateur gangsters.

So that tells you something. What I'm find ing is that in the stores in this area that I've been that's exactly what I'm system that I'm 2 years ago where you go in you get bombarded you leave you feel like you've just been through the ringer but if you leave and come back in it's like a completely different fucking place which is totally bizarre but it happens we don't know how it works how do they do it microwave psycho management can chemical influence who the hell knows it could be changing spoon vendors but I doubt it those are very specific circumstances with the various specific people and once they wear you down and you age as much as I have they don't even bother using that anymore because you're not sensitive anymore you're not smart you're not psychic and remember a lot of people that are targeted are simply just powerful battery cells of energy that are and or psychic and you don't work for them so you can't exist so they rip out your wire and they burn you out and it's true what Alex Jones said it is a war for your mind but it's also a war to make sure you don't know how to use your mind that was given to you by nature it's all about me and your folk touring a reality I'm having you exist in it probably is a slave in the future it's already happening now. And if you look around you ever since like the last 10 15 years I've experienced in Boston anyway the experimentation of public space being managed as a private space and public space being turned into pseudo public space complete was environed hostile environmental design. And that's what's happening and that's another blog post as well because there's another theory that's very long term about why they're doing that.

So I don't know what causes the change in the feel of the environment why is so intense but that's what's important and it's very damaging just like it was that your experience and it's happening in the metro Boston area not everywhere certain places.

Now if somebody is feeble-minded targeted or someone with their little sacrifice with the poor loan shooter saying well I'm sure it could be prevented I'm not saying that the loan shooters I have simply for them you know but the problem is you have to remember that they most likely psychologically profile these people they make sure it's a fail they make sure there's very specific circumstances in the person is going to freak out it's going to work for that and most likely it's a male who has a sexual view system because that's part of this and there's either domestic violence or he can't get laid did you know that that's a major a future of a long shooter a male that can't get a partner it's very much based on testosterone and sexual abuse and isolation and loneliness and it's no surprise that a lot of little shooters aren't women.

So I can understand why people would be snapping right now not only is there a theory that their chosen their prime their forced their drug would have however the mentor in Kennedy works nowadays there's a theory in that but also the environment is conducive to that right now it feels really bad and it feels stressful more stressful than I've ever seen it and it feels bad since everybody got vaccinated and the masks were removed there's something wrong and I can feel it but that's why we do the activism we do on the internet in this community even though we suffer for it and people want to label us or hate us for it. Or laugh at it we save lives and we actually probably have stopped people from becoming loaned shooters or committing suicide because once you know it's a system view can come up with accounts or system and you can full exist with this in your life kind of like living with cancer you can survive you won't have the best quality life but you can have a life and remember life is what these people hate the most.

So they're denying not only the little shooter of his life but the people that he killed and it's a sad situation for everybody at all. And I'm really tired of the guns being blamed people can use anything as a weapon so you have to question why is this happening it's not mental illness even just that phrase is so big and it doesn't even make any sense In order for somebody to do an active terrorism they have to either be brainwashed and programmed like we know about Islam the extremists or they have to really be put into such a situation that they feel is if they do not have a choice and this is their only option for survival or that is a revenge for people taking their life from them so how can a system create such a monster in a world that's supposed to be about connection and inclusion?

Because all of this PC inclusion culture is actually creating a lot of exclusion and people are being left behind and an system in their perfect utopia that's going to create as long as everybody has a label and evictable card but it actually is very picky choosy and who gets included and a huge part of this is you have to be part of the form photography and all the bullying that goes on doesn't have to be in public with human forces doing socking and harassment it could be online even.

So whatever goes on with the individuals that are doing this I know this environment that I'm in right now is way different than it was last time I was here in the spring it's awful people are being jerks there's all this globalist middle class people coming in that are complete assholes what you're coming from is shithole and where you just came from is so great that you came here? Instead of getting a college education and going back to where you came from and fixing it. I have never seen a moreover privilege group of condo dwelling globalists middle class assholes who have attitude in our opinion to locals especially people that they saying don't matter because we're there from if you have a little bit of money people are just garbage in the street.

And who can tell if it's GS with race and immigrant beating or if it's your ignorance from people that come here and don't have to pay their dudes and their culture doesn't like anything that's having to do with poverty or whatever it is. And of course they're all young. If you're in the big city you're supposed to put your big girl and big boyfriend and you're supposed to mind your own business and there's one thing that the old money people that ran screaming out of here to get away from you and all the other new slobs that act like the Kardashians and think that that's classy and rich One thing they gave us that you can't obviously is dignity. That's the one thing you used to get in this area for all of the mystery men at the bad conditions and the corruption and the riff offs people either didn't draw attention to your situation or they were kind and classy about it. There's no dignity here and that's making life very hard because you have people coming here that don't want anything about dignity.

What is it that they say in finance by the fear cell degree well that's kind of what happened this is sheer green culture and as long as you join in with the feel good activism that's out there and press a couple hashtags and post some stuff or have a sign in your lawn so nobody busts your window in a riot you don't have to worry about morality or that's export doing good or being good or even having dignity for your fellow man or even politeness you can do whatever the fuck you want as an Amazon consuming greedy fuck and be used our again as you want as long as you car take in the prescribed supposed 'Hope and change' activism.

The other thing that seems to be your current is that I'm being given definite indication that I'm being watched and monitored as in when I go in line for something it seems like one of the people that works there to expect special attention to watch me as if I'm suspicious is there something's going to happen is if I'm dangerous and I feel definitely like I'm being guarded or watched or given special attention because somehow it's been designated that time dangerous. Now let me clarify and break this down for you how this works it could be that this is nothing more than a sigh off so here's how it would work. You know as a citizen that you've read about the loan shootings you know that there's an increase in law shootings you know the vision domestic terrorism anti-terrorism organization created by lightning. So if you know those things would your average person does they know that you know that. So it could be all fake bullshit so it appears as if the situation was real when actually it's just manufactured and made up by the people involved in organizing and harassment there is no list there is no danger it's just you're being gaslighted. It's fake it's made up they're acting they're making it look like that situation is happening when it's actually really not but it is stressful of course along with everyone being an asshole not everyone but you know there's a lot of people out here that are just it's like they left them loose on society after the young masking before the election and after the vaccinations.

The other thing in Siri that it could be would be that it's a local concocted thing. It would be easy enough for local authorities to frame me up now with a fake assessment fake testimony lies anonymous testimony false witness manufactured nonsense designating me to a list I don't belong on but because everything is so big in a bureaucracy now it's going to notice but I'm on the list anyway the way that Massachusetts plays games the way they did in 2016. It wouldn't be hard for this place with how corrupt and sneaky Yankees are too come up with manufacturing and framing me to be dangerous on a list I don't belong on and nobody would really figure it out cuz it wasn't really true and unless they investigated it or found out later on that it was a mistake but they can use it right now in the meantime it's kind of like a frame up. And if federal authorities might depend on local authorities then of course I'm screwed because the local authorities have framed me up in 2016 so why wouldn't they want to do it again or continue it as well as I never came forward and filed against people I didn't sue because I was being intimidated not to and I never sued anybody which I could have within the 3 years I could still try to sue under certain circumstances legal loopholes but it would be difficult especially with the lap dog system here of lawyers and judges of course I'm generalizing once again but it's pretty bad. The county that this predominantly happened and you have to remember makes all their money off of prisons military industrial complex contractors labs and big pharma companies and universities and colleges so you're talking to get very far with actual government or the will of the people or you know what I'm saying.

The other Siri could be that it's a game being played the other way around somebody in the fed is playing games with this new me and your factored antitor domestic terrorism thing or whatever this where it's coming from the administration which I consider to be legitimate federal government about as much as a piece of cardboard. I understand the government has a structure still remains but the deceptions and the smoking mirrors that him and his people and that whole camp bring with them because problems by using the fed for their smoking mirrors and their agenda and the good people can't do anything they can't do anything fast enough whatever it is so this might just be something coming from the top down which is now corrupt temporarily or it could be coming from local making it up and giving the information to the people at the top who have such a big list of people they don't know any better and the depending on local authorities to be accurate. Or it could just be as usual a big load of bullshit where it's totally fake and it's gas lighting and sigh up and there's actually no list and no danger and there's no listing you anywhere as anything.

So just be aware of those two circumstances that seem to be here now which is a false positive for being suspicious and suspected as a domestic terrorist or someone that might snap or dangerous because if you're experienced and feeling watched or guarded or that you were a person of interest as in profiling even you're going to have to just wait it out and ignore it because there is an election coming soon don't forget that so we're either going to have four more years with this clown and then we can take that to task at that time and make sure that this shit doesn't continue the way it's going now or they'll be someone new and it'll all change for better or worse.

And try to see if you are experiencing this new form of strategy in private spaces such as retail stores try my suggestion which is to go into the store mall around for about 5 10 minutes leave for 5 minutes or so and then come back and I guarantee it it'll be free and clear for you to do your business and leave now you have to remember that you might be reading this blog for ideas on self-defense and counter measures with the people who create the problems are also reading so they might count your accounter what we just came up with lol. However you have to depend on the idea perhaps you're pretty lazy and they're pretty uncreative and they can't really land on a dime that's our job that's usually what we're good at and that's why it's so much work cuz they just work you to death because they win by tonnage and you have to keep using all of your superior creative energy and intelligence and whatever else to keep counseling it instead of changing society or doing whatever the hell it is you should have been doing with your life that would have been amazing probably.

Being Target is kind of like being in a work camp on a change of prison they just work you to death when you really could be capable of a helicopter we using your energy and your brains elsewhere.

So don't forget that when you see them changing their tactics and strategies they're not smart enough to come up with this shit they just do it with the way they're laid out like gang members they just do it the way it's laid out and they just serve a purpose and that's it someone came up with this and it's very routine and they're lazy so they're just going to do it the way it's laid out so if you discover how to counter it works for a little while until they change their routines again but of course your entire life is spent mastering ways to counter their new games which of course then you end up wasting your whole fucking life doing this unless of course you're doing active results which is what they do so maybe someday we can put a stop to this or at least get organized like we were years ago with the conference calls and have a little more connectivity and organization without the corruption and people siphoning money and all the problems with her before and make it so we have a power structure account that isn't infiltrated by gas intelligence operatives. If any of you remember freedom from cover harassment if any of you remember that organization it was so peppered with so many ridiculous assholes there were genuine needy people in there and gen uine it was impressive but there was so many criminal opportunities some of the crap that the sabotours and agitators would come up with which is ridiculous and I think the smart people kind of knew who they were but it was really disruptive and that has to be done away with in any future organization that we create. But the more that they have like the Trump era that makes all conspiracy theory look like disinformation and fake news and in mental illness and then they have load shootings the more that's going to be put more and more towards if you are anti authority or you have to conspiracy theories and you don't go along with the system you're a danger and we have to stop this very soon but as you can see they've done a really good job getting rid of the TI community the base of it the groups the organization and now they've associated like one person that attended one of them conference calls became alone shooter well that shouldn't matter I mean it's like saying one person at any organization ends up doing something by or wrong whatever but when it's us of course because people are afraid of the subject matter one action of one individual they're going to use it as much as they can to fill if I the whole group. If remember the people deep down on their hearts know if there's something wrong with this system that there's something not right about one person being hated that much but they work off of the human natural inclination to mob. And before I was aware of my situation and before they started doing it in earnest after 9:00 like a lot of people I saw a situation where somebody was being mob locally and I wouldn't have recognized the truth from the lawyers about the person and the person ended up committing suicide and that was just a local situation. Because you're inclination is to believe address authority figure if they give you information on someone that's supposed to be damaging or supposed to be true when it makes the person look like they deserve to be shown or targeted. That was a very good lesson for me and I took that into my being targeted in earnest after 9/11 especially after I found out this is a theory that is the system and you can counter it. Because when I was uninitiated if you will I've seen modeling and it's very easy to go along with it when you don't know if this shadow system exists as a backdrop in your reality and there are plenty of people walking around that just don't get this because they don't know. As one mafia looking guy in Newport said to me the public don't know and he's right. They also told me to get the hell out of providence and get the hell out of the cities and stay in places away from these urban areas nowadays which of course is good advice but I guess I'm full hearty and I want the resources and the urban areas. But they're not wrong it's not the first person that's warned me that these cities are going to hell and they're becoming prisons and it's not going to be good to stay there so you should get out while you can it's just not that easy.

So that's basically my post at this point is it seems to be that's the thing I experienced in the several in the city now actively in multiple locations retail stores and all you have to do is walk in try to keep your what's about you with very hard realize they go on routine if that's what's happening and just walk out the door fucking 5 or 10 minutes and come back it really does work it's like when you need some air where you feel faint you go get some air and come back it's amazing the change to the environment. And like I said if you feel is if your being focused on with too much interest to profile you're being terrorized without idea it's probably just bullshit and with the long shootings and the new domestic terrorism organization they can I don't know make you believe it well if you don't have money in a place to live and you're disconnected from you know society and a lot of ways or you don't have anyone in your loop they can tell you what's going on you probably would believe it and that's what they depend on they depend on you being nice stupid and scared and just connected because that's the way they make people's lives become. And agreed there is a lot of race rating it doesn't stop and there is a lot of immigrant data and it's really really hard but what else is going to get an A on your chest in a liberal area but those things no one's going to listen to you if someone calls you the R word. You can have the best legal case in the world the most convincing story about having your life destroyed and right now the way it stands the brainwashing is so bad if you have the r on your chest you're going to be canceled


By the way be very cautious on public transportation they are under pressure at they are trouble right now and I do know what's going on if it's sad or if it's someone you know for theater if you know what I mean street theater on bus is on trains but it's getting really ridiculous it's a total clown at never fucking end so you're going to have to detach yourself and just try to come up with countermeasures and now I come to think of it if they wanted somebody to snap I guess they would put the pressure on when you're trying to get from place to place when you're trying to shop of course then that's most likely what's happening with people doing these horrible violence students. But realize that I don't know what's going on this summer but it's on.

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