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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More cameras, more insanity- oh and more promised 'order' in society

When authority cannot be completely trusted to be free of corruption then thier having eyes and ears within a world wide web of surveillance is not necessarily a good idea. Its akin to building a prison using technology, which is I think seems to most likely outcome. Add to that what many of us already know about 'people management' in public spaces and private utlizing tech.

A paranoid's wold view? Not after what I have experienced and seen.

The problem with all of this is that they claim its against crime, its for 'safe cities' and all that but they never admit to thier own corruption or screw ups. You are ASKING to be locked into something where you have no way to argue, protest, rebel or break your way out if authority goes completely against the public. Guns aint gonna mean sh*t at that point. We've already seen the govt and big corporate entities like the newspapers all becoming under large corporate powers, and the people put forth thier wishes and they were disregarded with an arrogance and smugness that is not acceptable. Many of these people believe they are worshipping at the alter of Reagan when they act in this way, of the ultimate Republican power trip.

I read something on Reagan the other day- that he refused to go to war or order violent actions with the ease that the Bush's seem to have doing so. Its true I recall Reagan being very different from Carter but he had a sense of self respect and that is what people liked. That statement "I am paying for this microphone" seemed to hit a note with the public..yes I recall that. But Reagan was different from what is going on now and to be honest he was more humane in some ways than the people who have come forth recently to express what it means to be Republican. I do not recall such blind hatred, such cold war between parties, races, classes or genders.

Humans with all thier access to information finally are getting the drift that environmentally we are probably f*cked as well as finally having to face the reality that humans do horrible things, always have and always will and even if your country is peaceful today, someplace else in the world is not. NOW people have to face that information every day.

However, building a world wide prison in the interest of 'peace' is a sorry bullshit excuse if I ever heard one. If there is a faction in existence that would abuse such authority then we must at least admit to its being a harsh reality before we allow the last piece of fence to be connected, creating something then, that there will be no escaping from.

Its not just surveillance. Its Big Pharma imprisoning people's minds and thier emotions, its too much govt interference in people's lives and its having the public work harder for less and less with less personal and free time. Its being coerced into hooking into a system of being 'plugged in' all the time so that no true free time is possible alone with oneself or true creativity away from a system of technology that may limit human creativity by replacing it.

The future looks great from the perspective of those who have not seen the worst of what is possible. The job of every TI is to try to disclose exactly how much power this system has and what its capable of, and that includes the worst horrors possible.

I pose this: if the system now does not acknowledge its corruption or does less than it can concerning slavery in various forms then what are we to expect from such a system when it has every human being in a huge prison-like environment that there is no escape from?

It means that 'peace' worldwide is going to mean the creation or extension of a fuedal like class system where the only chance at peace is going to be if you accept your place low down the totem pole even if you are capable of so much more.

The empty promise of technology is going to be that machines will replace all enslavement and exploitation of humans, but if you create AI that is that imitative or similar to human responses and behaviors then what about then causing pain or suffering to a machine?
Here we go again with the echo affect. Its what I realized as a child at a pond one day. A ripple is sent out into water and it just keeps going until it appears to dissipate.

So man keeps seeming to make the same mistakes over again. So you are going to create another slave race or spieces which you can afford to mistreat or treat differently. Its the exact same mistake over and over and over and over..people didnt used to think that African American's had feelings when they were slaves or maybe they just didnt care to wonder or know. Or Native Americans- those savages.

What amazes me is how the former light has turned to darkness so quickly. Once there was hope for earth or the peoples of our planet with a dream for world wide peace or at least something better than had been possible before through technology and communications but this has been twisted somehow into this cold and totally offenssive greedfest of overbearing authority and fascism and no one seems to note the difference. And its being marketed as the SAME world wide peace movement as the one that got stopped dead in its tracks.

Here is the difference: everyone looks fucking depressed now but no one is supposed to acknowledge it. What happened? America got a taste of what people like me have known or dealt with all thier lives: pure evil. Abuse. Neglect. Systematic ignoring. And they have dealt with it in a piss poor manner. Why? Becuz unlike those of us who grew up knowing how bad humans can behave and how criminal and abusive minds think, many people simply had never had direct exposure to such the fire. So what do they do? They cower and yield to intimidation and give compliance out of sheer exhaustion, giving in to authority and hoping that if they do so in thier weakness that there will be something to this promise of 'world wide peace'..through war, enslavement, denial of corruption, and the total concentration of power with obviously mad men and thier factions.

When science, the military, the medical industrial complex and other BUSINESSES start to appear to have god like unquestionable power or should I say moreso too much INFLUENCE over our perceptions or the way we conduct our daily private lives then they have formed an alliance that is akin to what religion used to be to The People.

Why does this seem like its not an age of reason anymore? Its as if reason and logic can only be utilized by people who have some sort of clout and anyone else is ignored as if having common sense or being right or saying what is true is meaningless.

This SHOWS that they are already creating such a gap between who is going to be part of a world wide social class that has a decent life and those of us left to exist like peasants. And it has nothing to do with looks, talent or intelligence. It seems its who will cooperate with whoever is in charge.
It may have always been like that but now one cannot even be left alone to rot outside the castle as a peasant. Someone has to come along after breaking one down to a lower level than they deserve to be in and then lean on the person until they become at least something useful to society.

When people are not allowed to express thier greatest talents and abilities that are genetically endowed to them from ancenstry yet they are not left alone to exist at a natural level after being broken then humans are no longer living in a natural state. Humans are no longer able to form naturally or exist naturally.

The Public need to take a very serious look at what exactly has come of MK Ultra and all subprojects that is being used covertly without thier knowledge within society. This must be factored into whatever other structures that authorities are building to keep us safe from crime- and from them and protest or revolt I assume.

Some questions should be
- why are you building a prison and many other types of systems to imprison or control man without officially acknowledging covert systems of manipulation of humans that are presently operating out in public spaces?
-why does authority refuse to look at or acknowledge its recent and past abuse of authority and corruption? But instead is utilizing cult brainwashing tactics on the public as in this day and age 'cover ups' are no longer possible so insisting on pulling such things off right under people's noses without caring who sees is now the fashion.
-why is man no longer allowed to be by himself with his own thoughts in his own mind, with his own soul as his greatest companion? Why must the state insist on owning men's souls to this extent as is possible today via cult mind control tactics and technology? And most of all why is the capacity for such a thing being possible hidden from the public?

I am sure we can keep asking basically the same things but really all we want to know is "Why are you up our asses every f*cking minute and when are we going to go back to being left the hell alone to conduct our own lives and see to our own affairs?"
That sums it up pretty much.

Oh and why are we not allowed to be happy with our own lives might be a good one too but it sounds to vague or philosophical like 'whats the meaning of life'? In fact you probably cant be alone to ask that either or some psych med peddler will come out and start telling you that wondering that is a disorder and you need a pill very very much so as you are so very very a world of medical students and professionals that are so wonderfully perfect and orderly (no pun intend) is what that intimates...

So you are going to pick and chose who is disordered which creates the perception that the world is so naturally in wonderous Order that people are a source of DIS order....uh. Yeah, this sh*t needs to stop. Soon.

BEFORE they build the huge prison yard for the whole planet. If yer targeted you know that for us its already there.


  1. They've done that, use their technology to create disorders, and then start trying to peddle meds that are supposed to help me. It's like I already know they can create any kind of bodily dysfunction with their tech, and then come to me and say "here, you need our pills to help cure your ailment". Well, I already KNOW what caused my ailment: it was your damned directed energy weapons. And some of these DEW's are very silent and sophisticated, too. They're not at all like those crude weapons you see on various sites. They are very subtly and silent, and can very silently work on destroying tissue with scalar waves and other types of radiation. Those DEW's you see in magazines as being utilized by the military are usually the crude ones they let the public know about. It's those types that are very overt and sledgehammer-like. The ones they use on us have levels of sophistication many orders of magnitude better than those they are welling to admit to. And even then, they market those crude unsophisticated ones as being possibly deployed many years from now, when in fact, DEW's used on TI's even many years ago were far more sophisticated. And they keep getting more sophisticated and covert. That's why I don't like to talk about them on TI blogs... because it gives the perps feedback on how covert they are, and how they can be even more sneaky and covert. We sure don't need any more sneakiness and covert attacks.

  2. So basically, one is not allowed to grow, even if he has the ability, unless he can use his talents for the benefit for the System? There were quite a few artists in history who had very good engineering and science skills, too.

    Da Vinci was one of them. Da Vinci was always someone I admired greatly. I'm not sure where your beef was, but I'm sure it was against Dan Brown and his Da Vinci code and books on secret societies. It's just that --- purely fiction.

    Did you get the sense that Brown was trying to say Mona Lisa had some subliminal meanings behind it? It was clear to me that his works were clear fiction. I did see one of his movies, and he completely lost me. It was very hard to follow or what Brown was trying to get at. Seems like a story about fanatical secret society followers.


    surveillance abuse at the NSA

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