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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Claims of pedophilia used as harassment/ intimidation

This is a common problem for alot if TI's...unfortunately it can ruin a persons psych (mind) over time and is very damaging when put upon the victim in the beginning of the campaign..

Psych Harassment Info Assoc

...especially if the person is a survivor of any abuse.  This really screws up any healing they were getting.
In very complicated targeting situations, this will often damage someone who is starting to remember people and things that perpetrators would rather they not. 

I have seen that one of the ends that gang stalking is going for is to induce so much damage that a sort of anmesia occurs out of terror or actual brain damage erases memories--permanently.
(This is why people who are stupidly vigilante are useful to the ever deceptive and much smarter, stealth and very expereinced abusers and crime rings of abuse--useful idiots is all they are.  They actually HELP destroy a victim who was most likely getting healed or going in that direction or was a threat to perpetrators or an abusive biological family becuz they are dumb enough to believe slander and bad PR campaigns..the real career criminals are sophisticated enough to know who the victims and perps are--this is why crooked law enforcement on all levels is so valuable to crime rings.)

Under less complex circumstances it is simple psych warfare via bad PR campaign. Its terror.

This is one of those things that is so nice to finally see in print so you can feel validated.

I have this site as a link but if you never clicked on it this is a page you should see.


  1. So what role to drug rings play? I've noticed the same things as you, that they seem to "know" the major players out there on the drug market, and the timing of the drug busts seems to be quite odd. I guess gangstalking has the ability to monitor all of its criminals and innocents and victims. So it seems they only allow certain people to be "busted" when they do their big drug bust "events".

    Also, do you get the people with with mouths wide open when walking/driving past? I'm not sure what purpose that serves. It's like a "stationary" gesture.

  2. it seems that organized stalking and harassment is a good system to keep victim witnesses quiet..that is the role of the drug business. In some cases its more complex but organized crime seems to be involved in getting people targeted. That is why its dangerous to go around crying that its the govt all the time. It could be social groups or organized crime.
    I had a guy who 'looked like' a homeless bum in Kenmore sq sit next to me one day when anyone could tell by looking at me that my stress levels had made me catatonic, I never trusted this guy anyway- alot of his insanity seemed like an act. After meaningless conversation out of nowhere he just drops the sentence (as people who seem like operatives or whatever they are often do)"You know, social groups doing this is alot different that the govt"..and proceeded to make it sound like, in my case anyway, that some social group (in my case most likely connected to crime) had been stopped by a higher force on the covert game in completely destroying me. So perhaps the govt actually steps in depending what the circumstances are. Maybe its connected to some interest in me they dont want disturbed or perhaps they like to show criminals and private citizens in general that they are ALLOWED to exist and there are bigger forces that can stop them at any time..who even knows if 'govt' is what he meant. Who gives a shit? My point is that unless you are IN THE KNOW concerning intelligence work or crime or policing you will NEVER fully have the answers as to who is responsible for your gang stalking.
    And again beware becuz its all an info war. My case could be the opposite actually. At some point someone in some govt agency who was mislead or corrupt and working for rich connected criminals could have tried to destroy me and organized crime factions could have intervened...
    In my case I never try to guess. I just know what I know for sure about my OWN experiences.
    The factions of govt rogue or otherwise that deal with the drug trade do not want the public knowing who that all works, or other factions of the black market economy either not just drugs. THAT is the connection.

    As far as the tactic you mentioned it is just that... a tactic. Learn to ignore it and if you are sensitized to it then get unsensitized anyway you can.

    Recall that all prior societies that have dealt with gang stalking like activiity tend to be described as having a "down the rabbit hole" type of environment during that oppression.
    People doing insane things to you is to make you feel that your existence is well..insane. Its part of driving you out of your mind and into suicide. Killing your connection to humanity outwardly and inwardly.

  3. I believe it IS rich connected criminals. Those types probably have peeps in the govt. who are also corrupt and do "favors" for them. That wouldn't surprise me... look at all the crap that goes on inside the govt. For example, legislatures and congressmen voting themselves big raises, and some of them hardly ever show up for work. Meanwhile, if you got picked for jury duty here in PA, you'd only be getting $9 per day... the pay rate set in the 50's... maybe 1950? Anyways, it doesn't take them long to vote themselves big pay raises, does it? They sure are slow to attend to us "little people". It's people inside the govt. who get away with stuff because they have the means and power to do it. That's why so many targets are quick to blame "the govt." for stuff like this. But I guess that is a "who has the power" type of thing. Those types are so lazy, they sit back and watch everyone else suffer while they get all the luxuries.

    It reminds me of the one Tom and Jerry cartoon from the 40's where Tom throws Jerry out in the snow. His conscience bothers him, because he realizes he is suffering out there and lets him back in. It's very allegorical... he represented the person "in power" who "had pity" on the suffering "little person". Seems Jerry was the "inconvenient person" Tom had to get rid off. But in that case, he felt bad and let him back in. In real life, those rich and powerful people turn a deaf ear and would not let Jerry in. As long as they're comfortable, they tune out the sufferings of those they are casting out. And that's exactly what we TI's are... we are Jerry in that cartoon, being cast out of society, so the wealthy corrupt with connections can get on with their lives... screw OUR needs. They need to protect their undeserved lavish comfortable lifestyles. I think John Lennon must have been a threat to someone. We need a revolution to put these power people on the same level as us. After all, both we and they are going to the same place eventually. No one should have greater power than another. The govt. and the people working for it should make sure of that. Instead, the rich/corrupt are abusing the govt. for their own ends.

  4. I've always felt there was some involvement somehow in the porn industry... it seems quite a few porn actresses have committed suicide. Of course, drugs has always played a big role, but that particular industry would play some sort of interactive role in organized crime. They probably have had handlers for years trying to keep those people down to a more childlike state... I guess it makes for better porn acting.

    One example:

  5. Druggies, yes.
    Porn industry, yes, or at least the nastier parts of it.

    Also: Property developers (there is rarely a crime they won't commit to get planning permission or to get rid of sitting tenants, local objectors, whole forests surrounding Sydney or Athens, etc.)

    But don't forget loan sharks and protection racketeers: if you unwittingly try to help one of their victims, they will see you as a threat to their easy money. Whereas druggies and porn producers may be violent and sadistic, loan sharks and protection racketeers are ALWAYS violent and sadistic, because these are inherently cruel things to do.

    Pathological liars are another grave danger: they are not compelled to tell clever lies to demonstrate their skills and plausibility, their deepest urge is to make people accept something that defies reason. They do this by adding threat and fear to deception, and it is the ultimate form of sadism, because they are destroying the victim's ability to reason. And if they are determined to make you accept something that isn't true (and worse, not capable of being true) and you stand against this, they will use physical violence on a grand scale, or employ other deeply sadistic methods.

    In some cases, the level of sadism in organised stalking convinces Medawar that there has to be a pathological liar behind it all, because other types of psychopath simply aren't sadistic enough for what's going on.

    Of course, these people would be making the perps believe whatever lie it was that made them be perps, as well as destroying the minds of the victims, so they would be getting off on it in a big way.

    One psychiatrist did admit to Medawar, in a three way discussion with a policeman who wouldn't believe in organised stalking unless someone could give him a rational reason for people doing something so strange and so cruel, that the only reason that's actually needed for a huge and elaborate campaign of hate and victimization, is that the people running the show enjoy doing it.

    (In some ways, the complexity of organised stalking is a sign that someone enjoys doing it: if it were purely functional it would be a lot less subtle, but equally effective. BOSS (South African State Security) used to chuck dissidents off high roofs, whereas the STASI would stalk them endlessly and compile great dossiers on their lives, before putting them in a clinic and taking their minds apart slowly.)

    In a way, it's much easier to believe in vast hidden political agendas, than to accept that somebody might enjoy destroying lives so much that they've manipulated their way into the political power structure, simply in order to be able to do this.

    The Gestapo archives for 1944-1945 contain a lot of memos from officers at all levels, bitterly complaining that most of the suspects they have tortured, executed or sent to camps, were almost certainly good Germans denounced by sadistic neighbours. Well, they could have spotted that one a few years earlier, but if somebody, such as Himmler, provides a mechanism for persecuting people, it is inevitable that the sadists will find a way to use that mechanism for their own ends.

  6. That's one of the relentless ongoing components here: the gangstalkers are trying to get me to accept obvious lies and things that are outright false. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's part of the "breaking down" processes? There are lies mixed in with truths, and the truths are there to make it easier for me to accept the lies that are accompanying them. I'm constantly fed notions about me and others that are very very false on a daily basis, and it's been very constant.

  7. For some of them, getting you to accept lies will be an end in itself. For others, it may getting society as a whole to accept, not just a lie, but something ridiculous.

    There's also a lot of smear and slander about individuals. What was shocking here in the UK, was when Blair introduced us to the idea that Civil Servants would routinely slander people, not merely those who opposed the government, but those whose personal experience, reported in the newspapers, just happened to contradict something the government held to be true. They do it to people from every level and station in life: