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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

5g Crisis Awareness and Accountability with Dr Reinhardt

 Credible, same information and solution driven video. Unfortunately one of the problems with ConspyreTV as well as it's overflow site BURROW is that there isn't always identifying information about the videos they contain.

If you are aware of what this podcast is called please leave a comment. Dr Reinhardt refers to the host as "Josh". I've tried to Google this with pertinent info but no results were sufficient. Google is not the search engine it used to be and one must use many engines now to get correct information more quickly.

Dietrich Klinghardt - 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability 2019

I don't agree with conspiracies linking 5g to sickness such as viruses, claiming that 5g is responsible for people being I'll and there's no such thing as viruses or germs. This is once again a case of good information being misconstrued by the public either by misinformation or disinformation.

The possibility of issues connected to COVID-19 having connections to 5g or other technology are feasible. 

Interestingly years ago a doctor had become very nervous and a hair defensive (you'd have to really be able to read people to sense it) when discussing increasing memory loss. My case is specific because Ive suffered neurological damage from long term mold exposure in the early 2000s. This doc was not aware of that and he just seemed generally nervous about people mentioning early memory loss and brain fog.

He mentioned symptoms that are common to the kinds this video refers to but he wrote it off as "I see symptoms like that all the time, people go into another room and forget what they were doing" or to that effect was said. 
But since he didn't know about my condition that would make me more likely to have those symptoms he seemed to indicate this was becoming common among people younger than usual and he seemed determined to write it off as normal.

However always remember doctors, police and other kinds of professionals many of them begin such careers to help people so often one can sense they are uncomfortable with lying and they will be helpful or reveal valuable info in spite of themselves. Also 'workplace mobbing', a form of harassment resembling GS but confined to the workplace, that's accepting as existing and is legally sound, is rampant in acedemia and I imagine all the professions. 

The doctor in this video is an example of one of those people who is very talented, smart and somehow was able to work hard enough or have some resources that allowed him to speak out and evolve beyond the confines other medical professionals seem limited by. 

I'm beginning to see that the medical professionals we deal with especially in university connected hospital systems are basically like worker bees, office workers or even factory workers within a confined set structure especially nowadays with hospitals now being in a corporate structure. It may be some of the best safest care in the country but all the mavericks have been pushed out and everyone is terrified to not tow the official line. 

At some point Ive got to do an assessment and provide a guide of some kind to people nowadays on this new conspiracy theory culture and community. After I was framed and was out of commission as well as years of diversions due to my personal life, I realized an entirely new conspiracy culture has been manufactured as a very effective tool for disinformation. 

This particular host of this podcast seems solid and he seems to be coming from the right place. He also mentions being "solution based" which is always a good thing. 

In short the video seems credible and useful and may provide some relief by being informed by a credible source about what's going on right now.

I'm trying to figure out ConspyreTV so I can gather the best videos that have value for anyone interested in not being manipulated or having their time wasted.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

It's Time To Solve 9/11

It's coming time to finally resolve the issue of 9/11,  place it in history and move on. 

I had never seen this video before probably because 9/11 was never a subject I found the need to post about. During the early 2000s when I began this blog I had a distinct impression it was advisable to deal with other subject matter and not attract that kind of attention. 

Twenty two years later this video seems even more sensible and makes a case for doing an investigation using state and national standards for such events and for airline crashes. Over the past few years Ive watched many airline accident investigation shows and am familiar with how stringent the rules are on doing air crash investigations. It's impressive how meticulous they are. 

Until 9/11 is resolved properly, there will always be a feeling of being held hostage or a surreal feeling to man made reality. 

It's kind of like peeling back the layers of the 1960s back to LSD human experimentation and MK Ultra. You realize that there's cause for re evaluating a history and sub culture you thought you knew-its a bit suspect that first there's LSD experiments in the 50s and magically a decade or so later you've got the 60s subculture being marketed as well as the likes of Timothy Leary and its coming from elite colleges etc. 

Add to that the Harvard scientist who predicted 'world wide plague' in the 50s and one of the main causes was going to be promiscuity. Why would you encourage free love and then debauched open sexual behavior in the 1970s? Especially with drugs lowering everyone's inhibitions and impairing judgement? 

You realize the entire thing was a scam. A deception. 

Then you go back further and look at the progress in technology and concepts and ideas and art in the late 1800s to the early 20th century especially from countries like Russia, Germany and Scandinavia and realize that WW 2 was most likely induced. Caused, on purpose to ensure the stifling of true progress and enlightenment of humanity. Imagine if those countries were to have a fusion of culture with the far east? 

Truman was a mafia backed asshole and it's the psychopaths behind him who caused Japan to be bombed. Atomic and nuclear anything should not exist on this planet to begin with. And people think greening things up with a corporate backed environmental 'green' movement twenty to fifty years too late is going to save the planet or humanity? 

The problem is that I enjoy being as thorough as those airline crash investigation guys. Most people nowadays seem to prefer 'feel good' activism. That along with being held by a form of Stockholm Syndrome. 

Releasing us from the scam that was and is 9/11 will begin to make people think sensibly again and with critical thinking. People live in a horribly manufactured reality nowadays and unlike the old subculture it's not even fun or creative. If hell is defined by being boring and living in boredom and mediocrity then I suppose then some Satanic cabal is responsible..but I dont think so. I think Satanism is the selling point. I think that Machiavellian plots simply are made more effective nowadays by those in power having technological and other advantages.

The public bring misery upon themselves by not remembering to trust no one and always be on the lookout for being scammed because this is human nature. 

Disinformation is rampant now especially in the Conspiracy Theory community and it makes newcomers confused about what is good content and what is manipulative garbage. 

Example: there's a good probability that the moon landings were faked for political and other motivations at that time period in history however the idea of the earth being flat is f*cking ridiculous. 

Yet people might start delving into conspiracy theories and lack the talent or skills to remain balanced thus they believe everything that comes out of the conspiracy theory culture which not only discredits us it also turns people who sought enlightenment into mindless religious zealots or cult members. 

It's not that confusing to unravel something that seems like it's not quite right. There's a hell of a lot wrong with the idea of a moon landing especially being broadcast live back in the late 60s (probably they were depending on all that LSD to help to form this fantasy at that time). NASA has a sordid history to begin with, something else the public seem oblivious to. 

There's also a hell of a lot wrong with the idea of the earth being flat. The fact there's an entire group who call themselves 'flat earthers' should be a red flag. Falling into a belief like that is akin to giving up. It's understandable to want to stop all the noise and just drop into something so implausible that it resembles an ancient indigenous belief system. 

It's understandable for ancient indigenous people to believe such things or even continue to do so as part of cultural preservation but man is cursed with the forbidden knowledge of the apple -and he must be responsible for it. 

You can look at the moon in the sky and in one view romanticize it by seeing only it's shape as a bright crescent and a dark contrasting shape that seem pleasing in an artistic way but your next impression should be that in REALITY you are looking at an entire sphere that is simply being lighted up by the sun on the other side of the earth and then picture the entire system in your mind. You can indeed be both the innocent inhabitant of earth that is oblivious and enjoys everything provided to him by a higher intelligence who designed it that way and you are part of it. You can also be a modern human being and touch on being a living god by having control over the process in which this ultimate design works and functions. 

It's not wrong or crazy to point something out that is an error. The way 9/11 is presented and perceived is error. It needs to be fixed. It's that simple. 

Because error leads to error 33.333333. 

Error is also no fun because the world becomes build not by truthful design that's pleasing but by what others who hold power want to build according to their specifications. 

Your the builder, your the writer. Why let others do it for you? I don't understand why that's crazy or so awful. 

Perhaps people like me don't fully understand the cause and effect of not believing in or at least going along with the official 9/11 story. What do I know about projections or finance or world economics or political science? Again it's only fair to be realistic. 

Perhaps selling the skewed version of events to the public is even ultimately beneficial in the big picture in the long term. However there's nothing wrong with not believing the 9/11 scam for individual people even if it never gets rectified. The fact it's written off as conspiracy theory is the worst offense because they aren't just asking you to go along for the greater good they are assaulting your common sense and your desire to use your intelligence. 

For some of us a clear picture devoid of deception provides something life affirming. Living in a deception that's creepy and agreed upon by everyone involved in order to survive is hellish. 

This is another reason why nowadays they are trying to kill off those who are susceptible to drug abuse or at least damage them beyond repair for life. 

They realize what people like this are capable of once they find their way out of the traps elite set for you in youth and their intolerance nowadays is deadly.  In the old days they just wanted to keep certain demographics out of the universities and in the northeast you were expected to get your life together after youth and get a minimal education. Now the system is set up to kill people off who aren't going to confirm to the official line. 

It is so much more scary than a few conspiracy theories. This is about denying anyone from questioning the answers or even using their brains to think out problems.

It's become a living hell of being controlled on the most personal levels to an invasive degree and it's what you don't know about that's the worst part of it. 

It would be nice to at least feel something was set right. That not everything was being held from the people. With all the obsession over the word 'justice' in recent years it's amazing that actual justice isn't reachable. Thus becoming part of a cult of social justice. Because no one seems to know what real justice is anymore. 

Down the rabbit hole is a rather quaint expression that isn't enough to express the magnitude of what's been done. 

These are scams and they should be dealt with as such. It's that simple. How is it that having enough evidence to show cause and ask questions is somehow delusional? 

That sets a very dangerous precedent.

I love the clip of Obama promising to bring back an era of respecting facts in science and yet his presidency laid the groundwork for the Disney world we live in today and his VP has been the absolute worst at pushing this agenda. 

We have to listen to Camilla as VP because of some standard that now dictates that she is oppressed by just existing and that by default she's all about changing the system even though her record in the justice system proves otherwise. 

If your tired of being scammed and it's gotten just ridiculous then 9/11 should be set right. 

I think it's entertaining for a lot of people. I think they actually enjoy our country's culture of greed, waste, spectacle and boring scripted chaos. Firstly because they are low quality people secondly because they are stupid people and lastly because it allows them to hide and get away with whatever they are doing. 

In the old days people like us could get away from people like them and anyone else who's culture was offensive-underground book stores, REAL coffee shops where artists and ideas met not what exists today, subculture art and music even neighborhoods. 

That's all been taken away. Every last piece of real estate is either bought for them or it's so downtrodden and burned out no culture can exist there at all. 

People are naturally trying to escape this undesirable reality and there's no place to gather. 

The system knows this especially for my generation who are just so computer savvy but not native enough for the internet to satisfy as an actual genuine reality or dimension. Conspiracy Theory communities represent that old cohesion the religions, the neighborhoods or the cultures used to have and I suspect people are believing some more ridiculous parts of conspiracy culture just for the same motivation people believe or vow to protect the official 9/11 story-to have someplace safe and comfortable where things finally make sense and everyone agrees and everything will be ok as long as you believe. 

If you accept every conspiracy theory without questions or refuse to debate then your exactly like the people of a culture you claim to be rivaling.

I've talked to these new wave conspiracy types and they are reactionary, defensive and have at best a poor understanding of what the culture is supposed to be about and provide. 

It's supposed to be about relief and safety. You finally figured it out and it's simple deduction, fact, science, math, reason whatever. Entering into the conspiracy culture as it's being marketed nowadays is just another trap being laid for people and it leads to the same horrible maze as the very things you were trying to get out of to begin with. 

What is the point of that?? 

Some people like being lost in underground mazes indefinitely and others enjoy the sun rays that are there for those who emerge from the exits. 

Some metal song I heard once has a lyric "life is just a maze of deception". Like ultimately that's reality. It's up to individuals to seek where they are comfortable. Some people are comfortable with that, others arent, some prefer no conviction other than whatever leaders hand down to them from either side. 

The fact we aren't allowed to choose or that our perspective is rendered non existent by powerful forces nowadays is the problem.

For all of the noise on the internet and the promise of a world of endless information it's served only to limit our minds as never before in history.  

I think Gen X believed our parents had tamed authority, had won and paved the way for real progress. I now realize that my grandparents weren't so bad, had reasons for the way they were and now having been the 'old people' during an induced manipulative controlled and engineered youth revolt that was totally obnoxious I understand what the people who caused the 60s must have went through. 

That and having deconstructed the entire plot that created the 1960s to begin with. To break down society. I never thought o would see the day where I would have to entertain the idea that McCarthy was right.

But it's not 'commies' it's an entire global structure of power that resembles the Lord in his castle in the middle ages. The peasants are unaware of what runs their lives and only hears of him but never sees him.

The Constitution I think was created to give Americans recourse (not a perfect system) so as to prevent this. The separation of church and state also. Which is why it's so important for this agenda to slowly get rid of what Bush described as "just a piece of paper". Yeah if people don't put their belief, energy and action behind it. 

Peoples life force is being taken from them or used by a larger entity. People don't realize what's more valuable than the internet or buying things or feeling as if your changing the system is that people have a right to exist within themselves and be present in their own minds. They also have a birthright to their connection with nature which humans are part of. 

If you notice the modern environmental movement seems to be all about continuing to isolate man from the natural world instead of progress toward a fusion of Nature and technology. 

It's not natural for humans to fly in airplanes. It's unnatural for people to live work or exist at all many floors above the ground. However we've become accustomed to this and as it becomes more apparent as we evolve with technology and information that this may not be the best thing for us or life ok this planet the powers need to keep us trapped in this industrial nightmare and control how we progress. 

In a way 9/11 was showing us how fragile those very things are and how vulnerable we are. Those falling from the towers were an example. Whoever did the 9/11 job really wanted to mimic a natural disaster. To be as powerful as one of those events where humans learn the harsh reality of the natural world and they have no control that's guaranteed. This impressive site is in earthquakes but especially in the tidal wave (tsunami) in Japan. In the movies tidal waves destroy cities with force, size and speed. I was in awe how slow the water moved through it's destruction through the island of Japan. It actually made it  more horrifying that it was absolute force and nothing man made could prevent this. That's also the trick of movies and tv. They resemble dreams where we can't really interact and we suffer due to being subjected to an experience and that denies us true knowledge of the real and natural world and the ability to test our meddle within it. 

9/11 attempted to teach us a lesson about who is in charge and has all the power. If you realize it's a scam that is even more damaging then you are prevented from getting to the truth so your power is denied to you completely. 

This is also another reason to get this resolved or at least stop invalidating questioning the official story. 

Now it's frowned upon to question anything due to the 'truther' movement.

If anyone watched this video and still thought the people in it were delusional and didn't make sense then you are frickin brainwashed or your not paying attention and don't care. 

Again rise of the stupids.