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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

More On eBay Harassment Case (Since I started getting fucked with really hard as of posting last night then I will just keep putting this out there MORE)

 Since I seem to be attracting randomized assholedom today specifically tonight at my supermarket plaza, from humans who seem a bit more dangerous and sinister than the usual (theorized) GS perp, then I can only assume a few things. That post yesterday about eBay does alot of damage that I now realize from doing more research into the case.

Such as, if only six employees got actual sentencing for the harassment/stalking campaign and the two executives were forced to resign but not charged of course, then if one things about it-where are the rest of the people involved?

There was alot of people involved in pulling off the organized harassment. No one is going to fly people in that are doing the petty stuff SO THEY HAD TO USE LOCALS, as in Massachusetts residents or at least a group in this location that are residing here even temporarily that can be contracted out for such tasks.                           Such as the black van that was stalking the Natick couple. People doing the actual mailing of the offensive objects to their homes (and their neighbors). 

The low level dirty work wasnt done by simply six employees. 

So that leads people to understand that there are either groups for hire here in MA or there are people who have been recruited and will continue to perform such actions. The article said nothing of lower level actors in the harassment campaign being charged. So where are they now? They are still here.

The case also proves the existence of organized stalking campaigns.

When I dug deeper I found the DOJ case file and it spells out a hell of a lot more than the news articles. I imagine the media was keen on running those firstly because it's a well known company and higher ups were sighted but also because those involved liked to intimidate journalists. Either way, our community benefits.

The DOJ case available on the internet goes into detail and the tactics used read like every TIs nightmare, especially those of us with bigger enemies. 

I could not believe the stuff I read that had happened to me specifically during my being framed in 2016. 

I had someone hacking into my Google Drive from an email account I use for apps and social media so it's not that secure, putting clips of porn into my phone or files. I certainly didn't download it because I wasn't and still aren't that tech savvy as to know how to clip something then insert it like that. 

That's another thing. I was accused of a cyber crime but the way the crime was committed, it was beyond my scope of knowledge and skills set. Which is why the legal proceedings were kangaroo court, frame up BS. Alot of this stuff is done beyond what your average person would have the capabilities to understand or know how to get it done. 

Which comes to the exact nature of who was involved that was executing these actions. When you read the file you begin to understand thaf when the title of the six employees involved was 'intelligence' that wasn't just some made up name given by eBay for these people as a job title. THESE PEOPLE HAVE ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE TRAINING and they were using it to work for eBay...but apparently THIS IS STANDARD INTELLIGENCE PRACTICE for these kinds of campaigns. 

Which in turn means that they do exist, people are perpetrating them on victims and that it could be from any intelligence source.

It's important for every TI to read through the case because it's educational on the tactics potentially involved in any theoretical harassment campaign. 

Police were used by these intelligence people or group. Cyber stalking was involved. Misrepresenting their identities was used. False claims of an investigation into the couple with FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS was involved. 

After reading the case it's obvious that the media coverage was focusing on the sensationalism and spectacle such as they sending a dead pig skin mask through the mail both to sell papers but probably to keep the focus simple so that people dont realize how dangerous this activity is. It's also to manage perceptions about crimes because no one who's an intelligence expert goes to jail for sending stupid stuff through the mail. They will go to jail for the former activities I just mentioned. It seems like it's to ensure the public dont connect intelligence workers with what seems like pretty involved, spy type plots and schemes or perhaps to make sure people don't start thinking along those lines about what's in their own environment. 

It may also be that they want eBay to be the villain and once they fire all those involved the company is clear again and the problem no longer exists. In reality it's not eBay that is the source but the intelligence field which perhaps they also don't want people to perceive as an ongoing possible threat for this kind of activity.

The link above speaks for itself I don't need to write about it. I may however, later on site some material that TIs will find very familiar.

eBay started out as a start up like other 90s companies. Their background is interesting. I dont sell stuff on there so I have no complaints as the targeted couple did, in fact it's one of the few sources for some specialized small items like patches etc and they take various kinds of payments which other sites don't. 

The founder seems pretty harmless.

This is the purpose of online activism is to train the TI to understand the nature of their theoretical situation and have victims be able to cope, counter move and eventually even flourish. As TIs we have a very special vantage point-we know how the world really works, how people get things done as unpleasant, immoral and illegal as it is. From that one can become a more successful person because we can evade the usual pitfalls of life people encounter. 

So eBay isn't this all pervasive, ominous evil entity. It's better to think of it as the intelligence field is lol. 

The paranoia that can set in and ruin a person's life is probably the worst outcome of being targeted and understanding the mechanics of campaigns can be a prevention to that disease destroying a person's life forever.