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Monday, April 2, 2012

Now All Humanity Needs To Do Is Admit Humans Are Capable Of Evil..Not That Satan Exists

But why bother nowadays. No country is safe from the meddling hands of the NWO psychos.

I guess I could go to Scandinavia and help destroy radical Muslims or Africans who want to mess up thier host countries. But why bother becuz whoever is in charge up there has decided to help the NWO by selling out thier own country and its people by allowing those beasts to even live there to begin with. One thing about the USA, if those f*ckers were running around overtly raping little girls even the Mafia here would start killing them off.

I gotta say Muslims dont f*ck around here they way they know they can in England or Scandinavia. I guess we got the black and Mex gangs working for the CIA at top levels dealing the DEA/military's drugs for them and part of thier job is to disrupt our nation and our culture.

Maybe there is someplace on earth that is like the world once was- fairly sane. Years ago our culture even when totally insane had some humanity to it, some sanity to living in it. Art provided solace and reflection of what was going on. Humanity was the norm in dealing with having to live among humans with thier typical bs that makes life difficult.

But the current environment is now totally false. The very things and norms that made humanity..well, human are being cut out of our world. Start with mass mind control via tech, chemcials, media, psych meds, government marijuana and human forces psych warfare in private and public spaces. Then add up the corporate ownership of like, EVERYTHING.

This 'Satanic Age' bs is just that. What is this nonsense about the Christian Age or Jesus era before this? What if you dont believe in Christ or Christianity? Its nonsense. What is more suspect is the Nazi's wanting to put forth a Thousand Year Reich. I now wonder if they are using Satanism to cover for what originated with the Nazis.
Most of the evidence and clues found point to this more than anything else.

Even in ages prior to this one, to the last thousand years, humans did NOT act as disgusting, slovenly or stupid as they are acting now. It seems so but its not. There wasnt psych meds, world wide environmental pollution and electromagnetic pollution, tech used for mass mind control. The interconnectedness of populations wasnt there.
And I dont recall Satanism every being this dumb. Or conformist. Well, pretty dumb in many instances reminds me of the Dark Ages. As if the exact same forces that created the powers of the Catholic Church and helped create the horrors of the Middle Ages are simply at it again. The torture levels seem to resemble that situation. Like if you went against the power structure.

What is most maddening is so many people seem to think this is normal. That these changes to society are totally normal. It seems less like Satanism and more like the mob have taken over which is nothing like Satanists. Its odd to feel like you've been destroyed by a mob of horrid average jealous petty violent humans yet they seem to have access to information that is only available to an elite core of law enforcement or government.

Thats why none of this makes sense. The public are not supposed to be in on covert affairs. And I cannot believe that nobodies understand the entire situation beyond a cover story. But yes, if you wanted to create a living hell, then invite the average nobodies of the public into handling delicate affairs of a covert nature. Yeah, this has been absolutely the worst situation Ive ever been in.

So America is ruined. And anyone who wouldnt become a total souless abusive asshole has been run out or silenced. And I am supposed to STAY HERE and sue? Why should I even bother? The country likes being the enslaved guard dogs for the elite. They LIKE thier house slave status.

I am making doctor's appointments today and then I am calling lawyers- tell me what I need so I can go.

Why? Becuz this entire situation from 2002 until right this second is liiitttle to scripted for my tastes to fall for going along with. Oh, at this exact point in time I am supposed to take legal action against those who tried to destroy me? Ive been being hounded for the last few months to get a lawyer, get a lawyer, get a lawyer. Now I am being surrounded by feelings of a future victory.
That doesnt sound right to me. It sounds like someone with alot of money and power and resources was bored and wanted to write a play and force alot of people to be in on executing it. I am sick of being pushed around, used like a marionette. Nothing I do is real. Its all from this script that is pushed forth by mental and emotional cues via interface. The ONLY time I feel 'real' or normal is when I am removed from any and all cell reception.

Why should I take legal action if it seems scripted. Why didnt I take action years ago, when I was being destroyed? So much has been lost by me now, why wasnt my youth, talent, looks, health and intelligence SAVED by being urged to action years ago?

I do NOT like this the way its being laid out. And I refuse to play these games anymore. If I take the actions I am being prompted to take I am still being nothing more than a mindless puppet for the forces behind this entire situation. You can almost feel it as its happening that its fake and scripted by someone.

The interface is so bad at this point that I cant go a second without being informed about myself and my motivations. If I think about something I did recently, there is a countering source that comes in and explains to me why I am this way or why I did what I did. There is absolutely no privacy whatsoever. No mystery to life.
And the interface never stops. As of this point in time in being targeted, I experience no thoughts that are my own in privacy in my mind. I am completely hooked into whatever system this is and my thoughts are minimal. My mind, prior to being tortured and brain damaged was vast, multidimensional, a universe internally almost. Now my condition is akin to having all that destroyed and being reduced to being a robot who is connected up to an outside system that is ALWAYS in contact with me mentally and emotionally. I can feel that the brain damage from the mold is partially responsible for this state of being. Keeping me isolated and away from stimulus other than what this system has wanted me to experience is another cause for my current state of being. Torture and torment are also responsible.

This IS MK Ultra. To destroy someone's mind and rebuilt it in a desired image. However, what was never included in what we know about MK Ultra is that these technologies would be used to interface with its subjects so as to perform alot of the forming of the person's mind and personality as well as stay with them consistently for life to continue to form, shape and control them.

There is a reason I walk around looking blank and terrorized. With little expression on my face nowdays. The torment has stopped largely. Now its about directing me to do this or that like a robot. Everything I do is decided for me. In MA this is very pronounced. Go here, go there, do this now do this tomorrow. I get flashes of visions and ideations through emotions that declare these actions to me. For instance last night I slept in a safe place inside but there was risk involved. Ever since I have traveled more this last trip as well as went to Texas I have more balls for some reason. I just dont care about getting trespassing charges for squatting anymore. So I stayed in this building which was good becuz it is solid and I was protected from electromagnetic influence last night. Most peaceful night in months.

My point was that on my way to this building I got a flash and the idea to go sleep at the airport. As if it was a command I was supposed to obey. I knew this was typical in this location last few years and refused to go along. Why would I go there? Its moldy as hell, I get targeted with content that feels unpleasant though not torturous and get alot of what seems like very sly, calm gang stalking perps around me on the bus out of there and always get that on the train following. Screw the airport. Its targeted in a way that makes TI's feel safe, but its NOT a safe environment. One night here or there as a Squatter in airports is ok. But to stay there in an area where I am targeted in this kind of detail is not a good idea.
Too many homeless are allowed to sleep at Logan and I now understand that anywhere the homeless are allowed to go that seems too good to be true its becuz the system is using that opportunity to interface with Targets.

And I am sick and tired of this fake happy feeling. Its been there since late Obama and its awful. Everything is FAKED. The happy feelings of its going to be OK are faked, becuz they drop off with cell reception and you start thinking about your situation in normal terms with the normal feelings that should go along with that.
And my agony over my situation is faked as well. Fake induced. Its induced on cue in some locations or situations and just like the fake happy feelings or happy 'glow' around me, it always drops off at 12 midnight or if cell reception is lost for more than a moment in a certain location.

So welcome to MK Ultra coupled with the mass mind control technologies. Many of us have experienced how sick this system is by the many obviously brain damaged gang stalkers involved in these campaigns. Now I understand why they do this to human beings. Becuz obviously they have the means to control brain damaged individuals. I now have to fully admit I am one of them.

I dont know what separates me from the others they have targeted and made slaves. My programming perhaps or something in my DNA or spirit that keeps me grounded to staying on track and with the truth. I just think the truth is important even if no one believes me or not many people know about this.

Treating human beings like empty dolls is way above and beyond unacceptable. Its like Frankenstein type stuff. And only mad SCIENTISTS could come up with something like this. Now the public has to get over thier attachment to the medical complex, modern doctors and science as their saviors and realize that these people have been given way to much power, replacing religion almost in modern times. That they are capable of the worst kinds of atrocities becuz- they too are human.

Its that simple.

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Mike said...

About the question 'what if someone don't believe in Christianity, or Christ?' If someone truly knows about Christianity and what Christ went through, and who does not take His side is most likely to be an individual with a mean heart with little mercy, and will not have the mercy to stand up for an injustice including groupstalking. If someone can be against Christianity with the mean suffering punishment inflicted on Christ, and has a dislike towards Him, is likely to have an even more hatred towards us. Christ is a targeted individual, that the mobs are against.