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Saturday, April 7, 2012

UniBomber Born From Harvard University Human Experimentation

Yep. Same as the military. Testing subject's reactions to stress. The description of the way stress was brought on for this experiment sounds almost exactly like gang stalking.

So..let me get this straight. My psychiatrist Draw Emmerich first claims that "They need to know someone is advocating for you" which she stated.when.this campaign came full force 24-7 during the local federal investigation.

Again using this term 'They'd just as my mother and grandmother had as well as multiple perps along the way. "THEY are afraid of you", "THEY are mad at you because you aren't accepting your situation". Doing this is also stressful becuz its basically part.of gaslighting the Target. How can one's own mother and grandmother use this term, inferring they know whats going on yet not explain it the victim? Then later my mother flips the script and asks me in her car one day if I think I might have a mild case of "..what Danny has", my father. (Who's basically been naively talking.about my.mothers being a human experimentee MK Ultra for years and becuz he didn't have details it got him labeled...along with symptoms of being a Targeted Individual of course.)

So Emmerich from Mass General Hospital (a major Harvard teaching hospital) gaslights me with this then after I am convinced by Scott Ashmanski and other sources to leave the state and move to Phoenix AZ, I request a referral letter from Emmerich and she writes basically a letter with a lot.of stuff that we.never.discussed in her office, like paranoid ideations, lack of motivation and me having PTSD when she just.kept telling me "we don't know" when I would ask.her.if she thought I had PTSD.

She basically wrote a formula that equaled someone who was going to snap and go postal. Even people from the gang stalking.forums when I read.them the letter over the phone you could hear and feel them turn to ice for a moment as they tried to stay calm to.respond to my childlike and naivety about how deadly serious this frame up was. Answering that yes, that was indeed a mean letter to write.

So...I was profiled like a unibomber? LMFAO.

You realize of course this is all to cover up for programming, pedophole rings, Ritual Abuse and using Satanic rituals to help create programming in human beings right?

Once again THERE ARE A CORE OF PEOPLE CLOSE TO THE TARGETED SURVIVOR AND TO THE INSTITUTIONS AND AGENCIES RESPONSIBLE who KNOW THE TRUTH and are part of a nasty plot of evil design. A conspiracy I guess is another term one could use.

If my mother showed up and testified at the PACOHRE in 1995 instead of giving up becuz she was 'followed' (awww..boohoo, I am just sooo scared) they might never have been able to get away with that much frame up to begin with.

I wonder if that letter was to warn me about what the frame up was going to look like. That she me what 'THEY' were planning to make me out to be....and to not go to another psychiatrist ever, becuz they would try to frame me up for sure.

Hard to tell. But Harvard IS in on gang stalking that's for damned sure. And a lot of their 'work' as.perps looks like its a game or amusing to them.

Harvard University is much more dangerous than you can imagine. As I recall they didn't have much to lose from any info I might have had about local involvements in adult entertainment- I only know.of one professor who is involved in that. Just like I only knew of one at MIT. And due to the way my mind worked I NEVER USUALLY RECALLED NAMES or other info.

This entire situation is to cover up for my mother being an experimentee connected to MK Ultra and my being affected by it as well. All that other shit was cover story.

So then we have to conclude these universities are dealing with workers in adult entertainment knowing that some are programmed mind controlled slaves.

There are wayyyy to many of my clients I experienced as gang stalkers after I was banished and betrayed basically and the campaign went 24-7 be coincidence.

These people know. They must know about programming, slavery and the people from these universities at least understand that such things exist. Obviously if its at Harvard this department that does stress experiments.


  1. You have a responsibility now that you took this expose online with videos and blogs, and you have targets depending on you to fight on. You become a high ranking need for this fight to show direction and support for targets. You are an important one in this battle against these injustices. I believe you done more for targets than anyone else. That is why I want to meet you, you are a war hero making history.

  2. The thing that sucks is that if these people involved want to be spies, they could do it by appreciating what the person has to offer them. Instead, they like to be all snooty and come off like supreme beings, as they seem to know a little about what's going on, and they know they aren't superior to the TI, but that "the program" has the objectives of reducing to the TI to a level below them. So they can feel superior ahead of time, so to speak.

    Also, the fact that all of these people are so arrogant and snooty yet meanwhile they obviously are not Einsteins or great artists but ordinary wankers psyching us it, is clear evidence that something underhanded is under foot. If people are acting devious or superior without reason, they must know they are involved in something sinister and devious to the 3rd power.

    So instead of appreciating, they destroy instead. Everything must be destroyed, including the people. Being a target is like being a cadet going through basic training: they break you down, and remake you. But why would they take a perfectly good being and break them down. Then what? What are they going to rebuild them as? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of good art or music around, so once they reduce the person and induce a trauma-based amnesia, the person will have a hard time trying to learn from art and music, because all of that has been destroyed as well. Are they trying to flat-line the human race? I mean nullify emotions and intellect to the point where everyone is robot-like, and meanwhile there is nothing but inane bullcrap everywhere and not good entertainment that is high-quality. Instead there is crap like in the media loaded with psyops programming.

  3. No I am not. I am someone who is part of human experimentation and even my activism and seeing how I survive and what I do and how I think is part of it. Dont think anyone will care or remember me. I am not under such shouldnt be either. This is basically all for not. Its simply struggling as one drowns- its human nature.