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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Possible False Flag Operation In Australia/The M.I.C. Is Now Hip And Perky Friendly YUPies

What is truly scary is that the defense specialist looks like the child of Hippies. Nice black and red shirt.

And the guy with clearance is just one example of what kind of insecure, potentially quietly angry nerd is behind the military industrial complex and modern military. Most scary is he's so calm. Its like working in an office to this guy.

These are the people who hate me. These are the people who cant stand the fact that I and others have figured out whats going on. These are the people who are behind so much torture, experimentation and will do anything to VALIDATE THIER OWN EXISTENCE AND THIER INDUSTRY TO THE DETRIMENT OF SOCIETY AND PEOPLE LIKE ME thier victims.

I did not imagine what occured during the Bush era. I didnt imagine being gang stalked. My life destroyed. I didnt imagine being experimented on by a perp group. Being gassed and recalling what occured while semi conscous. I am not imagining being daily kept in a state of suspension basically so I cant sue or tell my story effectively unless its Sunday or after 12 midnight.

And they look so normal. So NON MILITARY. So damn friendly.

Its so frickin slick isnt it? Marketing the death cult of war as young and hip and professional. Well, let me tell you, the people who protect thier interests are the absolute scum of the earth. But most of the stupid public will be fooled by little miss perky-boo. She talks about Defense like a day care worker. Is it time for nap and snack yet?

Its disgusting. Its actually to treat the public like children anyway. Obviously. The way they talk to the audience is like dealing with children.
Ever notice this, post Bush and 9-11? We as a nation and obviously in Western culture now are talked to and handled like kept children. The police state our hovering parent.

It looks like the entire western world has gone for this bullshit hook line and sinker. This...immature YUPpie bullshit where we are coddled like children. Its brainwashing and its complete now. I dread to think that Gen X actually helped make these changes by making normal daily life so cool and producing these hip professionals. Only the powers that be could hijack what we were originally trying to do and make it work for them.

Everyone who goes up against this ends up a casualty. Myself and plenty of others. There is no stopping whatever they are trying to do and you cant even be left alone if you just want to drop out and live off the grid. It sucks.

I dont even care about all this ID system chip or mark of the beast crap, all I want is the truth to be revealed about electromagnetic pollution's effects on humans as well as the ability of the powers that be to use the same bandwidth for mass mind control as conceptualized in Mind War and as its simple to see cell towers are on microwave bandwidth to an elementary school student even. Thats all I want. Just for people to understand that there is a risk for abuse in these technologies and that the military industrial complex isnt full of 'nice' people no matter who hip and perky or harmless they are marketed as.

And you realize this site has some questionable information right?

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