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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Storage Space Is Monitored.And Targeted/War On Women Cover For Behavior Modification Programs

I have always been monitored in.this space in Southie Boston MA. 

But the up side has been that.its an solid brick and.steel building with metal roofing so.I got relief from being targeted going in there.

However.I.have.always is a feed to a live security or other authority receiving the feed from their surveillance system.

There was.always. enough mind so that.I.never. wrote about this place. I've even been driven to.go on rants and raves in.this building being targeted in this location.

I ALWAYS feel different and effected when I go inside this building as being outside of it.

Today was very telling and finally write about this location.

The first yesterday I noticed my little that something was triggering my allergic reaction. My.throat started that closing.up.feeling.

Of course I much Benedryl and have.since.December 2009 that I won't.go into a.full.fledged

attack. But.for.something.not.ingested it had a strong effect.

Today Saturday the guy that another renter found my lock on.the floor and my unit.unlocked ON THURS OR WED so

This meets up with timing where someone could have put something in my.unit

The only.other.key.was supposedly.lost by these two girls ( actually a guy technically). They claim they in NYC as.some "random homebum"

They also know about my situation.things they shouldn't but they aren't me.

They do lean towards Left Hand Path however but its mild.

Locks can be.opened by the perps we all know that. What gets me is I was 'guided' to get a new lock a few weeks ago but didn't pay too much attention.other than take note of it.

That's part.of GS.too is hacking into and jamming your guidance system that protects you.

Also today I went out to bum some cigs for.that worker there as hes nice.enough and.he.needed.some but was cash poor today.

After.I.dd.this favor for him.I.felt this there the monitoring.thing place suddenly change the perception of me to one.of model like.

It was as.if I no.longer had a self perception.of ugly.old and washed-out up like usual. I was "allowed" to see my beauty.

This place is run mostly by men. Working.class types.

Nice enough but the owner is supposedly a bastard  to deal with.

I NOW UNDWRSTAND THAT A LARGE PART.OF.THIS.IS.INDEED A WAR.ON WOMEN AND BEATING DOWN ANY FEMALE WHO.IS A THREAT. Perhaps they market the TI as a selfish female and then everyone agrees with behavior modification.

But.I was a too nice person to begin with that was this system could destroy me and I didn't a therapist or hypnotist etc.


Anonymous said...

Class warfare, maybe? And pulling a King Herrod, getting rid of any possible future threats to their "empire".

Anonymous said...

So this is how they do it.

It's good to know my hunches were right, that this is exactly how some places of business get ahead.

This is exactly the type of thing that spawns stuff like gangstalking: corruption, imbalances.

Mike said...

The theory about this being a war against woman is wrong. And most women by nature are selfish, so that would make for way too many targets. The theory that is most probable is that, just like mkultra experiments, a broad range of all walks of life in all social groups, professions, sexes, and economic classes are targeted.