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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Brit Ranks On America

Please try to remember that so many Americans are stuck here and cant leave. Many of us who are of the lower classes are actually the ones who have tried to live off the grid by becoming travelers etc. And those of us who get targeted, forget it. The system tries to beat you down into being a mindless over patriotic American anyway. Then even though you are fighting Americanism and you know your country is doing wrong, YOU have to feel like a complete asshole in your own country for life because they slander you and set you up and frame you up if you know too much or if they think you are going to be an effective leader against the agenda.

And the American people ARE isolated. Why do you think they believe everything thats fed to them? There has been a great dumb down here. They are making sure certain classes are given psyche meds just to keep them controlled. Instead of improving society.

Americans dont have other surrounding countries to compare things with. We are afraid of Mexico and South America due to them being violent places and truthfully most white Americans are afraid of the Latin culture because its foreign. Actually alot of the Americas are still Native with Latin mixed in and that is foriegn to people of European descent.

Canada is sort of ignored becuz its percieved as far too cold to exist in. We sort of percieve it as....empty in a way. And being in the northeast we are told to not go there becuz the French Canadians will destroy us with being exceedingly mean.

Cuba is well, off limits to most people like Mexico is. And the Caribbean is perceived only a vacation spot for rich people. And its full of blacks who....might be as unpredictable as Mexicans. I dont think most Americans realize how close Haiti is to America.

America is surrounded by Mexicans, South Americans, Cubans and Caribbean blacks. Then there's Canada, a too cold place with some French portions that hate us already.

Surrounded by that and what of Europe? Its so far away that we are afraid to leave. What if something happens? What if we get stuck? Deep down Americans of my class anyway are terrified of Europeans. They are so much better than us and probably smarter. What if they fool us in some way or deceive us and we get arrested over there?

Many Americans dont have the luxury of rich kids who, during high school or after before college take that backpacking trip to Europe with their parents help or at least their assistance in an emergency. Even now as I consider emigrating and disappearing into the 'old country' to get away from America what keeps stopping me or at least makes going there a suicide mission is that I am convinced I will be deceived there or hated for being an American and have no lines out to escape a cruel fate. I have no family to call if any incident were to occur. And knowing good old Rach's life, some incident will probably occur.

Ive traveled enough of America to have experienced alot of the rest of this country outside a cosmpolitan place like NY or Boston as being very self defining in its culture, and certainly not considering Europe aside from the source of its genetics or 'whiteness'. Places like Texas or the Southwest or the Northwestern USA. The MidWest certainly. These people deal with agriculture primarily and they are land locked. If you are from a coastal city you understand the process of feeling landlocked in these locations and having to leave after a time to survive. These people live thier whole lives 'landlocked' inside a state or entire region. Imagine living in a place like Texas. Its very self sufficient. And it teaches that to its citizens. I liked that about Texas. But you wont learn alot about foriegn cultures there as I did growing up in New England.

Most Americans are so isolated in thier areas of the country as well as in the country itself that they dont get the exposure they need to understand whats going on outside America. And only after reading that link above and considering where my country is and how I perceive it did I become conscious of exactly how we Americans perceive the other nations around us.

Yeah, now I see we are pretty much trapped here, IN AMERICA. Its not like visiting South America is super easy. Its not like being in England and saying you will just pop over to some neighboring country. I suppose we do that, within America itself. Like being up north and going to Florida for a vacation.

America has also become much more isolated by design over the years. You dont see French or Italian vogue in your face on the newsstands anymore. You dont even see news stands! Its all about pushing for tech, the military industrial complex and science...and of course keeping psychiatry legitimized.

Americans have become imprisoned within thier own country and there are other means this is done, things I cover in this blog that alot of people dont want to believe but its true. Chemtrails is just one example.

How exactly, are such a people supposed to behave? And I have been around the country traveling as poor as you can imagine.
Ive never starved to death, Ive always gotten rides from true Americans left over from the old REAL AMERICAN CULTURE who by the nature of their industry can fight the cultural take over, at least until the old school guys die out- the trucking industry. Ive seen people buy nice comforters and drop them off to strange homeless people under bridges in San Diego. Ive been fed, cared for, given money, rides. The only problem is you cant really squat any place anymore but also due to my situation I am not the greatest squatter either. Its hard for me to hook up with people becuz I cant trust just anyone. And I dont go to places where squatters might meet me.

The people in this country are being brainwashed and held captive not only be the media as everyone already seems to know but by the covert system, which people dont seem to know about. If you take a hard look at my claims over the years, thats a hell of alot of field agents in this country out and about. AND I AM JUST ONE TARGET. Imagine the numbers of people who are dealing with other Targets as well.

America is a huge country. Most people dont have the interconnected communications system that the 'gang stalking' or intelligence people have. THAT IS WHY THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY DO TO INDIVIDUALS AS WELL AS TURN THE NATION INTO WHATEVER THEY WANT.

Because your average American cant really comprehend the sheer size of thier country. In many ways, Americans, I guess Whites, are still very European in thier mindset- their perception of where they live. Come to think of it, blacks are always connecting to other black people like family they have around the country or say, in the south or MidWest. Mexicans always are looking towards the border for family, friends and connections and other American-Mex communities.
I think people in gangs probably have a much better idea of an interconnectedness within the huge space that is the USA also.
And yes, I meant those two demographics but also any ethnic group involved in gang activity or organized crime is going to have this understanding of interconnectedness come to think of it.

So that means your average citizen who isnt in any kind of business that gives them a perspective of interconnectedness within this large land mass would probably be very localized outside of going on vacation and visiting relatives.

This average sort of person isnt going to understand how something like an organized stalking and harassment system can exist using military grade surveillance systems. Its outside thier realm of experience. Just the idea of interconnectedness within the US is outside thier perception.

So how do you expect such a large number of people to understand whats going on in thier country, whether its more overt like Bush stealing the first election or..covert (like him stealing the second election, lol) like an interconnected system of people who's job it is to make sure the country and its affairs goes a certain way and anyone who threatens those plans is marginalized- for life. The US is a big place. I have learned that you can disappear, by your own doing or by someone elses and you can be forced into exile within your own country and when you get back home no one even realizes you left, that you traveled so far for so many years. That is how isolated Americans are.

They dont even know they are prisoners. They just know that terrorists blew something up and they are used to it happening overseas not here. So they go along with whatever the jailers tell them, not understanding they are in jail basically.

Americans cant help it if we are stuck here. And the ones who dont know whats really going on are so brainwashed and kept drugged by psychiatry that they cant see straight anyways.
They are made dim.

America is far too big and populated to generalize 'Americans'. There are people here who know whats going on, who cant leave but fight it any way we can, some of us extreme like myself and some just act out against the system by giving me rides or assistance or by going to OCCUPY. Alot of working Americans actually dropped out and downshifted to create OCCUPY. Alot of people dont appreciate just how much of a switch that is from the YUPpies who have taken over our cities and gentrified everything so we cant just live or travel anywhere anymore. I was very proud of those young Americans even though I was a Traveler trying to squat at Occupy I always helped out, stayed at night and wasnt a 'fringe' homebum type.

America is too big for Americans to understand what goes on nationally even though they think they know from the news and the internet. Its like the USSR I imagine was years ago. A big country, isolated from other nations, being told what its government wants them to hear and being forced to obey.
This country has been smart enough to have that same system but offer Capitalist rewards for compliance with Stasi like forces. You get paid off, you keep from getting exposed or arrested or you get to join a mob and destroy someone for petty personal reasons- whatever the perps motives are. If they are field agents then its thier job isnt it. Ive had indications that some of the spying done early on in places like St Louis were military and they were feeling very bad about what they had to do here and there.
But they had to do it anyway.

There's the naive ignorant Americans mostly under mind control, there's the ones who know and agree with the corruption becuz they believe America will be strong, there's the perps who are most likely working for organizations and agencies and then there's us. The Occupiers, squatters, Targeted Individuals, protesters, Travelers, down shifters, activists-people that see whats going on and take action but still for whatever reason stay in the country.
There are people like this that actually are productive that somehow put their beliefs in an alternative system into their work. But that takes a lot of support and a good education.

Mostly the entire nation is under those towers, chemtrails and whatever propaganda and intimidation they have brainwashed everyone with over the past 20 years. Believe me, I have seen the change from Reagan on down and when 2001 came around it was definitely the end.

As far as Americans being...well Ugly Americans or all the things the post says about Americans, thats just from being raised that way. Like I said, no other cultural exposure other than America how are they supposed to act? They really are prisoners and they dont even know any better. Parts of their brain are just permanently disabled due to the way we are raised and schooled here.
Why be mean to a dumb animal? Kind of pointless really.

I am just kind to those who help me when I need it and try to understand even they are capable of being ignorant of exactly what is going on here. Most people dont even see or understand that covert activity is around them every day. They loooovve thier spy movies but do they then leave the theatre having learned that this kind of activity is indeed going on in spaces public and private in thier daily lives? NO.

If they did they would be spies If they broke out of the mental prison and could 'see' agents or see THEM or see whats going on around them thats covert activity, this system would isolate them pretty quickly. If they were lucky they would get recruited, if they were 'awake' and not in line with the country's agenda like me, they get destroyed or corralled off- like being put into solitary confinement for years on end. And labeled of course, even if its not official they have thier little perps out there who always have to help the cover story. Just yesterday in this Tedeschi's convenience store, some coons were in there (why are there so many in Southie now? U guys have become really weak) and of course they started saying shit from like 2004 still. STILL saying the same shit. "I hear she's crazy" "did you see how she did like dat? She dropped her bag o chips" blah blah blah. Well since I had gotten so much harassment from blacks who are so nasty I have since taken up racism 101 and i mean really taken it up the culture of it, from people who are serious about it and learned to use it self defense.

Since these are animals and not people, goes the philosophy of Supremacy, what they say does not matter. They of course are sitting there playing Keno like lazy n*ggers instead of being at work in the middle of the day. Also they are men, so they really dont matter for shit.

I have had to train myself to think this way, not out of true racism but becuz African Americans are so into organized crime to survive in the USA, the covert systems use them to handle Targets and they are not trained like real agents per say and they just are way too rough, viscous and destructive and obviously they are still living in 2004. So they have to be handled with the ferocity of a slave master's whip- psychologically. I have learned to laugh at them like a racist. I have learned to disregard them as human beings. THEY DID THIS NOT ME. Becuz the American system still keeps them down as house slaves they really dont know whats going on.

This is another piece of terrorism used against American citizens- white flight. The covert system knows that these gangs can be used as domestic terrorism against Americans that might fight thier government or corporate empires, all the while certain ethnic groups involved in these gangs terrorizing America can cry 'racist!' in order to get out of being realized for what they are and what they do.

If we go to Europe, the radical Muslims and Africans from horribly war torn countries are being used for the same ends it seems. To destroy good people. And its not just race, theres alot of blacks that dont want to deal with the destructive blacks, but what can they do? THEIR COMMUNITIES ARE RUN BY ORGANIZED CRIME AND THE POWERS THAT BE IF THEY DONT COMPLY THEY WILL SURELY GET NOWHERE.

This is just a taste of whats going on in America. Whats wrong with it, whats right with it. The main problem is that most Americans are allowed to be happy, work, have families and achieve thier life goals. The things that have happened barely scarred the country in ways that would cause a revolution. THE COUNTRY IS SO BIG IT CAN AFFORD TO HAVE A DISPOSABLE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE. PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF AND BLACK COMMUNITIES THEY KEEP DOWN OR USE AS HOUSE SLAVES OR TURN TO CRIME FOR SURVIVAL. Most Americans are not made so unhappy that they are going to revolt.

So there you have your explanation of why Americans are the way they are. They are raised here in an isolated area and dont realize there's a world out there. They are raised to believe they are safe and have human and civil rights that will be respected. Most of them are allowed their freedoms and the truly horrible corruption is effectively hidden from them so that they dont get hip to what really goes on in thier country.

I have seen this method in homeless shelters. Those of us who are targeted are treated like complete dirt and basically terrorized and given no services or information is kept from us about services.
Some people get preferential treatment or can get away with crime becuz they have a working relationship with the shelter in some way or local police.
These are 'shelter rats' and usually arent there becuz they need to be they are there becuz they want to be, are on drugs, prostitutes working with organized crime tied into cops etc or wannabe gang members or they are waiting for housing and want to get into the mix while they take a long wait there.

Then I have seen perfectly nice average normal citizens go into these places. I am shocked at how niceley they are treated and how quickly they are given services and are on thier way to housing or if its a long wait what little difficulty they have. They are the ones that help keep up the reputation of these shelters in the homeless industry, so that no one knows about how corrupt they really are. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE UNITED STATES DOES WITH ITS CITIZENS.

So Europe you have to understand, its a prison, and only those of us who are of interest, of use or are a threat are persecuted and want out but cant leave. Many people hate America but feel they cant leave...and they are helpless to do anything about what they feel is wrong. They just get the 'fuck its' and either feed the prison system or dont vote which are both stupid choices against an oppressor.

A majority of citizens are allowed to have the freedoms promised by the Constitution and much of what is interconnected that is sinister they only see as fleeting moments of corruption and injustice or the system screwing up. They are satisfied with thier lives here, they enjoy the culture. So why would they go against it?


Anonymous said...

There seems to be an attempt by them to access various traumatic memories recently. One purpose is to attempt to obtain a vivacious reaction from me. The other is to I imagine obtain readings based on the access trauma regions, so all other memories can be "graded" using these as a normalization. In other words, how to pleasant memories compare to unpleasant ones? To us it seems silly, but they are like lab scientists obtaining readings. Once their gangstalkers have been used for their purpose, I'm sure they will be tossed under a bus if they are of no use to them.

Anonymous said...

I believe they are taking measurements and other readings of our various reactions, and using them as parameters for further testing of us. So that could be one purpose of getting reactions out of us. Or testing what stimuli (from the gangstalkers, operatives, harassers) produces the results. So they can also be recorded. Remember we are lab rats to them.