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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Electromagnetic Safe Zones- Will They Work For TI's?

Great idea but then youve got to face the reality that the perps would never allow TIs to have a moments peace. They would send in not only gang stalkers all over the place and recruit locals but they would send in provacatuers, plants, moles, operatives and disinformation agents into the population of people claiming to be TI's who might gather together for safety in numbers.

Besides why would we want a bunch of TIs in one place? Its like giving them their dream come true, which would be like when The People's Temple went down to South America, making it easy to dispose of them in the jungles. No cell phone reception means no telling the outside world whats happening if that does occur.

The security risks for a group of Targeted persons to reside in one location as a group without contact to the outside world in real time are many. And they arent as careless as they were back then, with witnesses telling of men with guns cheering at the sight of thier dead bodies. Needle marks in thier necks instead of deaths strictly from the Kool Aid. There is even FBI tapes of CIA agents telling thier people to get THIER people out of there "before something happens to them" and no one cares. No one gives a shit about the truth. They'd rather watch some bs Hollywood movie about a failed Socialists commune.
Suicide is a pretty big FAIL. Even for a cult its pretty severe. Theres always something more involved.

Just like O'Reilly trying to call everyone whos against the now agenda an Anarchist. To play into the Anarchist/Patriot totally falsified rivalries.

Its all to cover up for covert activities.

I wonder if TIs can live in Electromagnetic Safe Zones made up by just members of the public without much incident. Theres always that push by the system though to get the TI into an area that is either heavily managed by tech or by perps in cars, on foot etc. These areas would have to have a sort of grey area policy. Like people are aware TI's may be coming through or residing there but its not official or deal with directly. Its just an accepted fact of the world we live in- like cancer.

This is what I am working on doing. Awareness without the insane drama of many TI forums and groups. Without the religous overtones, without the whining and the weeping and martyrdom. Without the endless references to the holocaust, Nazi's and the Jewish plights. Many TI activists dont realize that its not considered proper to lean on Jewish tragedies to do one's own activism. I read this somewhere. Besides, no one responds to this anyway. No one cares. And from a marketing point of view, the Jews own that tragedy, even though Poles, Romani (gypsies), homosexuals and others also were persecuted and destroyed in the same manner. The Jews just do alot more marketing for themselves when it comes to this historical event. Theyve got it sold and there isnt much point in trying to make people understand it was others tragedy too. Besides, the very fact that much of what is going on now is rooted in Project Paperclip makes referencing the OLD Nazi actions in history a bit pointless. This is going on now. It may have earmarks from different times in history but whats going on now is in a class all its own. Referencing something that as far as most people are concerned is already past with its dead buried and mourned still, kind of puts current victims in a weird space.

The point is to reference its similarities to show it is coming from Paperclip. And as far as Isreal is concerned, they seem to be faring rather well these days in all this past ten years as well as we have Rabbi's on the internet talking about being targeted by Jewish gang stalkers. So it doesnt really pay to keep referencing The Jews plight. Weve got Jewish TI's and Jewish perps.

It seems that there are powers that got thier hands on this information. I think alot of it is marketing the Satanic Age content as a smoke screen for what is plainly a power structure that wants to control the people of this globe and make progress and profit simply utilizing the technologies and progress in chemistry available to them in modern times.

Satanism, Nazis thats all well and good to reference those things but what it seems to be about is profit, progress and control. The high instance of people wearing black and red is nothing more than a psyche out. The Satanic Nazi content is all to hide what is plainly an attempt to hold humanity hostage for profit, progress and control as seen fit by the powers that be. Its THAT simple, end of story. Trying to guess who's involved would require having the kind of access the elite have and I or other TIs dont have that as far as I know so forget trying to specify who's responsible. Its the same kind of obsessive jerks who have always been behind trying to control people this way. Except before now they didnt have technologies that made living as a normal human being totally impossible. Which is what is the only UNACCEPTABLE part of thier campaign. They have ALWAYS sought to control the masses- through religion, intimidation, torture, showmanship, heros, godheads, political figures, kings, Divide And Conquer etc etc. But now when you cant even have a moment's peace or reflect inside your own mind privately--that IS a bit much. And it interferes with the basic reasons humans are on this planet to begin with.
The 'bad guys' have leverage they never had before. So, its time to let the people know how its done. THE REST IS UP TO THEM. If you want to be enslaved, go the fuck ahead. There are those of us here soley to deliver a message. After that we are done and its all on thier heads. Who cares what they do. Humans always inevitably pollute themselves to death everywhere they become dense in population anyways. So who cares? Let them go to Mars and mess that up as well.
Man keeps trying to escape his mistakes and the screw ups in his systems that he uses to be like gods or creators. Until he faces those bugs in his systems, he will keep screwing himself with the same mistakes over and over again.
And the kind of people who wish to keep other humans controlled to profit off of them are not going to want those bugs in the system looked at anytime soon. Only THEY should have a perfected system of survival, they feel.

Man is hopeless. An ape with god like qualities. Until he faces the ape he will never be a god. And since he keeps not being able to do this, its hopeless. So do what you can and then leave it alone.
They will never change.
Being targeted is just an unfortunate fact of life. And its to be fought and dealt with like cancer or any other condition you are not going to be able to shake in this lifetime. If the public would just accept they dont have control over things like this in thier environment, TI's might be accepted just for what they are dealing with and people dont have to be up in arms or rescue them or revolt. Just realize why many people are homeless or begging. Why people with potential cannot achieve as you might think they should be able to. And that goes for persons who are victims of Electromental Illness as well. Unless you have the money to live in a bunker or buy a town and somehow get it to be electromag free, or live underground, you arent going to be able to get relief.
Electromagnetic sensitivity is something that is mentioned but not accepted. Many people are getting hip to it, that thier kids are only mental when they are in a building with heavy WiFi but are fine when they get home etc. But no one is listening.

And its going to stay that way for a while. We are at a point in history where so much money and progress is being made from this technology that there is no way the powers that be are going to allow anything in thier way. It was like this with the industrial revolution and any other time when pollution came along to harm humans with progress and profit. Believe it that nothing has changed and they arent going to do anything about it now. They are going to deny it until humans are really affected by it.

People are smart enough to take action now. In France there are villages popping up where people want to live electromagnetically free. Of course they authorities find excuses to disturb these communities but its the fact the public are smart enough to figure out how to get around what the powers that be are telling is DOESNT EXIST to start with and obviously refuses to assist people with solving the problem.

It will be interesting to see just how this goes. From the start of this probably seeing the first stirrings during Reagan, its been a long ongoing effort at least in America to do away with places people can hide from the mainstream and authorities. Not criminals just citizens that dont want to conform to norms. It became harder to travel, camp, seek alternative entertainment like underground clubs etc. Then the mentally ill were let out of instituations and crack cocaine was introduced into urban areas, both making the homeless problem explode so that Travelers and Sqautters of a very different character than these other demographics began to experience repression under the excuse of these social issues.

On and on but we all know whats happened. This burn out of society prompted YUPpies and gentrification. Then corporate culture took over. Around the same time psychiatry and Big Pharma took over people's inner lives based on little other than theories, based on a disorder model and disregarding trauma models in psychiatry. Biological psychiatry was pushed.

Then 9-11. Bush. The war. America is now a solid prison. Smoking government grown pot is as mind controlled as it gets. Even the illegal pot circa mid 90's was being tweaked and altered to make its smoker sedated, lazy, ineffective.

We have lost our freedom. So we look to Europe, to the old country. To societies that seem at once exotic to us and evolved.

Now they are doing away with responsible Squatters in countries that traditionally tolerated squatting if it was done respectfully or with a focus on creating community in mind. Countries like Scandinavia are hosting the world's most disaffected peoples who in turn are rewarding thier hosts with crimes that rival the most dangerous cities in America and crimes that Americans- both cops and criminals would NEVER tolerate: radical Muslims raping underage blonde blue eyed natives of these countries to ensure they are not virgins. I have to hand it to the US on this one- if they tried that here, the mob might do away with them before authorities got to them.

And all the while the folk are being manipulated so that they react in anger and become radical or join violent movements becuz no one is paying attention to thier plight. Rising numbers in White Supremacy and Neo Nazi movements are totally understandable but THEY GIVE THE POWERS THAT BE WHAT THEY WANT. All they have to do is cry 'racist' or Politically Incorrect and poor and other classes of Whites then get more oppressed for simply trying to defend themselves in the face of a society that has designed things so they cannot be heard or understood.

Whites tend to do things in reaction to such circumstances like travel, seek alternatives like Squatting or leave the country for Europe or anywhere that isnt a prison. They know this. So they've made it almost impossible to do so and are working on making it impossible overseas as well in places that would traditionally understand this kind of oppression.
Anyone who cant reach these as ways to avoid oppression and fight back are going to feel threatened and join violent movements. Or, as the powers wish, become beat down psychologically, economically and culturally and do as they are being designed to do.

This is most likely why EM Safe Zones are being disturbed. They know that even if someone doesnt know they are targeted they might figure out they are EM sensitive. Why allow people to escape when you can convince them to stay in EM polluted areas and sell them psych meds for the problem instead??

Ive considered it. When tired enough, when beaten enough I once just considered giving up trying to get this project done and just stay in whats considered 'normal' society nowadays and just take meds for the effects of EM sensitivity and the specifics of being targeted through those technologies. Hell perhaps it will even help being harassed in public.
Then of course after considering such a thing for a milisecond I rise up again and realize that this is what the system has been trying to do from the beginning. Didnt perps try even years ago to infer to me that I was mentally ill when, it was obvious that I was being chased around the country, harassed and stalked by parties unknown?

This system will NOT stop until it has all of humanity under control via various methods of mind control. Thats technologies, chemical influences and psychological tactics which include harassment from organized groups.

Many people are turning to hate yes as a reaction to circumstances but literally these technologies create these conditions in humans. They want to keep people anxiety ridden, confused, angry and beaten down.

Its brilliant that they make sure people from all walks of life are gang stalkers becuz it really screws up your hopes of trusting or unifying any one group or race or culture doesnt it? And it makes Political Correctness and Equality look like the falsehoods they are.

It is absolutely amazing to behold how they have hijacked man's evolution and somehow taken all its qualities, logos, systems and slogans and turned this into total, unbeatable social control of the masses as well as imprisonment of specific threats to the system (TIs).

Its THE best fake created in history. Art theives and counterfeiters would be proud.

With all this to consider its a bit of a disappointment to think, then, if EM Safe Zones would work for us TI's. Its pretty bleak isnt it?

My most recent idea is to try to find ways to map out EM free zones occuring by happenstance or naturally and that includes outside and inside spaces. Large and small. If there are maps of cell tower coverage why are there not maps of cell tower and EM absence?

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  1. The whole trick through all of this is to tap into my nice sweet qualities to try to treat others well even though I am being provoked. And the provocation level is on "11". Remember Spinal Tap when they joked about turning up the amps to 11? Amps only go up to ten with the knobs, and this is similar to what they are doing to me with in-person operatives. If I reflect back to the tactics they were pulling to get me riled (cranked up to "11" of course), I could see myself walking over to the human perps, punch them in the face, and just start kicking the crap out of them. They had me that riled. It's just the fact that they very non-chalantly and arrogantly let me know with their acts and conversations that my privacy has been invaded. But one fact that calms me is that I was told that they merely follow a script, and that most of them don't know a thing about me as a TI. If they do know something, it's probably superficial stuff or they've been told the info in the form of a cover story. So they don't know the real truth like the surveillance squad perps do.

    That's just how I see it. I was told I was a sweet person as a kid, at least a decent guy, but I had a couple of in-person encounters that I just shrugged off at the time they happened that were designed to get me to punch them, like hard. I've also been told that the things they do are by design, that they want me to get my anger to the level that I punch them in the face. That also told me it's understandable to want to feel this way.

    Many times I felt like making like a savage chimpanzee, and just start beating them to a pulp. I've found that later on in the evening, if I start remembering the things they were doing to me in person, i.e. the acts and directed conversations, it is then I start to envision myself beating the living crap out of the human perps. I just think I'm a kind sweet guy, and of course, the perps understand that I am still like other guys and they know they can get me riled by sending the human forces to do certain things. Well they want me to become a very angry guy, or at least appear that way. Plus, they want me to appear like I am a raging psycho with "issues". And they have gotten me to that point many times.

    I believe these perps at high levels aren't as smart as us, good looking, nor as talented, and that drives their hatred towards us. Hence, all this flows down to the low-level assholes they send after us. I believe the high level perps however are very good at coming down to our animal level and hence that is how they target us with psychology.