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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Titanic Sabotaged?

Watching something that gets into detail about Titanic survivors and dead.

Heard about a woman named Violet Jessop. Host made her sound like a woman after my own life's work.

Brave, adventurous and sailed again right after escqping the Titanic tragedy and be involved in yet another accident at sea but kept working on ships and then published her memoirs later in life about her experiences waiting on socialites on ships.

I looked her up on Wikipedia.

And I just knew this wasn't the face of a sympathetic nurse. In fact she looks...well are a TI take a look and.see what you think.

Spies on board is the first thing I thought of. Then I read her full story. More than two ships she was on had accidents and SHE always miraculously managed to sail again.

Here are some theories and one concerning the planned Federal Reserve Act the most compelling.

Once you are Targeted you never.look at from a naive average citizens perspective ever again. You know there are spies or covert operatives of all kinds in every space public and private. And that.its.always been that way.

You learn that spies and operatives and covert assassins and saboteurs make events happen.that seem like happenstance.

And you know the look. That face so devoid of humanity. Them.

Whether for political gain or to destroy usually both needs are accomplished.

As.usual you can't judge a.dead person by a photo and coincidence nor can I from my time.frame claim to know what a woman in her time was like by looking at her.

Yet other women rarely change throughout the ages.

Its an interesting view I suppose. One that I didn't do any research into.

1 comment:

Mike said...

I looked at her picture and do not really see anything by looking at her that gives me anything of what kind of person she was, does not look perp to me. She looks as she may have a serious personality, but that doesn't necessarily qualify as a negative trait, she may have had a broken heart, or something missing in her life. I can only imagine living life like that on ships at sea was like, and there must have been a loneliness. However, her getting so much praise and recognition from the media is another thing. I am always skeptical of who the media propels up for recognition. And usually one needs an in for that, whether themselves, or through relation.